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Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 1

Review: Yumi's Cells Episode 1
Airing on tvN, Watch on Viki

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Starring: Kim Go-eun & Ahn Bo-hyun

Plot: Based on a webtoon of the same name, Yumi’s Cells is about the inner workings of a woman named Yumi. Her feelings and thoughts are represented by tiny animations (just like the Pixar movie Inside Out), and they work hard to keep her going. Sadly, after a particularly rough break up, Yumi’s Love Cell is comatose. When she meets an introverted game developer named Gu Woong (Ahn Bo-hyun) will their cells be able to help them connect?

It’s review time again! Yumi’s Cells was one of my most anticipated dramas airing in September, and I’m pleased to report it surpassed my expectations. The first episode is adorable, and does a great job making you feel for Yumi. She’s still hurting from her previous relationship, so she throws all of her energy into work. But all is not lost when it comes to reviving her Love Cell. The episode explores her budding crush on a co-worker named Wook (SHINee’s Choi Min-ho) who’s five years younger than her. Yumi’s cells run amok trying to figure out if he likes her back, and they’re just so cute and funny. Particularly the Reason, Emotion, and Hunger Cells (aka my best friend). I can’t wait to see more!

If you followed my last mini review of the drama Awaken, then you’ll know how this works. If not, allow me to explain. To make things a little more fun than a regular review, I do something called “Three Yeses and a No”. The three “yeses” are things I liked about the episode or the drama in general, and the “no” is something I didn’t. It could also be a small criticism or something I think could be improved.

If the episode is so good I can’t think of a “no”, the review will be all “yeses”. To join in on the fun, list your own “yeses” and “noes” in the comments!

Review: Yumi's Cells Episode 1

Yes to the comedy

I heard the webtoon was funny, but never read it, so I didn’t know what to expect as far as the humor. Was it going to be silly, obvious, dry…etc.? I definitely didn’t expect to be laughing out loud within the first fifteen minutes. When Yumi’s boyfriend breaks up with her then trips while running away, I almost threw my Apple TV remote. And her cells are constantly evoking laughter. They make the show! The way the Hunger Cell kept growing and terrorizing the rest of the cells until Yumi eats is so clever!

I’m partial to dry humor, but the silliness of Yumi’s Cells still works for me, because there’s a cleverness about it. Kudos to the screenwriter!

Yes to the realistic portrayal of emotions…

…even though said emotions are animated. I’m impressed with the detail and thought that’s gone into this drama. Yumi’s Love Cell being in a coma after her breakup is such a smart choice given that people sometimes shut down certain emotions to protect themselves from getting hurt again. I also like how her Detective Cell (aka hunch) is off since she hasn’t been in a relationship for a while.

Yes to the drama’s vibe

The pastel color scheme and upbeat pop music make it feel light and airy. Like a donut! It’s a sweet, feel good time, and I certainly could use that right now. I’m already searching for songs from the OST.

No to Ruby

This isn’t a real “no” because I pretty much liked everything about the first episode. I just have to bring up Ruby, because she’s so annoying! She certainly set my Rampage Cell off with her sneakiness and fake kindness. Since she’s the second female lead, I hope the drama develops her into someone three-dimensional.

In conclusion, I’m loving this drama so far. It’s refreshing and adorable, and I finished the first episode with a smile on my face. It’s a character driven drama, and I’m already invested in Yumi and her feelings. She has chemistry with Wook too, so I’m kind of shipping them. That’s why I’m hoping Gu Woong (Ahn Bo-hyun) will have even more chemistry with her once he’s introduced in the next episode.

I want to end this review by saying: Kim Go-eun is shaping up to be one of my favorite actresses. She’s so emotive, and has a great eye for interesting projects (including movies). I think that’s why even though she’s only done a few dramas, she has the notoriety of someone who’s done twenty.

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  1. Julia
    September 21, 2021 / 4:59 pm

    Definitely a NO for Ruby!

    I am enjoying this drama too.

    • Adri
      September 21, 2021 / 9:36 pm

      I’m really curious about what they’re going to do with her character as the drama continues. Is she going to be a full on villainous second female lead or are we going to get some depth? I don’t necessarily need to like her by the end, but giving her some relatable vulnerabilities and traits would be nice.

      I’m LOVING the drama. It makes me warm and fuzzy. Can’t wait for this weekend!

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