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REVIEW: When My Love Blooms Episode 2

The first episode of When My Love Blooms ended with them finally meet each other. Jae-hyun seems like he wants to stay there with her and used snow as his excuse. As soon as Ji-soo saw him, she started to cry even though she said she didn’t even remember him, obviously not true. Will they spend the night together? We shall see…

At the beginning of this episode, Jae-hyun and Ji-soo are trapped in the town due to a snow storm. Jae-hyun tells her “found you”, but she says it doesn’t matter because their relationship is already done. 

They walk the dark countryside together and stay at a B&B in separate rooms and think about 1993. While Ji-soo is tying her hair with Jae-hyun’s handkerchief, Jae-hyun shows up and says “found you”. Ji-soo is listening to Jae-hyun’s recording and he is embarrassed. Ji-soo persistently asks Jae-hyun to date her and he runs off. 

Back to the current timeline, Jae-hyun talks to himself in his B&B room about what she said (I don’t even remember you). It was a lie since she still uses his old handkerchief and Ji-soo talks herself in her room that she even remembers the song he sang.

The next morning, Ji-soo tries to leave alone but the B&B owner insisted on having breakfast. After an awkward breakfast, Jae-hyun pulls a thorn from Ji-soo’s hand, and she can’t take her eyes off from him. On the way back, Jae-hyun asks about her husband, but she doesn’t want to talk about the family details.

Ji-soo then goes to a nursing home where her father, who has dementia, stays. She talks about Jae-hyun but the father doesn’t understand what she is talking about and shows her their family photo with Ji-soo’s face ripped. She cries.

Jae-hyun’s wife (Seo-kyung) comes to Jae-hyun’s house and complains to him about not punishing Ji-soo’s son. At the same time, Ji-soo meets PTA mom and this woman tells Ji-soo that she is fired from PTA president. Ji-soo doesn’t care about it. Then she meets her ex-husband (Se-hoon) who looks like a successful lawyer. Se-hoon asks her if anything wrong with their son since his cell phone was off for a couple of days. She denies it but Se-hoon notices she is lying. After she left, the ex-husband thinks about how they met the first time. He still keeps their wedding photo on his desk.

At the company, Jae-hyun looks down at the protesters. The secretary comes in and tells Jae-hyun detailed information about Ji-soo. At the same time, Ji-soo is on a bus, which is trapped in traffic in a long tunnel. She looks like she is having a panic attack. Back in Jae-hyun’s office, he makes a plan with one of the executives, to destroy the protesters.

That night, Jae-hyun follows Ji-soo around. In Ji-soo’s friend’s bar, patrons ask him about his love life. He (Young-woo) says he has been in love with a woman for the last 25 years; then Ji-soo comes in. The patrons say “fighting” to Young-woo and leave. In Young-woo’s flashback, Ji-soo is looking for Jae-hyun and Young-woo tells her how to finds him and shows her Jae-hyun’s favorite bookstore. After many days of waiting for him, Ji-soo sees Jae-hyun taking a nap at the bookstore and looks at him. All of a sudden, one of the bookshelves breaks, and Jae-hyun protects Ji-soo from the falling books.

After a few drinks, Ji-soo walks out of the bar and goes to a grocery store and buys more alcohol with her groceries. But her grocery bag slipped out of her hand and dropped her potatoes. She just looks at them. Jae-hyun asks his secretary to help her. She wonders why this young man helped her.

At home, Jae-hyun opens his box with old items in it and sees her letter. The next day, he buys a pair of gloves for Ji-soo. Jae-hyun follows Ji-soo around and finds out that she participates in the protest against his company. At the protest site, Ji-soo finds out that Jae-hyun is married to a chaebol’s daughter.

Jae-hyun’s wife (Seo-kyung) forced the school to open the school violence committee. Ji-soo goes to school and begs Seo-kyung not to open the committee. Seo-kyung asks Ji-soo what she can Ji-soo do to comfort her. Ji-soo kneels and apologizes for her son’s behavior. Then Jae-hyun storms in, lifts Ji-soo up, and says her name. Seo-Kyung looks shocked.


So, Jae-hyun and Ji-soo will get back together? It seems like Ji-soo left Jae-hyun in college because of an accident involving a car or tunnel (she had a panic attack on a bus) and maybe her mom and younger sister died because of Ji-soo, that is why the father ripped her face from the family picture. 

On the other hand, it seems like Jae-hyun married a chaebol’s daughter only for money, not love. Affairs are one of the biggest themes in Korean dramas right now (example: The World of the MarriedVIP) so the chance is highly possible. However, I wish that is not the case. We shall see.


When they walk on the snow: Klang – Someday We Will Meet Again (original 윤선애 다시 만날 날이 있겠죠)

After guitar scene: 장혜진-너라는 계절은(Jang Hye Jin – The Season Like You)

Jae-hyun’s home remembering Ji-soo: Light and Salt – Don’t leave me (빛과 소금 – 내 곁에서 떠나가지 말아요)


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