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REVIEW: The Uncanny Counter Episodes 3 (wherein my love solidifies)

REVIEW: The Uncanny Counter Episodes 1 & 2 (Yes, Watch It)

Episode Quick Look

So Moon tells bullies what’s up and saves the entire school.

Overall Feeling

Things are building and I can’t get enough!

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Alright, hold onto your seats because tons happen in this episode and I love it all. Well, almost all of it but that’s only because some of it is gross in a slimy way. (Well get to that).

We start off this episode right where we left off the last one. The Counters are on their way to send a devil to hell or at least try their best to. It is a level three demon which means that they only want to face it on their territory which are the areas where the rainbow glow of light flies into the air like Thor is summoning Heimdall to send him the rainbow bridge (anyone?).

That is the area where their powers can be amplified. Though it appears that they would need to call on this power in some way. I am not altogether sure how it works because sometimes the rainbow light shows up and sometimes it feels like they can bring it to them.

Anyway, they get to the site and, to make a long story short, stop the demon from killing two people. It is difficult though because they stop him in the act of tipping a solid slab of rock on a passed out kid. Motak holds up the slab and So Moon fights him off. But in so doing, he sees all the ways that the demon has killed people.

Recap review The Uncanny Counter Episode 3 Netflix

So Moon is all like, you are a horrible demon, you demon! And starts to pound the living ish out of him. The other Counters pull him off and explain that you cannot kill the host a demon is in. That will cause all kinds of problems because the demon will just float away to find another host, you can be charged with murder of the person, plus you could kill your spirit in the process. SO DON’T KILL THEM.

They show So Moon how to bring the demon out and send him to the in between spirit world where his spirit, Wegen, send the demon to hell. And herein lies the gross out part because hell is a melted smoothy that naked people force you to drink. They literally arose out of this slimy stuff and pulled the demon in, lots of booty shots to go around. I was all like, eww, slime….wait, was that someones butt? Is that another one?? Is this or is this not PG???

The hikers that the demon murdered magically show up in the spirit world as well so Wegen sends them to Heaven. But they have one thing to ask Moon.

In the normal world, the Counters call the cops to handle the situation then head out themselves. So Moon tells them that he has one thing to do, which is to fullfill the ask that the two hikers asked of him. But Mai-ok is very against it. They aren’t supposed to grant wishes from spirits otherwise their lives would be even more complicated so forget it.


So Moon gets it, he understands that there are rules and stuff to being a COunter and he wants to follow them. Just don’t mess with his friends or the other kids at school that just want to learn, okay?

But these darn bullies do not seem to get a hint. They are the epitome of hard headed and keep messing with the young helpless kids at the high school.

This all comes to a head in a hallway where some pretty old looking high schoolers try to step to So Moon in the hallway. All the students are there watching. All So Moon asks is for them to not bully kids. But, for these bullies, that literally does not compute *stOp bUllyIng….doEs nOt coMpUtE….mUst bulLy*.

The Uncanny Counter Recap Episodes 3 Review
Yes, lawd I loved this scene like ties love suits

So, So Moon has to handle them right quick in the hallway. Yes, he takes them all out and it is very satisfying to watch. All the other kids cheer and celebrate the weaker kid winning which makes So Moon an even bigger celebrity at the school now. He isn’t full of himself about it, but kids do point and whisper when he walks around now.

He and his besties have the best rooftop moment where he tells them that he can walk again. They are all so teary eyed and I’m sitting over here giddy as a milifilly because I am just so happy at all these wonderful moments that this show gives me!

They leave the school happily and show So Moon how to ride a bicycle since he can now use his injured leg. But that causes him to almost, almost get into an accident with a truck. He stops himself well before going fully into the street, but that pulls back his anxiety and psychological stress of the car accident from years ago.

Though his friends are there to help him get through it. Woong-min holds him and Yoo-yeon pulls out a bag for him to breath in (which I love, it shows that they have done this a lot). It is a nice scene to show that his friends are always there for him which is why he always wants to be there for them. (Which will come in handy because, whoo boy….these bullies).

The Uncanny Counter Recap Episodes 3 Review
His friends are there for him and I am enjoying every minute


So Moon does get a chance to grant the two hikers wish and Hana helps him do it. So they both go to the hikers old diner to talk to the daughter.

They way they do this is pretty cool. Hana holds the daughters hand quickly and then starts to tell her everything. But we see it as the daughter going to the spirit world and talking to her parents.

The hikers just wanted to tell their daughter that their death was not her fault. Their daughter wanted them to go on a hike that day so they know that she is blaming herself.

They also tell her to live her life and be happy. She doesn’t have to run their diner she can do what she wants to do in life. It is a lovely ending to this chapter in So Moon’s story of becoming a Counter.

But, all is not rosey because the bullies kidnap his friends that night. Yes, the did that. Hello crime.

In the very very end, (for real, for real this time) we get a glimpse at Mo-tak becoming a counter. He was in a coma in the hospital and suddenly woke up. He immediately starts to put on his clothing and check himself out. His goal is to find out how this happened to him. The only clue he has to go on is this bloody card that was in his jacket pocket.

The Uncanny Counter Recap Episodes 3 Review
Just look at those socks! Look at those shoes! Look at those earrings!!!!


There a few other things that happen in this episode that are important to know about. The first is that one of the bullies is the mayor’s son which is why he is getting the run of the school. Another thing is that Counters cannot use their powers for their own personal vendettas. But that is exactly what Mo-tak wants to do. He talks to a cop in this episode about that. That storyline is fleshed out in episode 4.

And last, we meet another counter! This counter is Choi Jang-mul who is the money man of the team. He is a bookoo millionaire and is adorable. Just picture 60s pimp but, you know, without the pimping part. In fact, scratch that and picture Undercover Brother instead. He is the Korean Undercover Millionaire brother of the Counter team and I love him to bits already.

This story is building to something which makes me sink into my seat to watch. It is a good feeling. Be sure to review the character chart that explains all the main characters in the show.

The Uncanny Counter Recap Episodes 3 Review
Oh snap, what just happened?
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