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Review: Royal Secret Agent (Episode 2)

Review: Royal Secret Agent (Episode 2)

The new team (Yi-gyum, Chin-sam, and Da-in) gathered at the gate. But Da-in was in a hurry to get away from Kim Man-hee who was looking for her because she is Tae-seong’s spy and is spying on Kim Byung-gun (Man-hee’s father). So the trio took off running.

The trio was able to get away and made their way to the town with the corrupt mayor. In the town, they found out that the mayor is corrupt but the son is the one who terrifies everyone. Da-in becomes a gisaeng at the local gisaeng house in order to find out what happened to a former gisaeng there. This former gisaeng is important because she is the last name mentioned in the former Royal Secret Agents notebook.

Da-in finds the location of the former gisaeng (by roughing up the other gisaengs who didn’t act right) and talks to the former gisaeng. Except the former gisaeng is terrified to talk to her and is especially terrified to see the mayor’s son. She screams and flips out and everything when she sees him. Da-in notices this.

Meanwhile, Yi-gyum befriends the mayor’s son by catching a huge hog that has been terrorizing the town and surrounding forest. He goes out drinking at the gisaeng house with the son and the son takes him human hunting (seriously, he does that). The son actually shoots an arrow in the back of the man while human hunting which proves without a shadow of a doubt that he is evil.

The servant, Park Chun-sam, wants to help a widower with two sons in the village. He accidentally lets it slip that he is the Royal Secret Agent which is about to cause all sorts of problems. But he was able to help the woman by keeping the local police from bothering her.

The former gisaeng was about to tell Da-in and Yi-gyum all that she knew about the Royal Secret Agents notebook. But she is shot in the chest with an arrow and is unable to say anything.

The last thing that happens is the mayor finds out that there is a new secret agent which puts his gold mine operation in jeopardy once again. They need to become friends with this new secret agent. If that does not work, then they want to kill the new secret agent.

Some other things that happen in this episode are that we get a shirtless shot of L with an absolutely ripped upper body. He must be eating only chicken and broccoli and lifting weights four times a week. He is super buff.

This shirtless scene is in a spring with a waterfall where Da-in and Yi-gyum sneak out to bath. Only they don’t know the other one is there so it is awkward embarrassment all around. It also is the point where we can see that our beautiful gisaeng might be starting to fall for Yi-gyum.

Throughout this episode there are tiny things she does to show that she is falling for him. This all comes to a head at the end of the episode when she think he died (due to a convoluted conversation with the mayor’s son). She searches for him with tears in her eyes which is when he finds out that she might like him.


I enjoyed this episode a lot better than the first episode. It was fun and light and definitely does not take itself too seriously. I might actually end up enjoying this drama? We’ll see. But it is a plus on episode two so if you are on the fence about this show you should probably give it two episodes to see if it is for you.

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