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Review: Psychopath Diary Episodes 1 and 2

Review: Psychopath Diary Episodes 1 and 2

Oh, I’m digging this. The first two episodes had me laughing out loud and was actually able to make me believe how this guy could believe he was a serial killer.

I mean, I thought that would be the hardest part to believe, but it is actually one of the easiest due to how the writer has drawn it out over the first two episodes. (It is also the main part of the fun!)

Okay, so let’s rewind. Psychopath Diary is the story of a pushover who witnesses a murder, gets amnesia, and then thinks that he is the serial killer. The pushovers name is Dong-sik who is played really well by Yoon Shi-yoon.

The first few minutes of the drama really help establish just how much of a pushover Dong-sik is. He gets kicked off the elevator at work when there are too many people on board, he gets taken advantage by his colleagues at work and basically does more work than he needs too, and he gets blamed for a huge incident that occurred at work.

This huge incident is a pharmaceutical deal gone wrong that the company gets pulled in to. But it is actually his collegaue and his bosses fault because they went drinking with a pharmaceutical rep and agreed to do dealings with the company.

But then make Dong-sik the fall guy and basically tell him to quit in order to save everyone from getting fired.

Well, being the pushover that he is, Yook Dong-sik agrees with everything and also decides to end his life at the companies newest building that is still in its construction stage.

But he can’t go through with it and, while bumbling down the stairs, witnesses the serial killer about to end the life of a bum whose head he cracked open in a bathroom.

The bum sees Dong-sik and hits the serial killers hand which sends the serial killers diary sliding over to Dong-sik’s hiding place. Dong-sik picks it up, almost more in feat than anything else, and then is able to get the heck out of there to call the police.

But he gets hit by a police car just outside the building which sends him flying into a fire hydrant. The two police officers hurry him to the hospital. But they are also worried that they will get in trouble for hitting him with their car and try to cover it up by saying it was his fault.

Review: Psychopath Diary Episodes 1 and 2

One of the officers is our other main character, Sim Bo-kyung, who sees a vision of her famous detective father while she is on cases. I think she might have actually been having one of these visions of her father in her backseat when she hits Dong-sik.

But anyway, Dong-sik makes it home with amnesia and is given his diary that was left on the scene of the accident. The hilarious part is that Dong-sik loves killer movies and detective movies like the Usual Suspects or Silence of the Lambs, so he has all these posters and videos of these movies around his place. He wonders if he is he kind of person that likes these things?

When he starts reading the diary, he sees that everything is written backwards in it so he holds it up to the mirror and starts to read about the serial killers latest victim, which was the bum. This immediately makes Dong-sik think that he is a serial killer.

But he actually doesn’t really believe it 100% so he goes through the rest of the first episode and a lot of the second episode comparing notes from the diary to his real life.

The really funny part is that things line up so nicely from his family, which is exactly like the serial killers, to his coworkers. It is really hilarious for him to try and put two and two together and forming conclusions that make perfect sense from his perspective.

By the end of the first two episodes we know that the serial killer is an executive at the company Dong-sik works for and that the serial killers family basically owns the company.

But the best part of the show are all the wrong connections Dong-sik makes that actually make him start to gain confidence in himself as he believes that his pushover demeanor is his fake identity to hide all his murders. It is so funny when he actually starts to try and kill his boss in the same way that the serial killer tried to kill the bum.

There is a lot more going on in the opening episode, for instance, the bum actually got away from the serial killer and finds Dong-sik. But Dong-sik thinks he is a ghost and runs away which only further makes him believe that he is the serial killer.

I was giggling along at all the antics that Dong-sik had throughout the first two episodes and loved how he used old murder and serial killer movies to help him decide what to do in certain situations.

We plan on recapping this show as soon as we are fully caught up with it. We still have episodes 3 and 4 to watch that aired this week, then we will be back to our regular recapping schedule next week!

Review: Psychopath Diary Episodes 1 and 2


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