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Review: Love With Flaws Episodes 1-4

We finally watched Love With Flaws and I really like it so far! It is a weird show that is kind of in homage to earlier Korean dramas and kind of not? I don’t know it’s just different. We watch so much TV over here that I am so happy when a production team does something different and this team is definitely ding something different.

Their style is a bit like Melting Me Softly, which means you can turn your brain off, but the story makes a lot more sense. In fact, the first two episodes were really well written.

There were so many parts that made me laugh out loud and actually pause what was going on.

In these opening episodes we were introduced to the world of this show and our main characters who are both beautiful. In fact, basically every person in this cast is beautiful as well as all the extras that they found in a beautiful cave somewhere. Seriously, it looks like they raided a model agency to fill this show with beautiful extras.

Our main heroine, is in a blended family with two older brothers that came with her new father and one younger brother that was born after their families were combined. So she has three brothers, who are all amazingly handsome to her ever loving annoyance.

Korean drama Love With Flaws Review

They want you to believe that Oh Yoon-seo is not pretty herself, but that is a hard pill to swallow. They need to do a lot more than putting her in mens clothing and track suits all the time for me to believe that.

But it also seems tongue in cheek as if they are making fun of early Korean dramas from 2002-2009 ish era that always had gorgeous starlets who were supposed to be ugly ducklings. So I can go along with that!

In fact, this entire drama feels as if they are spoofing Coffee Prince or My Name is Kim Sam Soon to me. From some of the scenes used to some story points, to the very trendy and outdated clothing. Is anyone else getting that vibe?

Korean drama Love With Flaws Review

Our main hero is handsome as well and knows it. However, he has an old pain of being a chubby shy kid who pooped his pants once on a school trip that Christened him “Poop Pants” for his entire childhood. All the students know him as this.

Well, that one incident may have given him a permanent condition to poop his pants whenever he is in stressful situations. So, he is running around holding his bottom for a lot of this show as he tries to find a bathroom right quik. Spoiler alert, he does not always make it.

That alone reminded me a lot of early 2000s Korean dramas as they used to almost always have a “running to poop!” scene in all of them. One thing they used to show that he has pooped is to have doves fly out of his pants or just fly around him. Though amazingly gross, that made me laugh so much!

The thing that links our two main characters together is that Seo-yeon and Kang-woo went to the same school and she is actually the cause of his poop problem. She is his first love and told him that he was fat and ugly which made him stop eating for 3 days.

When he finally started eating again, he binged and ate all the food he could. the only problem with that is that his school field trip was the next day. So if you can imagine, he had a bathroom issue on the bus filled with students and, despite his best efforts, ended up letting it all rip while in his seat. Poor thing!

So, he forever blames Seo-yoon for that and, after meeting her again at their school reunion, vows his revenge by making her fall in love with him and then dumping her. This might be hard to do though because she really could care less.

Korean drama Love With Flaws Review

All Seo-yoon is trying to do is be a good coach & teacher to her students and make sure her handsome brothers don’t get into too much trouble.

Alright, that is basically what is going on with the main duo in Love With Flaws. It is a super goofy tv show with many of animations throughout that add to the goofiness. I love that about it, though I can see how it could annoyed the ever loving daylights out of others.


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