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REVIEW: Love With Flaws episode 8 – and episode 9 preview

REVIEW: Love With Flaws episode 8 - and episode 9 preview

This is an episode where everyone has to think of where they are in their life and feelings right now.

We open the show with the confession by Kang-woo to Seo-yeon on the running bridge. Which led to a confused slap by Seo-yeon and a bolt out of dodge as she turned on all her track skills right at that moment.

She ran her butt all the way home and wondered why her heart was pounding so much. (Yes, she actually thought that after sprinting herself back home from like one mile away. Though I think they want you to think that her heart is pounding with emotions. Not the right moment, show)

I am happy to report that Kang-woo did not roll back his feelings for her and continued showing his interest throughout the episode which forced Seo-yeon to confront him about it.

The confrontational scene was actually pretty nice because she asked him to tell her everything that happened 15 years ago. He tells her that his friends wanted to make that bet, but he gave them all his money, which was a lot for a kid, and tells them not to play that game with Seo-yeon because she is his friend.

She understands and apologizes to him for misunderstanding him back then and she apologizes for misunderstanding him about thinking he was gay. He says it is not problem. But she still says that she cannot date him, because he is just too handsome and she has had to live with handsome men her entire life.

So Kang-woo goes on a mini revenge hunt as he terrorizes each of her brothers in their territory. But he fails at the middle brothers bar who tells him that Seo-yeon’s weird ways are not fully because of them.

We end the episode with Kang-woo following Seo-yeon and her track team to their meet. And it is a good thing he did because he saves them from a super grubby motel and, instead, transports them to a fabulous resort on the beach.

While there, he confesses to Seo-yeon again and – kisses her!

However, poor Min-hyeok sees the kiss and starts to rethink his life. Actually, he has been thinking about his life the entire episode. His grandmother asked him what he wanted to do, just let her know and she will make it happen. Do you want to continue being a doctor?

His father also met with him for the first time in a long time and told him that he should be a doctor and to join him and his mother with them on doctors without borders. Though the meeting with his father kind of makes Min-hyeok really rethink what he wants, and it was not to be sitting with his father and getting a lesson on what is important in life from a man who was never in his life.

So Min-hyeok goes to the resort as the track teams doctor and sees Kang-woo lay a kiss on Seo-yeon. After he sees that, he calls his Grandmother to tell her what he wants. But we don’t know what that is yet!

There weren’t really any side stories today, everything was mostly tightly focused on our main three. Though the side characters did make small appearances. Seo-joon looks like he is kind of falling for Joo-hee and picked his grades up a lot. Joo-hee wants to tell Seo-yeon about Seo-joon’s fear of the dark and also improved her grades a lot. And Jang-mi has finally found a way inside the house. Surprise, she just had to sit on the curb at the door the entire time. It was as easy as that!


English Translation

KW – It’s good. You are thinking about me.

MK – Was it good?

SY – No feeling.

SY – Let’s do it 

KH – Let’s do it

WJ – Here?

KH – It looks like you can use your body well.

HS – You are showing off that you have never dated.

HS – You are my woman from now on.

MK – How dare you hit on me!

WJ – Do you remember now?

SY – Our parents died because of me.

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  1. Ruby
    December 20, 2019 / 12:08 am

    I really like your review and recap, its so hard watching live without know what they are talkings about , you really help me 🙏🏼… and i really like your point of view and summary .. interesting ..

    Pardon me for broken English , I’m still learning ✌🏻

  2. gaylwc
    January 9, 2020 / 2:26 pm

    Did you stop recapping/reviewing Love with Flaws?

    • V
      January 12, 2020 / 9:24 am

      Hi Gaylwc, yes, we got too far behind due to the Holidays so we had to drop it.

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