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REVIEW: Love With Flaws episode 7 (13 & 14) and episode 8 preview

REVIEW: Love With Flaws episode 7 (13 & 14) and episode 8 preview

In today’s episode, Min-hyeok and Kang-woo have a little petty fight over Seo-yeon who is drunk in the car. Seo-yeon ends up taking a taxi home without them noticing.

Meanwhile, Mi-kyung meets with Hyun-soo to find out if Kang-woo knew about the gay lie. He says that he did. Mi-kyung tells him that she will find a man for Seo-yeon. She wants to set up Min-hyeok and Seo-yeon.

Min-hyeok gets a call about a private medical school get together and invites Seo-yeon to it as his fake girlfriend and buys expensive clothing for her that costs over $4000. His aunt sees her there and wonders who this woman is, but the Min-yeok stops Seo-yeon from introducing herself and heads out.

The event is a bougie charity even that goes okay. At the event Min-hyeok confesses that he loves Seo-yeon and has liked her from the first moment he saw her. They donate all of their clothing and accessories from head to toe.

After the event, Min-hyeok tells Seo-yeon that all that he said was true. But she takes it as a joke. The  next day at school, Min-hyeok sits with Mi-kyung and Seo-yeon for lunch, but then Kang-woo comes up and messes up the mood. 

Kang-woo ends up getting Seo-yeon to come to his house to talk about the track team. So she comes and he cooks for her. She also follows him to his office and asks why he only makes men clothing and not women’s clothing. You were good at that before.

But that makes him upset so he tells her to leave. She goes home and looks at a wedding dress that he drew for her back in school.

Seo-yeon drives Kang-woo around and protects him when she has to slam on the breaks. His heart goes crazy. She also hops out of the car to keep a drunk driver from driving his car. The drunk driver wants to punch Seo-yeon, but Kang hops in front of the fist and gets hit instead.

They go to the police station. The sister is also there with Won-jae through another circumstance, so the sister sees Kang-woo and Seo-yeon. But Kang-woo will not introduce Seo-yeon and pulls her away.

Later that night, Kang-woo asks Mi-kyung about Seo-yeon’s parents and finds out that they died due to a drunk driver when they were in middle school. That is why she threw everything into running.

That next morning, when Kang-woo is out for his run, he runs to Seo-yeon’s house by accident and then sees her leaving her house to run. So he catches her and tells her that he likes her.

In the side stories, Won-seok tells Ho-dol to come to their house and tutor his brother. he also says that all gay people are not nice. 

There is a power outage caused by Jang-mi ask she spies on Seo-yeon’s home which makes Seo-joon cry and hug himself in fear. Joo-hee has to come out and comfort him. And Won-jae saves a woman from thugs who drugged her which gets him sent to the police station.

So, lots of fluff going on though it is fun fluff and the story still moves forward.


English Translation

SY – Can someone who lies all the time, tell the truth?

SY – I Hate handsome persons

KW – Why did you live your life like that!


KW – No one has this kind of one sided love.

HS – Obsession, possession!

MK – Why is he calling me?

HS – I am not going to do it anymore!

MK – A fair fight and the stronger survives

MK – Yes, follow her!

SY – You do whatever you want to do!

SY – Why are you making me think about you and worry about you?

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