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REVIEW: Love With Flaws Episode 5 (9 & 10) and episode 6 Preview

Review Episode 5 (9-10) of Love With Flaws

The wackiness continues on today’s episode, which I can definitely get behind.

We started the episode with that highly embarrassing moment from the end of the last episode where Kang-woo’s favorite family member salutes Seo-yeon right in the belly which sent both their eyes looking downward.

Kang Woo was so embarrassed that he literally threw Seo-yeon out and they put his face in a freezer to cool all the embarrassment away. But that does get him to sign her paperwork to send her kids to the tournament.

The rest of the episode was spent with Seo-yeon wondering how Kang-woo can get aroused with her when he is gay and also getting multiple confirmations reaffirming to her that he is gay. The biggest being when she saw Kang-woo at the gay club with Hyun-soo once again. Though this episode we find out that Kang-woo thinks this club is just a normal club.

Kang-woo spends the episode grappling with his growing feelings for So-yeon which culminates in a very cute dance sequence on the street when he realizes that he loves her.

However, his big reveal is ruined in a series of half sentences with Seo-yeon where they each thin the other is saying something else. She thinks he has found out that he is gay and loves Hyun-soo and wants to use her as a shield; he thinks she is confessing her love for Hyun-soo.

After one Hyun-soo butt whooping later, Kang-woo sees Seo-yeon at his home where she tells him that she will be his secret girlfriend. He does not know what she is talking about, but will take it and moves in for a kiss.

Y’all, this show is so wacky and yet I am feeling it. I’m not sure if the love will continue on all the way to the end. But right now it is a wonderfully goofy drama to watch with not a villain in sight.

Hmm, is that why I like it?


English Translation

MK – What are you going to do with Lee Kang-woo? 

Brother – Is this a male friend thing?

KW – Girlfriend!

HS – What!

MK – What!

WJ – He is not your style.

WS – You are not really dating right?

SY – Lee Kang-woo and Park Hyun-soo are not dating?

SY – Hyun-soo!

SY – Now I know that you two are screwing with me!

KW – You only think of me that much?

MH- You don’t know why she is so drunk?

KW – Are you Joo Seo-yeon?

MH – Ask me.

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