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REVIEW: Law School Episode 9

REVIEW: Law School Episode 9

Episode 9 covers a lot of ground. It picks up where 8 left off by showing us the aftermath of Ko Yeong-chang’s fall. Professor Yang calls an ambulance, Yeong-chang undergoes surgery and ends up emerging from a coma later on in the episode. However, one side of his body is paralyzed, so him and Assemblyman Ko make it their mission to put Ye-seul away for attempted murder.

In the meantime, we finally meet Seung-jae’s wife. She’s an OBGYN, and her and Seung-jae have been trying to conceive. This disproves my theory of him cheating in school to financially support his family. His wifey’s probably making decent money. Although, he could still feel pressure to provide. While he waffles on whether to confirm Professor Yang’s alibi, Prosecutor Jin submits new evidence that makes Yang look guilty.

The last major arc of the episode focuses on providing more insight into Kang Dan’s disappearance. 

What we learn this episode

  • Seung-jae’s wife is an OBGYN!
  • Professor Yang and Kim realize Seung-jae was hiding in Yang’s closet to hack his computer. Seung-jae’s been hacking various professors’ computers (including Kim and Vice Dean Kang) to steal test answers.
  • Professor Kim confronts him and encourages him to do the right thing.
  • In court, Yang reveals he bought a one way ticket to Boston the day of Professor Seo’s murder to look for Kang Dan. She was part of Assemblyman Ko’s campaign, but became a whistleblower when he started spreading fake news about his opponent.
  • Ko’s opponent was a man named Park Jung-gil. After being charged with sexual harassment, he resigned and committed suicide.
  • At home, Sol A finds a notarized financial agreement between Kang Dan and Ko on a laptop. Her stepfather’s name is on it as well.
  • During the trial, Prosecutor Jin submits Seo’s lost glucometer, and the results. He uses the results to argue that Seo was not in danger of hypoglycemia, so it was unnecessary for Yang to feed him sugar. (Unless he overdosed on insulin beforehand).
  • Sol B offers to testify about seeing the sugar packet.
  • Yeong-chang wakes up from his coma.
  • Seung-jae doesn’t show up to testify, because his wife got pregnant, and he doesn’t want any shock from his cheating to lead to a miscarriage.
  • In a flashback, we see Prosecutor Jin lie and tell Ji-ho over the phone that Seo is the one who leaked the details about his father’s case.
  • Ye-seul can’t find a lawyer, because everyone is scared of Assemblyman Ko.
  • Yang walks into Ye-seul’s first trial and requests a jury trial.

Yes to finally meeting Seung-jae’s wifey

Not gonna lie. I totally expected her to be a housewife Seung-jae’s trying to support. Being a housewife is a hard job, but it would be an easy storyline to give a character like Seung-jae. That’s why it’s cool Law School’s screenwriter went a different route, and made his wife a doctor struggling with infertility.

After trying different methods, she ends up pregnant and this causes Seung-jee not to take the stand for Professor Yang. If he does, he’ll have to reveal his cheating, and he doesn’t want the shock to result in a miscarriage.

I get it, but we were rooting for you, Seung-jae! We were all rooting for you. Both Professor Yang and Kim already know, so I doubt he’ll get away with it.

Yes to the new details in Yang’s case…

..and no, because one thing is good and the other isn’t.

Professor Yang revealing he bought the plane ticket to Boston to find Kang-dan helps his case, so I was relieved. But that relief is swiftly crushed when Prosecutor Jin submits Seo’s glucometer as evidence. It really makes Yang seem like he’s lying about the sugar packet. That’s why I need someone to hurry up and testify in his favor.

The interesting thing is Joon-hwi just told Yang the glucometer was missing a few episodes ago, so how did Jin get his hands on it? I’m guessing the stocky police officer who’s always so quick to arrest people is crooked and working for Jin and Ko.

One final noteworthy thing involving Jin is Ji-ho suing him for releasing details about his dad’s case. I hope it sticks, because Jin needs to be held accoutable for everything he’s done. I still can’t believe he flat out lied and blamed Seo when Ji-ho called to confirm all those years ago.

Yes to Sol A’s findings about her sister

REVIEW: Law School Episode 9

It’s all coming together now! Even if Kang-dan did receive money from Assemblyman Ko to stay quiet about the fake news he spread, she most likely took it to pay off their step dad. It looks like he abused their mom, and the money was to get him away.

With that said, I’m interested in learning more about what happened during Ko’s campaign, and meeting Kang-dan.

No to Yang’s last minute trip to Boston

This will be a small “no”, but something I still feel the need to point out.

How can a university professor just book an impromptu flight to another country? Wouldn’t he have to ask the dean well in advance, so the school can find someone to cover his classes? And a one way ticket? Does he not have to let the school know when he plans to return to teach? Because I don’t recall the drama saying it was spring/summer break or Yang asking to take a sabbatical.

I could be missing something, but it seems like a small oversight of logic on the show’s part.

This episode was another great one! My eyes were glued to the screen, and every scene with Yeong-chang and Assemblyman Ko raised my blood pressure. I’m glad Yang came to Ye-seul’s first trial to advocate for her since no one else wants to. He truly is one of the best things about the drama. We only got one episode this week, because of a live broadcast in Korea, so I can’t wait to see what happens in episode 10.

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