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REVIEW: Law School Episode 7

REVIEW: Law School Episode 7

I’m happy to report I’m invested again! In this episode, we learn about Ji-ho’s motive for possibly wanting Professor Seo dead, and it’s the most interesting one so far. And heart-breaking even though the drama doesn’t dwell on it.

The characters also spend more time in the courtroom, which results in plenty of sharp dialogue and humorous moments. It’s nice to catch a glimpse of what Yang was like when he was a prosecutor as well. If that isn’t enough, there’s a Star Wars-level twist involving Joon-hwi! It’s all very exciting, and exactly what I signed up for when I started watching the show.

What we learn this episode

  • Ji-ho’s motive: His father was the CEO of a toy company, and ended up killing himself, because Seo leaked the fact the company was being investigated for having cancer causing agents in the toys.
  • Since then, Ji-ho vowed to use the law to get revenge on Professor Seo. That’s why he has a video of Seo doing meth on the staircase the day of his murder. He also has tons of pictures and voice recordings of the former prosecutor.
  • All of this is shared with Joon-hwi, who hears a voice recording of Seo saying, “You aren’t my nephew. You’re my son. My son, do you know how much I love you?” (Oh my God, is Seo Joon-hwi’s father?!)
  • Prosecutor Jin is found innocent of leaking details of Professor Yang’s case to the press. He somehow gets Lee Man-ho to take the fall. Man-ho ends up telling Yang he’s looking for Sol A’s twin Kang Dan.
  • Assemblyman Ko comes to Hankuk University to humble brag about creating and passing The Lee Man-ho Act. An act that makes it harder for criminals to claim they weren’t in their right minds while committing their crimes. Yang stands up in the middle of the auditorium and mentions a student at the university is the one who came up with the idea, and Ko simply passed it. This student was also in his campaign and reported his violation of the Public Official Election Act. (This has to be Kang Dan).
  • Meanwhile, Sol A is trying to help Ye-seul with Ko’s abusive son, and she finds out he put a hidden camera in the alarm clock in Ye-seul’s room.
  • Ji-ho takes the stand as a witness during Yang’s trial, and tells the whole courtroom about Seo’s part in his father’s death.
  • Except Seo actually didn’t leak information about the toy company’s investigation. Joon-hwi overhears the reporter who wrote the article saying it was Prosecutor Jin!!!
  • It’s then revealed that Yang was in his office at the time of Seo’s death, and Seung-jae was hiding in his closet.

Yes to Ji-ho’s Motive

Because when it comes to his, the screenwriter said “Hold my soju,” and proceeded to go hard. The episode quickly reveals that Ji-ho’s reason for getting into law is to get revenge on Professor Seo. Some time ago, Ji-ho’s dad was the CEO of a toy company called Toy Good Toy. When articles are suddenly published about the toys containing a cancer causing agent, the business takes a big hit and Ji-ho’s dad ends up committing suicide. By setting himself on fire. Oh, geez! And guess who finds him? A young Ji-ho. The really sad part is after an investigation, no carcinogens were found in the toys.

It sounds like something out of a Quentin Tarantino film, and Ji-ho is convinced Seo leaked details of the investigation to the public when he was a prosecutor. No wonder he wants Seo behind bars. But it’s a good thing he’s not rash, because at the end of the episode, Joon-hwi discovers that Prosecutor Jin’s the one who leaked the news about the carcinogens— not Seo. Wow. Why does he have such a hard time keeping things private? He just did it to Yang, and almost got sued. Is it a compulsive thing? Because if he can’t keep secrets or win cases without spilling them, he probably shouldn’t have gotten into law.

Anyway, Ji-ho recounts all of this as a witness during Yang’s trial. The drama then shifts the suspicion off of him by showing that when he went to confront Seo, he was already dying from the meth overdose. This leads me to my next “yes”…

REVIEW: Law School Episode 7

Yes to finally learning Seung-jae’s whereabouts at the time of Professor Seo’s murder

When Ji-ho realizes Professor Seo’s on the verge of death, he calls a friend who used to be a doctor. That friend turns out to be Seung-sae, who frantically hangs up on him, because he’s hiding in Yang’s closet like R. Kelly in his Trapped in the Closet series. Yang is at his desk and hears the phone vibrating, so he gets up and walks toward the closet and…the episode ends. Ugh!!! This is good stuff, guys! Seung-jae’s medical background was hinted at earlier when Professor Kim went into labor during class. I wonder why he switched from medicine to law, and why he’s hiding in Yang’s closet? Is this when he snags the laptop? I can’t wait to watch the next episode!

REVIEW: Law School Episode 7

Yes to that Stars Wars level-twist!

While Ji-ho is watching Seo overdose, the professor starts hallucinating. His mind turns Ji-ho into Joon-hwi, and reveals he’s his son, not nephew! Excuse me??? This man really pulled a “Luke, I am your Father” on his death bed! That would explain Seo doting on him though, and why he left Joon-hwi such a big inheritance. It just muddies things up, and makes me feel sick on behalf on Joon-hwi. Grieving an uncle you found out was trash is one thing, but finding out he’s actually your father would land me on a psychologist’s couch. Hmm…maybe the one Sol B and her mom go to is accepting new patients.

No to Ji-ho not calling the cops when Professor Seo was overdosing

When someone’s on the verge of overdosing, their friends and family are often scared to call 911, because they don’t want them to get in trouble and go to jail. That’s how Law School frames Ji-ho calling Seung-jae instead of the cops, but it doesn’t make sense since Ji-ho vowed to get revenge on Seo. I mean, he even took a video of him doing the meth. And this happens before anyone knows Prosecutor Jin is the one who leaked the toy company’s investigation, so it would’ve made more sense for Ji-ho to call the cops. If I thought someone drove my dad to suicide, I wouldn’t let them die, but I’d certainly revel in them being arrested for possession, and losing their job and reputation. I wouldn’t try to protect them by getting my friend to help.

Ultimately, episode 7 was entertaining. The best by far in my humble opinion. Professor Seo being Joon-hwi’s dad is a great reveal, and if it sticks, I can’t wait to see the backstory. I just hope the drama doesn’t try to use it to garner sympathy for Seo. He doesn’t deserve it. He killed someone else’s child and made a deal with a child rapist.

Yang calling out Assemblyman Ko for taking credit for the Lee Man-ho Act was also an applause-worthy moment. The person he stole the idea from has to be Kang Dan, judging by how surprised he looked when he saw Sol-A around campus. I’m really glad this drama got good again. The plot’s too good to waste.

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