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REVIEW: Law School Episode 6

REVIEW: Law School Episode 6

It’s time to head into the courtroom in episode six! Professor Yang has his first trial, and the truth about the sugar packet is revealed. This episode also successfully strikes Kang Sol B and Vice Dean Kang from the suspect list. I knew it wasn’t either of them, even though the Vice Dean confessed in the last episode.

In addition to all of that, Lee Man-ho’s still lurking around, and he’s got a very interesting link to Sol A.

What we learn this episode

  • Seung-jae is the one who turned Professor Yang’s laptop into school security. Thinking it was Sol B’s, they stuck it on Vice Dean Kang’s desk.
  • Sol B and her dad suspected each other of killing Professor Seo, so they tried to protect each other. They finally come clean, and all seems well.
  • During Yang’s first trial, Vice Dean Kang admits to bringing the sugar packet to the scene of the crime.
  • In a flashback, it shows that Kang did pour the meth in Seo’s coffee, but he has a change of heart and dumps it in the sink.
  • Lee Man-ho is looking for Sol A’s twin Kang Dan, because he thinks she knows the whereabouts of his son.
  • Sol A finds a letter Kang Dan wrote in one of her old textbooks. It’s addressed to Professor Yang.
  • She goes to his office to show him the letter, and he gets a call from Kang Dan at that very moment.

Yes to my gut feeling about Seung-jae

I knew he had Professor Yang’s laptop! The mixup probably occurred when all the students had to put their laptops in that cart outside the classroom. This does raise more questions though. Did he really take it out of Yang’s office? Why? What’s his motive when it comes to Professor Seo’s murder? So far, he’s the only one whose episodes I’ve been excited to see, and it’s mainly because the camera’s been showing us that he’s suspicious for a while.

REVIEW: Law School Episode 6

Yes to Professor Yang’s first trial

I’m glad Vice Dean Kang fesses up to bringing the sugar packet to the crime scene, even though it ends up being admissible. At least now more people will realize this whole Yang witch hunt is silly.

It’s also interesting see more of Sol B and the Vice Dean’s relationship. It’s strained and unconventional, but they’re still family. That’s why they tried to protect each other when they thought the other murdered Seo. With the misunderstandings and suspicions cleared up, I wonder whose motives we’ll examine next?

Yes to Sol A’s twin sister Kang Dan

The drama’s dropped a few nuggets about her, so I’m glad we’re finally getting to her storyline. I can’t wait to find out why she cut ties with her family five years ago, and why Lee Man-ho thinks she knows where his son is. Honestly, I find all of this more interesting than finding out who killed Professor Seo. Again, that kind of thing only plays on my emotions when the victim isn’t a horrible person.

Aside from this episode confirming Seung-jae’s shadiness, it also confirms Ye-seul’s boyfriend is abusive. And if not physically, then definitely mentally and emotionally. It sucks to be right about a domestic violence situation, but I hope the drama handles it responsibly. This episode already touched on some tough topics in Korea, like the treatment of pedophiles post release, and parents who only show up to collect their dead child’s assets. (I’m glad the Goo Ha-ra Act passed). All in all, it was a solid episode and I’m invested again. If nothing else, I love the social commentary.

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