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REVIEW: Law School Episode 4

REVIEW: Law School Episode 4

This episode kind of breaks the momentum of the first three, and doesn’t deliver the excitement (or twist) it hints at in the previous episode. The big cliffhanger of Joon-hwi telling Lee Man-ho not to give Professor Yang his blood doesn’t culminate into anything unique. Man-ho says he’ll listen if Joon-hwi hands over half his inheritance, but Joon-hwi declines. Then he adds, “I know you won’t [give your blood]. If Professor Yang dies just like that, you’d benefit more than I would.” It’s introductory level reverse psychology, but Man-ho falls for it instantly, and ends up giving Yang his blood out of spite (and possibly a future alliance).

I understand what the show’s trying to do, but the tactic shouldn’t work on someone like Man-ho. He’s supposed to be cunning, and spent his whole prison sentence studying law (which includes psychology). So, yeah…that was a let down, but the episode goes on to deliver answers and reveals. Like someone trying to pin Professor Seo’s murder on Yang. It also sets up the suspect for the next episode.

What we learn this episode

  • Brain damage is discovered during Professor Seo’s second autopsy.
  • Joon-hwi is the one who emailed the video of the hit-and-run to Professor Yang.
  • When he confronts his uncle about it, they argue and Seo accidentally falls down the stairs.
  • Joon-hwi allowed the police to suspect him, so Professor Yang could be released from jail.
  • Both of them get indicted for Seo’s murder as joint principal offenders, because prosecution thinks they’re in cahoots.
  • Joon-hwi’s indictment is thrown out when Yang (with the help of Kang Sol A) reveals that Professor Seo’s wife bribed the medical examiners to include brain damage on the second autopsy.
  • Kang Sol B may have plagiarized Professor Seo in her infamous dissertation.
  • Vice Dean Kang Joo-man has Yang’s laptop

Yes to Professor Yang trying to sue Prosecutor Jin Hyung-woo

Upon his release, Yang tells an audience of reporters he plans to sue Prosecutor Jin for leaking details about his case to the public. It takes the prosecutor by surprise and makes me giggle, because he deserves it. He’s been smug and condescending through the whole process, and I won’t be surprised if he has something to do with framing Yang.

REVIEW: Law School Episode 4

Yes to Yang turning himself and Joon-hwi into homework

The first place Yang goes after getting out of jail is his classroom. Of course! I wouldn’t expect anything less. His students don’t have time to be shocked though, because he immediately assigns homework. With Joon-hwi’s consent, he asks the rest of the students to compare who’s more suspicious when it comes to Seo’s murder. It’s on brand for our dear Yang-crates, and it’s interesting to see what everyone thinks.

Yes to Joon-hwi’s innocence

I knew it wasn’t going to be him! Sol A’s a good person and friend, so she spends most of the episode following up on Professor Seo’s autopsies. The first medical examiner has run away to Canada, and she finds out he’s falsified reports before. The second set are tight-lipped, and don’t want explain why brain damage is suddenly popping up on the autopsy. At the end of the episode, it’s revealed that Joon-hwi’s aunt asked them to include it to make him look more guilty.

It’s satisfying to see her greed exposed, and I’m glad Joon-hwi won’t have to take anymore of her crap. Now he can go back to school (because he almost drops out) and be the great prosecutor/lawyer his uncle never was. He’ll have a new mentor in Yang-crates as well since the episode works on building their relationship.

No to the drama’s formulaic approach

Even with the big things we learn, this episode isn’t as good as the first three. The show’s becoming a bit too formulaic for my liking. The main cast is interesting, but the supporting characters aren’t dynamic enough to get me excited for their individual did-they-do-it episodes. I hope there’s some kind of big plot twist or the show leans into Lee Man-ho, so we won’t have to sit through them.

In conclusion, episode 4 clears Joon-hwi of Seo’s murder, but leaves Yang on the hook. He’s no longer allowed to teach (but not quite fired), and things look bleak. Kang Sol B and Vice Dean Kang Joo-man are set up to be investigated in the next episode, and it looks like the latter has Yang’s laptop! I don’t think either one murdered Seo, but it’s plausible given the intense stress Sol B is under from her grades-obsessed mom. And the Vice Dean’s been shady since the first episode, so who knows for sure?

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