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REVIEW: Law School Episode 3

REVIEW: Law School Episode 3
He looks so disgusted.

This episode ramps up the suspicion. It reveals the depth of Joon-hwi’s disappointment in his uncle, and gives him ample motive for the murder. But it’s not just him that’s acting shady. The camera’s doing a lot of lingering shots of Seo Ji-ho and Yoo Seung-jae, so they’re on my watch list.

What we learned this episode

  • Joon-hwi knew Professor Seo was the perpetrator in the hit-and-run.
  • He called 9-1-1 after his uncle fell (or was pushed) down the stairs.
  • Lee Man-ho supposedly has an alibi that day.
  • He also now lives across the street from Sol A’s mom and little sister (YIKES!!!)
  • Joon-hwi hid Professor Seo’s switched glasses under his mattress.

Yes to Joon-hwi actually knowing everything

I feel like every episode gives Joon-hwi and I more reason to hate Professor Seo. Not only did he suspect his uncle of bribing the university to get his teaching position, he knows his uncle was behind the hit-and-run. Joon-hwi actually hacked his email account, and saw the video along with proof that Seo likely paid off the victim’s family.

Poor Joon-hwi! Now him crying during the mid-term makes sense. He must have so many conflicting emotions. Grief at the loss of his uncle, and anger at all the heinous things Seo’s done. On top of that, his aunt’s harassing him to sign over his inheritance, and requesting a second autopsy to implicate him. She’s clearly more interested in the money than justice for her husband, but I too am curious about why Joon-hwi switched Professor Seo’s glasses, possibly pushed him down the stairs (I doubt it), then hid said glasses under his mattress?

Yes to our other two suspects

It’s interesting that Joon-hwi and Ji-ho are roommates. It almost feels like the show introduced that as an after-thought. Nonetheless, it’s because they’re roommates that Ji-ho finds Professor Seo’s glasses under Joon-hwi’s mattress. He wears them to visit Professor Yang in jail, so he can have a look. And that’s helpful and all, but…is he trying to throw Joon-hwi under the bus, because he’s got something to hide?

Then there’s “Nice Guy” Seung-jae. The police are checking all the law students’ laptops, and the way the camera zooms into his when he drops it off with the officer is suspicious. And so was the way he left right after class, so the cops couldn’t even begin to question him with everyone else. I’ve definitely got my eye on him, because I think the murderer’s going to be one of the supporting characters.


So, during the episode they show an inmate looking at Professor Yang funny, and my stomach drops. I’ve seen other prison shows, so I know what this means. It’s why I’m not surprised when the same inmate later shanks Yang in the shower. Fortunately, another inmate comes to his rescue and scares the assailant off. The next thing I know, Yang’s in the hospital hemorrhaging blood. He needs a transfusion, but no one is a match, because he’s O negative.

No one except…Lee Man-ho!!! My TV might as well have grown fists and pummeled me in the stomach with the way I reacted. I wasn’t expecting that at alllll! Or for Man-ho to call up Joon-hwi and ask if he should give Yang his blood. It looks like he’s trying to strike up the same arrangement he had with Professor Seo. None of this is going the way I expected, which means I’m even more surprised when Joon-hwi tells him not to give Professor Yang his blood! Excuse me??! I still don’t think Joon-hwi is the murderer, but the drama’s doing a very good job trying to convince us.

No to Professor Yang being kept with the rest of the prisoners

Like I said, I’ve seen other prison shows (and movies), and usually when a cop or prosecutor goes to jail, they’re separated from the rest of the inmates, so what happened to Yang at the end of the episode doesn’t happen. The cop/prosecutor is also closely guarded, so this seemed a bit unrealistic. Unless things are done completely different in Korea or someone paid the guards to be negligent.

REVIEW: Law School Episode 3
If anything happens to this little girl, the screenwriter and I are gonna have a problem.

Even though I had a “no”, this was the best episode yet! I can’t believe Man-ho’s a match for Yang, and Joon-hwi actually told him not to save him. I’m sure there’s a good reason, but the suspense is killing me! I’m also really worried about Man-ho moving across the street from Sol A’s younger sister. He’s already got his eye on her, and it makes me so nervous. I just know he’s going to kidnap her, and the gang is going to have to race against the clock to save her.

Why did I do this to myself right after Penthouse?

The last thing I need to know is who took Yang’s laptop? Apparently it was in his office the day of Seo’s murder, and disappeared the next day. Does Seung-jae have it by any chance? I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

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