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REVIEW: Law School Episode 2

REVIEW: Law School Episode 2

Episode two starts off by showing viewers that Professor Yang is a pineapple: prickly on the outside, but sweet on the inside. This is demonstrated by way of a flashback. He stands up to the Chief Prosecutor on behalf of a young Sol A. She punched the Chief Prosecutor’s daughter for bullying her sister, so now he wants her in jail. Fortunately, Professor Yang (who’s still a prosecutor at the time) doesn’t let that happen. From there, the episode delves into Joon-hwi’s personality and relationship with Professor Seo.

There are also some surprising reveals, and laughs and lessons on the nuances of law.

What we learned this episode

  • The victim of Professor Yang’s hit-and-run case is a young boy who witnessed Lee Man-ho sexually assaulting his victim.
  • The perpetrator of the hit-and-run is Professor Seo!!! In exchange for not snitching, he gets Man-ho a lesser sentence, and even hires him as a driver later on. (Disgusting!)
  • It’s confirmed that Professor Seo is Joon-hwi’s uncle.
  • After the mock trial, Professor Seo is the one who puts meth in his own coffee. Yang catches him, and they go into the room that ends up becoming the crime scene.
  • Professor Seo allegedly sent Yang a video of the hit-and-run, because he feels guilty.
  • Yang dumps Seo’s meth in the bathroom. Seo goes into hypoglycemic shock, and Yang puts sugar in his coffee to help.
  • Another flashback reveals Joon-hwi switching his uncle’s glasses, and later pushing him down the stairs, thus leaving a broken piece behind.

REVIEW: Law School Episode 2

Yes to finding out that Professor Seo and Lee Man-ho were in cahoots

Bribery, manslaughter, and now helping a child rapist get back on the streets??? Seo’s depravity knows no bounds! And what’s even worse is this means Man-ho was lying about being drunk when he sexually assaulted his victim. If he was cognizant enough to remember Seo’s license plate, then he was in control of his mental faculties the entire time! I’m glad it’s revealed to the general public, because Professor Seo’s reputation deserves to be further sullied. I’m also of the opinion that Man-ho should get thrown back in jail for perjury and obstruction of justice. Is that possible? If you’re reading this and you went to law school, please sound off in the comments.

All of this makes me sympathize with Joon-hwi even more. Imagine finding out all of this about a beloved uncle?

Yes to Yang-crates grading exams in jail

So, at this point, the cat’s out of the bag. Yang-crates of Horror has a heart, and viewers catch a glimpse of it in the way he deals with young Sol A. I understand why she’s so devoted to him now. I thought it was hilarious that he was grading his students’ exams in jail. Talk about dedication.

Yes to more background on Joon-hwi

I got a better sense of who he is in this episode. He’s serious about the law, and wants to be just and fair as a prosecutor. It’s the vibe he gives off during his admission interview for the university, and I could tell Professor Yang sees himself in Joon-hwi. Once accepted, Joon-hwi actually starts a petition to stop Seo from getting hired at the school, because he thinks Seo’s donation for the mock trial room is a bribe. That’s how much he values justice. He’d go against his own family to preserve it. But at the end of the episode, him switching Professor Seo’s glasses comes to light. That makes him a viable suspect, and he’s certainly got motive (including being listed in his uncle’s will as a beneficiary), but I’m not buying what the drama’s trying to sell. Joon-hwi being the murderer would be too easy.

No to how the flashbacks are filmed

I started Law School knowing it’d be the kind of drama you’d have to pay attention to, but the way some of the flashbacks are shot make it hard to follow. For example, there’s one where Joon-hwi convinces Sol A to defend him in a mock trial (this school loves those) for putting up the petition. He’s in danger of the school suing him for defamation. Sol A eventually agrees, and is wearing a brown sweater in the scene. When the drama switches back to the present, she’s wearing another brown sweater. It’s slightly different, but I had to rewind to make sure the flashback was done. The drama usually indicates the start of a flashback with the date, so I wish it did the same thing for the present. (I think sometimes it does, but I need more consistency).

I like that Law School isn’t wasting any time when it comes to its big reveals. Professor Seo is worse than I thought, and so is Lee Man-ho (if that’s even possible). It terrifies me that he’s just walking around, because I don’t feel like that ankle monitor’s going to stop him from doing what he wants to do. He’s already lurking around children again, as shown at the end of the episode (and I’m pretty sure that little girl is Sol A’s sister).

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