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REVIEW: Law School Episode 16 (Finale)

REVIEW: Law School Episode 16 (Finale)
I’m so proud of them!

My finale review may be late, but the feelings Law School evoked still linger. Episode 16 starts off with Assemblyman Ko being interviewed by a police officer, and backtracks so viewers can see how Yangcrates and the gang came up with their plan. From there, we see Ko’s trial play out and get confirmation on some things we pretty much knew. The latter half of the finale focuses on the study group’s mock trial, and their lives after graduating.

What we learn in the final episode

  • Yangcrates has a recording of a phone call between the real Kang Dan (aka Erica Shin) and Ko. During the conversation, Ko threatens Sol A and brags about his power to manipulate the public through fake news and comments. It was pretty easy to get this recording, because Yang is the one who told Kang Dan to expect Ko’s call.
  • Professor Kim is forced to help represent Ko, because she can’t reach James and suspects he has something to do with it.
  • During Ko’s trial, Ki Du-seong admits the assemblyman said he’d get him out of jail on parole if he got rid of Yang, and then later, Lee Man-ho. (Bro, we been knew).
  • Kim actually asked Kang Dan to find James, and she does. He’s in the hospital, because Ko tried to get him kidnapped, and she managed to stop it.

Yes to Sol A finally getting to eat with Yang

And it’s all thanks to her Kang Dan wig! Since she’s pretending to be her sister, she’s not a student! I thought this scene was cute, and demonstrated how soft Yang really is when it comes to his students. I like how he essentially became a role model for Joon-hwi since Seo let him down, and watching their relationship progress as they looked into his uncle’s murder was heart-warming. But Yang’s relationship with Sol A is my favorite, because it started before he even became a professor. He made an impact in her life, and it lead her to law.

Aside from Sol A, I believe Seung-jae is the only other member of the elite “I’ve gotten to eat with Yangcrates” club. Joon-hwi may be a part of it too, but my memory’s a bit fuzzy on that.

REVIEW: Law School Episode 16 (Finale)

Yes to Ko being found guilty (but No to the way it’s carried out)

There’s no way he couldn’t be guilty! But unfortunately, I’m a tiny bit disappointed about how it plays out cinematically. I feel like Ko’s courtroom scenes went too smoothly, and missed the tension and suspense other trials in the drama had. For example, Yang and Ye-seul’s trials had me on the edge of my seat, so by comparison Ko’s seemed…lackluster? I mean, he’s responsible for every bad thing that happened in the drama, and he’s a powerful man, so I expected his trial to be the toughest. Instead only half of the episode is devoted to him, and the rest is devoted to the study group’s mock trial, which I don’t really care about. Sorry, but it’s true! I like my finale’s to end with a bang, and the stakes for the mock trial were a lot lower than the stakes in Ko’s real trial. Sol A and Joon-hwi didn’t even get to be there, which I think is a mistake from a story-telling point of view. Ko’s responsible for breaking up Sol A’s family and murdering Joon-hwi’s uncle, so it makes no sense for them not to be there. The show shouldn’t have made the mock trial on the same day as Ko’s trial. I’m glad Sol A showed up for five seconds, but it’s still not enough emotional impact. I kind of wish Yang and the gang had gotten enough evidence to send him to trial at the beginning or middle of episode 15, so we could have more time devoted to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the episode and found it satisfying to see Ko go to jail, but I wish it’d carried the same suspense and gravity as Yang and Ye-seul’s trials.

Yes to everyone’s future

Ji-ho’s team wins the mock trial, and we get to see the study group relax for once. I think Sol A’s team not winning after getting the penalty points is realistic. You can’t win everything in life. After that, there’s a one year time jump, and we get to see what everyone’s up to. Sol A, Ye-seul, and Bok-gi are working under Professor Kim at the school’s law clinic, and Ji-ho is still pursuing his case against Prosecutor Jin. The drama mentions that Ji-ho won a civil suit against him, which is nice to hear. Now they’re waiting to see what decision the court has reached about abolishing the law of Prosecutors not being able to publicize details about ongoing cases. The drama leaves it open-ended, which again, is realistic. Sol B and her family are in therapy still trying to work things out.

Fast-forward a couple years later, Sol A is sharing a law firm with Park Geun-tae and Joon-hwi is a prosecutor. They both meet up with Yang at the school, and we get a cool slow motion walk toward the screen. It’s a solid ending. I’m surprised Sol A would share a firm with Lawyer Park, but I’m sure it’s done for comedic reasons since they used to fight like cats and dogs. I also like that Joon-hwi and Sol A share a cute, private look as they strut behind Yang. In my mind, they’re totally dating now that they’re out of school.

Despite some grievances, I enjoyed the finale. Some loose ends were tied up and some were left hanging, because that’s life. And life isn’t perfect. Neither is the law, according to Seo, but like Yang said we must always try to pursue justice. I’m surprised Lee Man-ho actually died, and didn’t resurface. I thought there was going to be this whole thing of him meeting James, and being hurt because James wants nothing to do with him. I guess I was adding too many plot lines of my own, although that would’ve interesting to see.

I’m going to miss this drama, and it’s suspense and twists and well-fleshed out characters. But if I miss Yang and the gang too much, I know where to find them. Now, one last time everybody, “It’s pulling me underrrrrr…it’s drivin’ me crazyyyyyyyyy.”

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  1. Aliyah
    June 17, 2021 / 1:56 pm

    I really love how the production knows how
    to balance between real cases and their
    school environment. It’s just so rare to find gems like this. It’s different from Stranger, Lawless Lawyer, and Vincenzo. They all have their own unique flavor.

    Even now I still find myself revisiting their world over and over again. It still pulls on my heartstrings. Such a good drama with a dynamic cast and a powerful ending (even if a little bit rushed but that’s ok). Deserves a second season period. 👏👏

    P.S. I probably watched ep. 16 three times by now haha

  2. A
    September 3, 2021 / 8:35 am

    It’s didn’t need to focus much on ko trial because of yang illustration everything was clear beyond reasonable doubt

  3. Yabu
    September 12, 2021 / 5:42 pm

    I really enjoyed the drama i love their study group soooo much i wish i could have one and also i love the chemistry of solhwi very much i wish they could have given us some clues that they are in love however i loved the whole thing about this drama i will expect it will have season 2🙏🙏

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