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REVIEW: Law School Episode 15

REVIEW: Law School Episode 15

Episode 15 messed with my head, but to be fair it’s the second to last episode and Law School clearly wants to finish strong. Things aren’t what they seem even though we meet Kang Dan, and Professor Kim appears in an apology video with Assemblyman Ko and Yeong-chang to counteract the one the study group posted.

Ko is flailing, and doing everything he can to evade justice by leaking personal things about the students’ pasts. Despite trying to derail them, a ton of evidence is found, along with a digital weapon he’s been using to sway the public.

What we learn in this episode

  • Professor Yang initially sued Prosecutor Jin for publicizing details of his case, because he knew Jin would request a constitutional review and one can only be requested with a trial. Now that Ji-ho’s suing him, Yang still gets the constitutional review he wanted. He actually agrees with Jin and thinks suing prosecutors for publicizing the details of an ongoing case is wrong.
  • Professor Kim finally tells Yang that Ko is the one who sent Lee Man-ho’s son to study in the U.S. She gave him the Lee Man-ho act in exchange for James’s new life. When James tells her Ko asked for a recent picture of him, she realized Ko and Man-ho were working together. She then warned Ko that the public wouldn’t like it if they knew he had a deal with Lee Man-ho after enacting the Lee Man-ho act. That’s what lead to Ko getting behind the Bad FaMa bill and bashing Man-ho up on TV.
  • Ye-bum uploads a video of Ko and his Yeong-chang apologizing to Ye-seul. Ko promises to enact stricter laws on dating abuse, and Professor Kim pops up in the video saying she’ll help. Ko also asks Ye-seul to join him in creating this dating abuse law, Kim encourages her to join, and she does.
  • Joon-hwi gets the guest book from Ko and Seo’s old classmate’s funeral that proves they went to the funeral the same day of the hit-and-run.
  • Ye-bum uploads another video showing that Ko and his son faked their tears with eye drops on their apology video.
  • A whole bunch of comments praising Ko pop up, and this confirms Ko manipulates the comment section of videos. The same IDs also appeared in the fake news of Park Jung-gil (Ko’s old political opponent) molesting his adopted daughter.
  • The cafe Ko has recently given to Choi Jae-cheol is the hideout from which all these comments originate. It was built on the free land Seo got from Ko that was mentioned at the very beginning of the drama. It looks like Ko sold the land to Cho Tae-yeong’s (I-bit’s CEO) driver, but in actuality, Cho owns the land himself.
  • Ko asks to see Yang in his office, and Kang Dan walks in. She asks Yang to take the videos the study group has posted down or she’ll upload her own saying her accusations against Ko and the letter she left behind asking Yang to bring him to justice are fake. She’s doing this so Ko will delete the juvie comments about Sol A, as well as the fake sex scandal news.
  • The gang goes back to the cafe, and Joon-hwi and the Park Geun-tae go in the back and find a roomful of incels who are behind posting all the malicious comments for Ko. The police burst in and arrest them.
  • Yang also summons cops to Ko’s office so they can do a search and seizure.
  • It turns out that Kang Dan’s appendix burst so she never got on the plane to Korea. It was Sol A in a wig the whole time.

REVIEW: Law School Episode 15

Yes to the clarification of Yang’s “betrayal”

Because I figured there’d be some kind of explanation, but I wondered how the screenwriter would make it make sense. To put it simply, Professor Yang helping prosecutor Jin overturn the law against publicizing suspected crimes is looking at the big picture. Yang wanted the law abolished so important findings about powerful people like Assemblyman Ko can be publicized during an investigation. He points out to Ji-ho that the law didn’t even help his dad when it was in place, so the only people it really benefits are those in power.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but Yang’s got a point. If the law isn’t so broad, maybe people like Ko, and those who have powerful people behind them like Lee Man-ho, can fully be brought to justice. It’s a good explanation, and later on in the episode Ji-ho acknowledges Ko has been protected by the law even though he still believes in it.

Honestly, this is why I love dramas like Law School. They make you think, and question things you wouldn’t have questioned. I’m personally still on the fence about publicizing the legal proceedings of an open investigation. I can see both sides. Hopefully a middle ground can be reached where the law is tweaked so certain things can be publicized and certain things can’t. What’s your stance on it?

Yes to all the evidence Yang, Kim, and the study group have found

They literally did the cops’ jobs for them! From Professor Kim finding out Ko and Lee Man-ho were in cahoots to Joon-hwi finding the funeral guest book, they put in the work to solve Professor Seo’s murder and get the police to look into Ko. Seeing Yang lead them into his office at the end of the episode was the icing on this justice-flavored cake for me.

It was also satisfying seeing Joon-hwi initiate the raid on the cafe that doubles as the hub for Ko’s comment manipulation scheme. I can’t believe this is how he’s been controlling public perception for so long.

REVIEW: Law School Episode 15

Yes to Sol A and Kang Dan’s use of the twin switch

Growing up with TV shows like Sister, Sister and Mary-Kate and Ashley movies, I’ve always been fascinated by twins switching places. I’ve seen it in many forms of media over the years, but few have been as satisfying as Kang Dan taking off her wig at the end of the episode to reveal she was actually Sol A the whole time.

The drama did a great job making me think we’d finally met Kang Dan, even though it still wasn’t showing her and Sol A in the same frame. So when things started to go south between her and Yang in Ko’s office, I totally bought it! I was like how did she get into Harvard when she’s naive enough to put her trust in Ko again? Doesn’t she know the internet is forever, and that people have already taken screenshots of the comments revealing Sol A’s juvie days? It’s out there, so Ko getting the comments removed doesn’t matter. Why betray Yang, the man whose done so much for you and your sister? But it was all a ploy to get Ko to confirm he was the source of the malicious comments and launch a search and seizure of the office.

Ugh, this scene made me gasp! Yang and Sol A’s plan was just too clever. The look of shock on Ko’s face stayed imprinted in my mind for hours. This is what he gets for being a smug, over-confident garbage can.

It’s really hard coming up with different ways to say this episode was great! So much evidence against Ko was found, and he got embarrassed over and over again. I love that him and Yeong-chang got exposed for fake crying on their apology video, and his fake news factory was discovered. Everyone banded together to bring him down, and it looks like even Prosecutor Jin is about to switch sides, so I can’t wait to see their efforts pay off in the finale.

On another note, it looks like Lee Man-ho is really dead. I thought Yang helped him fake his death to get Ko to lower his guard, but I guess not. Although…there’s still one more episode left and you never know with this show.

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  1. Aliyah
    June 8, 2021 / 1:39 pm

    I’m really impressed how they wrapped up the unanswered questions from previous episodes. Kudos to the writer, Seo In, director, cast & crew!

    This episode finally made sense to me. Thank you! I didn’t know that was why Sol A and Yang wanted the comments/allegations cannot be fully removed from the internet. And Yang made an oddly good point on his stance to abolish that article (126?) of the criminal code.

    I was confused how it would benefit Ko and other powerful people finding loopholes in the law. But this episode gave such satisfying solutions. I mean, just look at Ko’s shocked face. 🤣 Though, I think it’s just me, that Sol A reveal was hella dramatic. I couldn’t believe I didn’t see this sooner. This drama is so good.

    • Adri
      June 12, 2021 / 9:47 pm

      Yeah, I guess since they couldn’t indict Ko on other stuff they had to catch him manipulating the comments. It was a creative solution, and this episode explained things pretty well.

      The finale was good, but I had a lot of different thoughts about it. My review for it should be up tomorrow or Monday.

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