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REVIEW: Law School Episode 14

REVIEW: Law School Episode 14

Despite Professor Yang giving blood, Lee Man-ho dies! It’s then confirmed that Ki Du-seong (the same prisoner who attacked Yang) stabbed him, but Du-seong is claiming self-defense. What a shocking way to start episode 14! I can’t say I buy Man-ho’s death though. It has to be part of Yang’s plan to bring Assemblyman Ko to justice once and for all.

This episode doesn’t have any pulse-pounding courtroom scenes, but it feeds us a constant stream of information, so it still manages to be interesting. Aside from Lee Man-ho’s death, we get to see what happened the night of Professor Seo’s hit-and-run, and how the study group works together to follow up on it. There’s also an exciting reveal at the very end. One I’m sure we’ve all been waiting for.

What we learn in this episode

  • Lee Man-ho dies (Or does he???).
  • Ki Du-seong is the one who stabs him, but claims it was in self-defense.
  • President Ko was in the car with Seo during his hit-and-run, and actually wanted to check up on the boy, but Ko wouldn’t let him. The boy also initially survived the hit.
  • Man-ho is the one who approached Ko about the hit-and-run with the black box footage.
  • Seung-jae gets expelled and barred from applying to any law school, but Sol B gets to stay.
  • Ye-seul is counter suing Yeong-chang for a bunch of stuff and Ko for inciting coercion.
  • Yang sees James’s face when he FaceTimes Professor Kim.
  • Assemblyman Ko is the one who sent James to study in the U.S.
  • Each member of the study group takes part in a video detailing what Ko has done to them or their family members, and posts it online.
  • Professor Yang is actually helping Prosecutor Jin overturn the law that bars prosecutors from leaking news about ongoing cases. He gets Kang Dan to video call the courtroom, and everyone is shocked.

Yes to seeing what happened the night of Seo’s hit-and-run

Ladies and gents, we now have a strong motive for Assemblyman Ko to murder Seo. He was in the car with Seo during the hit-and-run and urged him to drive off. When Seo decided to turn around, Ko even grappled with him over the steering wheel, and eventually got in the driver’s seat himself. I’m surprised the boy was still alive after getting hit, so now I’m wondering if Ko did something even more insidious like order his men to finish him off. Poor kid. I hope not. I think this particular plot point would’ve been more impactful and heart-breaking if we’d learned about the boy throughout the course of the show, and met his family.

In the same vein, it’s interesting to see that Man-ho is the one who approached Ko (not vice versa like I thought) and Ko is the one who sent James to study in the U.S. I didn’t expect that, so I wonder if they met at the orphanage around the same time as Kang Dan. If that’s the case, then Ko really played Man-ho, because he knew where his son was this entire time.

REVIEW: Law School Episode 14

Yes to the study group calling Assemblyman Ko out online

Seeing them work together throughout the episode was so satisfying! They have good group chemistry, and work off of each other well. The only dark cloud is Jo Ye-bum. I can’t believe he’s feeding the information they find to Prosecutor Jin knowing he helped wrecked Ji-ho’s life! I’m sure Ye-bum will come around in the end, but it’s still pretty disheartening to witness.

I also almost clapped at the end. Each member of the study group airing their grievances against Ko online is a brilliant move! They know they can speak the truth, and if Ko sues them for defamation he’s going to look stupid since he’s been supportive of the Bad FaMa bill. The fact that the drama leads us to believe Sol A came up with the idea is even sweeter payback.

Yes to finally seeing Kang Dan!!!

I was starting to believe she wasn’t real, y’all! But there she was on the court’s TV screen as Erica Shin, Yang’s consultant in Prosecutor Jin’s case. I’m glad I was right about her swooping in at the last minute with the final piece of the puzzle. The actress Ryu Hye-young looks great with long black hair, and I can’t wait to see how she brings Kang Dan to life.

I’m curious as to why Yang is helping Jin abolish the law he tried to sue him for breaking. He pointed out the law is hardly ever upheld, but still…this is going to affect Ji-ho’s quest to avenge his dad unless Yang’s got something up his sleeve. Knowing him, he probably does, but I can’t fathom what it could be.

I didn’t think I’d enjoy this episode, because it lacked the intensity of the past few, but to my surprise I did! I learned a lot, and the dialogue and cast chemistry were great. In fact, I was so into it, the episode just flew by! Some of my favorite scenes were: Ye-seul counter suing Yeong-chang, the study group publicly calling out Ko, and laying eyes on Kang Dan for the first time. Judging by the preview for episode 15, she’s going to meet the members of the study group in person, so I can’t wait to see if she’ll get along with them or clash.

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  1. Aliyah
    June 5, 2021 / 3:04 pm

    I wish I have a study group like them this fall semester. Their chemistry with each other and their favorite profs are just so well-written and well-acted. Genuinely shocked Kang Dan appeared just like that, didn’t expect that until Prof. Yang said Erica Shin from Harvard and that’s when I knew it would be her. 😆

    But the most confusing part was why Prof. Yang sided with Prosecutor Jin on his indictment. Even after ep. 15 I’m still confused. Might watch those parts again and will be waiting for your review! <3

    P.S. Did you know that classroom scene back in the first ep. when Kang Sol A was being roasted by Yangcrates was all shot in one take? 🤭

    • Adri
      June 5, 2021 / 11:31 pm

      Yang’s “betrayal” was pretty confusing, but episode 15 explains it. I’m going to break it down in my next review.

      But no, I didn’t know the scene where Sol A gets roasted by Yang was shot in one take. They’re such talented actors! I’d like to see some of them reunite in another drama or movie, because their cast chemistry is just too good. Particularly Yang, Kim, Joon-hwi, and Sol-A’s actors. (I only know Kim Bum’s name lol).

      • Aliyah
        June 6, 2021 / 9:57 am

        Me too! I wanna see them collab in another drama or movie. That would be awesome haha

        Oh, and here are the main actors’ names:
        Prof. Yang – Kim Myung-min
        Prof. Kim – Lee Jeong-eun
        Joon-hwi – Kim Bum (I swear his name was the only one I remembered by heart 🤭🧡)
        Sol A – Ryu Hye-young

        Also, while watching Reply 1988 Ryu Hye-young played Sung Bo-ra who actually wanted to go to a law school and become a lawyer. Well, now, she got her wish as Kang Sol A (but struggling). 😆👌

        • Adri
          June 7, 2021 / 8:34 pm

          Kim Bum’s the only name I remember by heart too, but to be fair I’ve loved him since Boys Over Flowers and East of Eden. I have to usually look up the rest of the actors’ names LOL.

          As for Ryu Hye-young, it’s awesome that one of her character’s wishes got to be fulfilled by another haha.

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