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REVIEW: Law School Episode 10

REVIEW: Law School Episode 10

This episode was delayed a week, because of a special broadcast that aired in Korea. Now that it’s back, it doesn’t miss a beat! Professor Yang waltzes into Ye-seul’s trial, and declares himself her special defense counsel. Ko Yeong-chang’s lawyers try to object, but the judges permit it under an obscure article that was created to help defendants who can’t find lawyers to represent them. This is very much Ye-seul’s situation since no one wants to cross Assemblyman Ko by representing her.

Next, we get into Yang’s trial. It’s his last one, so he’s really got to outsmart Prosecutor Jin. Fortunately, Joon-hwi finds some helpful evidence, and Seung-jae finally does the right thing. Sort of.

What we learn in this episode

  • Joon-hwi has a conversation with Lee Man-ho, and finds a blood glucose logbook in his car. This proves the information from the glucometer that Prosecutor Jin presented in court was from a different day. Not the day Professor Seo was murdered.
  • Outside the prison, Yang and Joon-hwi run into a henchman of the person who ordered the inmate to stab Yang. They follow him in a car, but end up losing him.
  • Ye-seul gives Yang evidence that Yeong-chang abused her. She has a medical report and a recording of him saying he wouldn’t physically assault her again. Instead of using the evidence to press charges, she wants to use it to prove that she was trying to defend herself during the scuffle that resulted in Yeong-chang being partially paralyzed.
  • During his trial, Yang proposes that Seo’s murder was premeditated, and the killer injected him with the meth. He also thinks there was a spy cam in Seo’s office.
  • Then he plays the audio from a video recording of Seung-jae admitting he was in Yang’s office at the time of Seo’s death. (Seung-jae still can’t bring himself to take the stand, so he does this instead to prove Yang’s alibi).

Yes to the way things are going for Ye-seul

I’m so glad Professor Yang is able to represent her! There’s no one else I’d trust with her case. I didn’t expect her to have documents and recordings detailing Yeong-chang’s abuse since she went to Yang’s class wearing sunglasses. You go, girl! Now hopefully all that evidence holds up in court, and proves she was just trying to defend herself when Yeong-chang fell and hit his head.

On a related side note, I’d like to give major props to Dean Oh. She encouraged Yang to represent Ye-seul, and convinced one of the judges assigned to her trial to accept a special defense counsel. The dear dean doesn’t get much screen time, but she’s always helping students out behind the scenes. If I’m remembering correctly, she’s also the one who made it so Joon-hwi wouldn’t get kicked out of school and sued for the bulletin board defamation against his uncle.

Yes to Yang and Joon-hwi’s short car chase

It sucks that they didn’t catch the guy, but at least Joon-hwi got pictures of his face. I wonder who he works for, because whoever it is ordered that inmate to stab Yang in jail. I have a feeling it’s Assemblyman Ko (or Prosecutor Jin under Ko’s direction). Who else could it be? He’s probably the one giving Lee Man-ho orders too.

Yes to Professor Yang’s closing argument

REVIEW: Law School Episode 10

It was beautiful! He didn’t want to submit Seung-jae’s video as evidence for two reasons: 1.) He wants to protect Seung-jae’s identity. And 2.) He wants the judges to come to a fair conclusion without it. Even on trial for murder, Yang wants to stress the importance of a fair trial, and the concept of being able to prove someone is guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” to his students— the future of law in Korea. He’s giving the judges a chance to set the right example. How admirable!

With him proposing that Seo’s murder was premeditated, and the killer might’ve installed a camera in Seo’s office, it’s making Assemblyman Ko look more and more guilty. After all, his son did the same thing to Ye-seul, and we all know the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

In conclusion, Seo’s murderer is Ko. Or maybe even Jin. But everything’s pointing to one of them. This was an interesting episode, and I’m looking forward to seeing if Yang’s closing argument moved the judges. I feel like it did. If not, then who will represent Ye-seul when he gets locked back up?

I’m also wondering who the dude on the motorcycle was that stole Ye-seul’s purse before she entered the courthouse. He successfully obtained the flash drive Seung-jae gave her, so good thing Professor Yang had a second one with his testimony on it. He probably planned this somehow to see who would wind up with it. You gotta love our dear Yang-crates. Now, on to episode 11!

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