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REVIEW: Good Casting Episode 2

Episode 1 rolled out all the characters, their background, and their motives for joining the new project team. In Episode 2, the team members get their specific mission which is to infiltrated into Ilgwang High-Tech, the company with NAND flash memory technology. It is getting more exciting!

In the beginning of this episode, we time travel back 3 years. Chan-mi is interrogated for murdering Min-seok and works for Michael. She gets angry and storms out of the interrogation room. 

Then all of a sudden, she is at a job interview in the present at Ilgwang High-Tech. She answers the interviewer’s questions on why she has a 3-year gap in her resume. She argues it was a social issue, but fails to get the job. 

However, Ye-eun gets the job easily. Mi-soon failed because her age on the resume was 27 (she is 48!!).

Gwan-soo goes with plan B. Chan-mi fluently speaks in many different languages, with nonsense, at the interview, but it turns out that she just looks like the CEO’s (Seok-ho) first love.

In Seok-ho’s flashback, they are taking English class together and he keeps borrowing her pen and was attracted to her because she wrote: “Just use it”. But it seems like she tries to be a teacher, not a student there. His crush depends on the bus when she takes a nap on his shoulder. After that scene, she is hired!

On the other hand, Mi-soon fails again, so Gwan-soo uses plan D for her.

In the NIS meeting room. Gwan-soo says their ultimate goals are stopping the technology leakage and catching Michael Lee. To do that, the trio needs to sneak into the Ilgwang company and mark 3 key personal. First is CEO Yoon Seok-ho, who is the heir of the company, and visits Taiwan a lot. Next is Myung Gye-chul, who is the real power of the company. Kang Woo-Won is in between them, the hottest international star who is especially popular in China and Taiwan, and can sneak things out very easily without suspicion.

So, Chan-mi marks Seok-ho and Ye-eun marks Woo-won. 

However, Mi-soon’s job is installing a security camera in the research lab. They have to bridge the security code by tomorrow!

In Taipei, Tak Sang-gi and secretary Koo are conducting a suspicious deal with Chinese gangsters, but Koo beats them all! The money goes to Myung Gye-chul. In the Ilgwang company, Myung is pushing Ok Chul, the research director, to back up the research data. 

That morning is the first day at work for the trio. When Chan-mi passes by Ok Chul, it seems like he kind of knows her. Then Chan-mi sees Mi-soon, who now is a janitor. The security guard kicks her out from the lobby.

Ye-eun is super nervous and drops her wiretapper, she also messes up the xerox machine and gets ink sprayed all over her.

On the other hand, the other secretaries give Chan-mi a hard time, so she is about to give them a lesson, but Mi-soon snatches her.

Elsewhere, Kang Woo-won is taking a pictorial for beach clothing and talks to his manager; he wants three times more money to resign from the commercial, but Ilgwang company only wants to give him twice as much. Ye-eun’s manager decides to send Ye-eun in for the renegotiation. So Ye-eun asks Gwan-soo to pick up her daughter. 

Gwan-soo and Moo-hyuk (another supporting NIS agent) have a hard time to taking care of the kid since they have no experience with kids.

In Mi-soon’s house, her high school daughter comes home and goes to her room without talking to her parents. It seems she is getting bullied at school. In the company, Chan-mi tries to get the security card for Mi-soon to sneak into the lab tomorrow. Now the scene goes to Ye-eun, who is at the studio, getting advice from Mi-soon to get close to Woo-won. However, Ye-eun breaks a vase, knocks over a little table, then knocks over a curtain, inside a temporary wall, and finally knocks over the entire room leaving Woo-won naked in front of everyone. She broadcasts the naked Woo-won to her team! 

Woo-won gets super upset and he says he wants 4 times the money to resign.

Meanwhile, Gwan-soo is at NIS. In his flashback, his boss (Kook-hwan) gives him an impossible task to get information on the first day of their undercover job. Now Kook-hwan yells at him again asking for that data at a shooting range. It seems like Kook-hwan is taking orders from a mysterious person. 

That night, Chan-mi takes a shower and goes into her study. She looks at a case it seems like she has been working on for the last three years. In her flashback, Kook-hwan is blocking her from investigating the Michael Lee case. She is looking at her files and it seems like a cell phone from the scene is missing.

The next day, the trio works on installing a hidden camera at the Ilgwang research lab. Chan-mi bridges the security system in Seok-ho’s office, but Seok-ho shows up so she has to hide in a secrete space behind a bookshelf. 

At the research lab, Mi-soon gets into the lab and tries to install the hidden camera in the vent above Ok Chul’s desk. 

Cut back to Chan-mi, Seok-ho feels somethings going on in his office and tries to open the bookshelf door. Chan-mi tries hard to hold the door closed. 

Cut back to Mi-soon, she tries to get a signal for the camera but then Ok Chul shows up at the research lab. 

Mi-soon and Chan-mi try hard not to get caught.


10 years ago, Chan-mi shows up at a coffee shop and Gwan-soon is waiting for her. Gwan-soo wants to tell her something but he couldn’t because he is scared of her. He finally tells her to break up (though he is very very scared to do it). She gives him three seconds and he runs off. She throws a hairpin at him and cries.   


This was a fun episode with the trio infiltrating into the company and somehow this seemingly clumsy team still does their job done. Their boss (Seo Kook-hwan) looks too much like a villain, so I feel like he is actually a good guy. We shall see. I am happy to see this fun action drama because the previous few dramas I watched were really just torture … A Piece of Your Mind (started out great but became the worst drama ever) and Meow the Secret Boy (should probably have been a web drama).


English Translation

Gwan-soo: Mi-soon, not yet?

Mi-soon: My arms!

Gwan-soo: Find Hwang Mi-soon, right now!

Mi-soon: Anyone there?

Chan-mi: We found her location.

Gwan-soo: Let them in.

Moo-Hyuk: Ok, it is the time.

Ye-eun: Find the button and press it.

Chan-mi: Red button? What is going on?

Woo-won: She is very suspicious. I think she took pictures of me.

Seok-ho: Would you like to have lunch together?

Chan-mi: Strategic planning director Tak Sang-gi. Why does he have the same brand scarf as Michael?

Chan-mi: Sneak into Strategic planning director Tak Sang-gi’s office

Seok-ho: Are you really 29? Also is your name Baek Gang-mi?

Chan-mi: Yes. It is correct.

Koo: Secretary Baek Gang-mi used to be a NIS agent.

Seok-ho: I don’t keep someone I can’t trust.  

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