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REVIEW: Episode 3 (5-6) and Episode 4 Preview Translation

Another adorable episode that makes this show like the drama equivalent to cotton candy. This drama isn’t that hot on DC Inside (which is like Soompi but way bigger). So maybe Korea isn’t into the retro cuteness, but I definitely am. Here are my top 5 likes from today’s episode.

#1 The Adorable Eating Song

A part I really liked from this episode was when they played that adorable song when Min-hyeok was feeding Seo-yeon food. It is from a famous commercial in Korea about choco pie. The commercial also features teachers, so that is pretty cute.

♫ If you don’t tell me, I already know.

From your gaze, I know

Just looking at you

You are in my heart ♫

#2 The Samgyupsal Scene

I loved the samgyupsal scene when they were having the welcome party. It was so hilarious when he was cutting all the fat off of the samgyupsal. Y’all, if you do not want to eat fat, then do not buy samgyupsal. The point of it is to eat all the fat!

#3 The Cute Grandmother and Mother

I am really enjoying how cute the rich grandmother and mother are together. All they do is scam about the different ways they can get their son and grandson married off already. So far they don’t look like they will be evil in-laws. Hopefully is stays that way.

#4 Min-Hyeok Feeding Seo-Yeon Meat

I loved the playful eating smiles and googly eyes that Seo-yeon and Min-hyeok were giving each other whenever he would give her meat to eat. It was so cute because he would just slide it over to her plate without a word and she would be so quietly grateful for it. It had me laughing.

#5 Kim Seul-gi as Mi-kyung

And lastly, Kim Seul-gi is really great as Mi-kyung. She is like and older version to the main lead, Dano, in Extraordinary You. So, picture Dano in a grown up role where she only wants to marry a rich man and tries to give her tomboy best friend dating advice, and you have Mi-kyung

Hopefully they can keep this cuteness going because right now I love it.


English Translation

SY – The budget for the track team.

VP – Our CEO didn’t come?

MK – I think Le Kang-woo is messing you up

SY – He just played with words with me!



MK – Why are you giving Seo-yeon food?

MH – I am going to lure her.

Doctor – When you see her, your heart pounds right?

KW – Stupidly, I realized that I don’t need any other woman except you.

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