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REVIEW: Crash landing on You episodes 5 – and episode 6 Preview

REVIEW: Crash landing on You episodes 5 - and episode 6 Preview

We opened today’s episode with Seri lost in the market and Jung-hyeok finding her by using a scented candle. They go back to his palace and see that Seo Dan is there waiting. Jung-hyeok tells Seo Dan that Seri is someone he is on assignment with and drives her back to Pyongyang. But he makes sure that seri is safely inside his place before he leaves.

Jung-hyeok goes to Seo Dan’s place and tries to go right back to Seri, but Seo Dan’s mother really wants him to stay for dinner, so he cannot leave there until after 10 pm.

When he leaves, he goes to his very fabulous mansion on a hill family home and asks his father if he can put a person on the track team that is going to Europe soon. his father tells him yes, but if something happens to that person, I cannot help you and I would not want to. Jung-hyeok says he will take full responsibility for it.

Back in the village, all the ladies of the town come to Seri’s place to drink and curse about Seo Dan who they found out is Jung-hyeok’s other fiancé! They are enraged and want to have him demoted!

Seri is able to smooth things out by saying that their love is like the star crossed lovers story of Chilseok. Seo Dan is the person his parents want him to marry. All the ladies suddenly feel badly for her and Jung-hyeok, so problem solved.

The rest oof the episode involved getting Seri an ID photo in Pyeongyang, so she has to have a makeover. She goes to a salon to get a typical North Korean hairstyle, goes to the market to get clothes that will look good in the big city, and takes a train to Pyongyang with Jung-hyeok.

But the train is delayed by 10-17 hours, so they have to spend the night under the stars and bond as they cuddle around a fire. Seri is worried that Jung-hyeok will get in trouble if she disappeared in Europe, he says he will be fine. But in actuality, he will most likely be in very big trouble.

In Pyong-yang, they get Seri’s ID photo taken at an official building and then start to head out. But while they head out, Seri runs into Seung-joon who she knows from South Korea. He pulls her to an elevator to find out what is going on, why is she here? Jung-hyeok stops them on he elevator and his temperature rises when he sees that he is holding her hand.

In a side story, the reason that Seung-joon was there is because his handlers are going to trade him to Seri’s brother for 10 times the money. Seung-joon finds out and leaves is hotel room. that is when he sees Seri.

In another side story, Jung-hyeok’s soldiers where beaten and interrogated by Cheol-kang, they did not give up any information and Jung-hyeok was able to rescue them. Seri felt really bad about that and gave them all finger hearts, which is all that she could give them. They wondered if she gave finger hearts to ever man? Is it not a special thing? This also made Jung-hyeok pretty jealous.

In the epilogue, we saw that Seri always dumped the men she dated if there was even a whiff that they would date her or if they wanted more from her. She told them that she would never stay up for a man. But then we saw her staying awake all night long for Jung-hyeok. Aw!


English Translation

SR – Ri Jung-hyeok, you are protecting me now.

JH – I am not protecting you, I am just managing you.

JH – I am not someone that follows you around and protects you

SR – Do you think I will do well today so they wont notice?

SR – I left the key

SD – I should be mad if this happens twice.

SJ – Don’t have too much of a hard time because of a man

SR – I didn’t follow you, we came up together

SD – We just set the marriage date

SJ – Would you like to keep one more woman?

CK – Who is that woman?

SR – Because you like [me/her] you think a lot.

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  1. Anonymous
    December 28, 2019 / 9:35 am

    Does SJ say the truth to CK who is Seri? I hope he would not pull Seri to worst trouble. 🙁

    • V
      December 29, 2019 / 2:15 pm

      Oh, he is about to suck her into a lot of trouble!

  2. Gcarlberg
    December 28, 2019 / 4:30 pm

    Is the depiction here of life in North Korea somewhat accurate? This drama makes me very interested in what it’s like there.

    • V
      December 29, 2019 / 2:14 pm

      A North Korean who is living in the south said that it is accurate so far (up to episode 4 when we saw his/her review).

  3. Anonymous
    December 30, 2019 / 4:43 am

    Was it really shot at North Korea? Do they actually allow taping in NK?
    I absolutely love this drama. Kudos to the writer! Well done!

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