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REVIEW: Crash landing on You episodes 4 – and episode 5 Preview

We missed posting our episode 4 review last week so I’ll summarize it here and then post episode 5 right after!

So in episode 4, we find out what happened after Seri and Jung-hyeok got busted on the ship. Jung-hyeok quickly kissed Seri (twice!) so the cost guard thought that they were just out there having kissy face time and told them to go back home.

Seri was pretty bummed that she did not get to go home, so she decides to leave early the next morning to paraglide out of there. She tries to call someone on her walkie talkie but it does not go through. then Jung-hyeok showed up and basically told her that she would get shot out of the sky by both sides of the line.

He also noticed her walkie talkie and asked if she turned it on? They will be looking for us now! So they had to para-glide out of there so as not to be caught by North Korean soldiers. They are just able to make it.

Meanwhile, Man-bok has been stationed to eavesdrop via wiretapping on Jung-hyeok and Seri. But he might be having second thoughts about it because Jung-hyeok ends up saving his wallet from several thugs in the market.

In the village, the soldiers tell Seri that Jung-hyeok is not high enough rank to pull rank on people. So Seri decides to go to the colonels wife’s birthday party in order to sweet talk her to give Jung-hyeok one of the upcoming promotions.

Elsewhere, Jung-hyeok investigates the monster truck of doom and gets some good information about it. On the way back, he accidentally on purpose offers Seri a ride back to his place from the colonels on his bicycle.

At home, she eats clams and drinks soju with Jung-hyeok and the soldiers. In the morning, Jung-hyeok makes her coffee the Swedish way in order to help her with her hangover.

Later that night, Seri walks through the market with many of the other ladies from the town. But she gets separated from them and night comes. The ladies tells Jung-hyeok that they lost Seri, so he goes running to the market and finds her with a scented candle that he holds in the air like a homing beacon.

In a side story, Jung-hyeok’s fiancé, Seo Dan has come back from Russia. She decides to go to Jung-hyeok’s place to say hello and also to retrieve her fathers car that he took.


English Translation

SR – Confusion? Me?

JH – I have a woman.

SR – What?

SR – Ah, so embarrassing

MS – Are you dumped?

YA – She has a fiancé but he has another fiancé? We have to break his neck!

YA – You can go toe to toe with the Pyongyang woman

SD – I have an appointment

SR – Well, it is nothing. I have to crush her by looking pretty

Man – Where did you see Seri?

JH – If you are wondering about something, then ask me directly with an appointment

SR – I hope you are happy after I leave

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