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REVIEW: Crash landing on You episode 3 – and episode 4 Preview

REVIEW: Crash landing on You episode 3 - and episode 4 Preview

We are in the thick of holidays over here! We hope everyone else is having a great holiday season. I think this tv show is the perfect Christmas time romance to sink into.

In episode 3 of Crash Landing on You, we pick up right at the climax of the last episode where Jung-hyeok drove into the military town to save Seri from the Lieutenant Jo who picked tonight to search all the homes in the area and especially Jung-hyeok’s.

Jung-hyeok tells everyone that Seri is his fiancé from South Korea and she is part of the 11th department which is very secret. Everyone takes that as reason enough to leave the situation alone.

Though the ajummas of the town do try and find out more about Seri by going over to Jung-hyeok’s home. They leave thinking that she isn’t pretty enough for Jung-hyeok, which causes Seri to want to prove how pretty she is whenever she sees the ajummas. Insert comedic “goodbye husband” moment here.

Soon, the day arrives for Seri to catch her illegal ship out of there. So she gives all the soldiers who helped her out a gift for before and after Korean reunification. The before Korean reunification gifts are things like corn or a hug and the after reunification gifts are 100,000 or dinner with a famous celebrity.

On the day that they are set to leave, Jung-hyeok rides with Seri on the little fisherman boat to the larger ship. But they do not make it because a coast guard ship comes up to the little ship to inspect it. Seri and Jung-hyeok have to hid below deck. But the coast guard cannot be bribed so Jung-hyeok tells Seri that they need to do something that they would do in a Kdrama and kisses her.

Kdrama’s where actually a pretty big theme in this episode as our favorite Kdrama loving soldier tries to explain them to everyone and what people in Kdramas do in various situations. Which is why Jung-hyeok decided to use the kiss as a way to save them on the ship. We will find out if it worked in the next episode!

In this episode we are also introduced to Sodan who is the 1st Star generals niece and Jung-yeok’s fiancé, who is arriving back to North Korea after studying in Russia, and we get another look at Seung-joon as he arrives in North Korea.

A big side story is on how Jung-hyeok’s brother died. Jo was involved in his death, and possibly ordered it, 7 years ago. He met the same monster truck of doom fate as the tomb raiders. So, lieutenant Jo is just the worst. He has also set his sights on destroying Jung-hyeok’s family even more and is planing on using Seri to do it.

And we are given a little taste of Jung-hyeok’s life before the military. It turns out that he is a piano prodigy who had a chance to study in Sweden. When his brother died, he might have come back to Korea to be in the military to fill his brothers shoes.


English Translation

SR – His rank is too low

Soldier – Come and watch her

SR – I am not a little kid

CS – We are watching you

SR – He is actually doing too much

CS – You have your fiance

CS – You are a man of conscious, you have your own fiancé but you are doing that here

SD’s Mon – *says something*

SD – I can do that much…

CK – I have to check to see if she is really in the 11th department.

SR – Seri #1 is here.

Man – We found a suspicious signal

SR – What are you doing?

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  1. December 24, 2019 / 2:25 pm

    I liked when she was talking to the soldier who is breaking North Korean law to sneakily watch South Korean dramas on the sly, like Stairway to Heaven and Chuno (Slave Hunters). He only got up to episode 14 of Chuno and asked her what happened to Daegil (Jang Hyuk) and she told him he died and he broke down. Ah, memories!!!

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