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REVIEW: Crash Landing on You episode 2 and episode 3 preview

Review Episode 2 Crash Landing on You

The loveliness continues! In this episode we find out about Ri Jung-hyeok’s family and a tiny bit about both Se-ri and Jung-hyeok’s past together in Switzerland. Though Se-ri appears a good amount in this episode with great comedic moments, this episode is pretty much all about Jung-hyeok.

In the opening we find out that Seri always trusts her gut since she was 100 days old. Her gut has always led her in the right direction, except when she took that wrong turn at the fork in the road in the DMZ which led her into North Korea.

Then they get the gags off and running early as Seri has an internal monologue as to how shy and innocent Jung-hyeok is by not looking into he eyes when he puns her agains his gate and his monologue as he asks himself if he should kill her or not.

He does not kill her and instead thinks about reluctantly helping her along with all the other soldiers who are in on it. In a pretty funny scene of all the key players talking, the soldier who watches a lot of Kdramas, Joo-meok, has to almost translate SK and NK speak to everyone so that they all understand each other.

Though he gets things wrong, like he says that she can definitely tell people she has amnesia because so many people in South Korea have amnesia, its in all the Kdramas! The soldiers wonder if it is due to all the Coca Cola that they drink down there. But the task gets back on track when we find out that Joo-meok’s uncle deals in illegal foreign goods (hence the Kdramas) and can smuggle Seri into a ship deep at sea.

The only problem is that his uncle does not leave for 4 days so she has to stay there hidden. On top of that, Jung-hyeok has to go to Pyeongsang for official business having to do with the death of the tomb raiders that were in the DMZ, so she has to stay there alone.

After a few funny and very needy moments by Seri, where she calls Jung-hyeok at work for all her normal needs like shampoo and scented candles, he finally delivers some things to her and then heads out to Pyongsang, the capital of North Korea.

I am pretty amazed that this production team has found this pretty witty way to get product placement in by having all the South Korean items as smuggled in products that are sold in the market. It is so funny.

But anyway, back to the storyline! So Jung-hyeok goes to Pyongsang in order to start the investigation on the death of the tomb raiders. But it was all sabotage by his commanding officer Lieutenant Jo who has a friend up in Pyongsang who is putting Jung-hyeok in the interrogation room for the death of the tomb raiders.

Jung-hyeok gets all tied up to the torture chair and is about to get the ‘ish tortured out of him, though he is pretty calm about it, he is still alarmed. But then the 1st general comes in to the room and asks who is being tortured today and sees that it is Jung-hyeok.

His entire face practically explodes with terror as he runs into the room and kicks the officer for tying Jung-hyeok up and basically treats Jung-hyeok like a prince as he tells him that he can use his quarters while he waits.

The 1st star General then kicks the officer again and tells him that Jung-hyeok is the only son to the Minister of the Military who is the 2nd most powerful person in Korea after their supreme leader Kim Jong-un. His other son died, so Jung-hyeok is all he has.

The officer immediately think that this is his last day on earth and calls Lieutenant Jo to curse him out about it. This triggers a memory by Jo who remembers Jung-hyeok’s brother from a long time ago. But he needs confirmation, so he tells his team that they are goin to search all the homes in the military housing area tonight.

Review Episode 2 Crash Landing on You

Jung-hyeok gets word of this so after the 1st star general treats him to a drink, he borrows the 1st start Generals car to drive like a boss all the way back to the camp. Because he is in the 1st star generals car which is a car that only very high officers int he government have. So the police stop traffic and call ahead to turn all lights to green so he can zoom on by.

Back at the camp, Jo inspects Jung-hyeok’s home and finds Se-ri. Jo brings Se-ri outside at gunpoint right at the moment where Jung-hyeok drives up looking like a boss with all the swagger of the son of a the #2 most powerful man in Korea.

He tells Jo to remove his gun – from his fiancé.

Um, heck yeah! We have zoomed ahead on the romance front, y’all. The preview looks like they will be thrown into all sorts of situations together due to this lie while simultaneously trying to smuggle her out of the country. Win-win for me.

Other fun things that happened in this episode are the little tidbits that we get about North Korean vs South Korean life. North Koreans are basically super living off the land and organic. Earth probably loves them. Whereas South Koreans are extra-extra in comparison with their fancy electricity and work out bikes and scented candles.

It is so much more of a disparate comparison because we are basically comparing upper/lower middle-class people in North Korea to very wealthy people in South Korea. But we do see a tiny taste of how rich North Koreans live which looks pretty similar to South Koreans as far as servants and mansions are concerned.

We find out all that info with the character Koo Seung-joon who is looking to hide out in North Korea in order to wait out the statute of limitations for the $100 million he just took from a lot of people including Yoon Se-hyeon (Se-ri’s brother).

In a scene in the library of Jung-hyeok’s house and in the epilogue we find out that Jung-hyeok and Se-ri crossed paths in Switzerland. He was a pianist and she was there to end her life. Though the Swiss people told her that she did not qualify for end of life services.

They tell her to look around at nature, 70% of people change their mind after doing that. So she takes a walk around Switzerland and sees people hang gliding. Jung-hyeok walks up right there as well and is just as amazed to see the hang-gliders. Origin meet-cute story, y’all!

The fiancé shenanigans get started next episode! And the investigation into the truck disaster continues.


English Translation

JH – I introduced her

CS – What did you say?

JH – It is kind of a disguise

JH – She is from South Korea

JM – That is how you fall in love! 100%!

YA – Where and what kind of mission where you on?

SR – I can never talk about my mission

CK – *Says something hard to understand right now*

Officer – He is invincible

SR – Do you have a girlfriend who plays the piano?

CK – If we use it well then we can destroy his family only with that woman

Jh – Two

MB – He is going back to Pyongyang tonight

JH – Only look at one thing (like focus on your goal, but it is not clear without context)


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