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REVIEW: Crash Landing on You episode 1 and episode 2 preview

Review Episode 1 Crash Landing on You

What an adorable first episode. Definitely worth the watch! Crash Landing on You brought all the wackiness that I wanted and also showed a bit of heart peaking through as well. Though only a tiny bit of heart as this first episode was basically full throttle on the wacky side.

In this first episode we were introduced to our lovely chaebol heroine, Se-ri, who runs her own department store successfully. She is also a trend setter who stays in the eyes of the paparazzi due to all the high profile men she dates. But she is fine with that so long as the earrings, shoes, hand bags, or any other product they are pushing stays in the lime light as well.

In fact, in a meeting where her right hand employee, Hon Chang-sik, was talking about how she is in the paparazzi again but her image is pixilated, she told him that they needed to make the pixilation extra tiny so they can show off the earrings she is wearing. In fact, she wondered it they could somehow show off her entire body so that all the products could get the spotlight.

Later on, we find out that she is pretty much on the outs with her family, though she has been called back to the huge family mansion that sits high on a mountain side. The father called her back because he wants her to take over the business.

Everyone is gathered around the family table when she is told this which included her two brothers, their wives, and her step-mother. Seri is not surprised that she is taking over considering her brother are basically bumble heads (though she does not say it that directly).

Crash Landing on You Review

Her father tells her that she has done an amazing job with her department store and wants her to run the family business. She is very happy and feels as if her hard work for the last ten years has finally paid off. Though it seems as if her department store is completely separate from the family business.

Se-ri tells him that she can take over after she launches a new sporting product the next day. Cut to the next day where the new product launch is being launched through hang-gliding.

But then a Wizard of Oz-esque tornado show up out of nowhere and lifts our poor Dorothy up and away. She wakes up in North Korea.

This is where the super wacky shows up as we meet Jung-hyuk who is the captain of his North Korean team. he is the one to find her, but through a serious of situations that involve snake alcohol, the possibility of jail, a creek, a landmine, a fork in the road, a landmine field, a fallen tree on a fence, and a classic Kdrama on the TV (Stairway to Heaven) – he loses her.

Crash Landing on You Review

The only problem is that she ran her butt deep into North Korea and not South Korea. In a hilarious moment, the North Korean soldiers even tried to tell her that she was running the wrong way.

So the North Korean soldiers are in a pickle, because if they don’t find her then they will be the ones dishonorably discharged and sent to a workers camp. So the hunt is on.

Just as she thinks she is saved in a tiny South Korean town, she gets the shock of her life when she realizes that this is a North Korean town complete with one town light, a town radio, and group exercises to music as the town children march around in formation.

Lucky for her, Jung-hyuk finally finds her (by following a trail she left so as not to get lost) and pulls her into a house right as his commanding officer is driving by.

So that was the first episode! I love how everything was set up showing us the stakes on the North Korean soldiers side if they did not find Se-ri. They really have everything to gain by helping her and nothing to lose because it seems like they will be tortured and dishonored either way. But if they can sneak her back to the South, then everything is fine.

One thing to know is that Se-ri’s brothers are pretty happy that she has disappeared because they want this company for themselves. But they are also bumble-headed fools so their father really does not want to give it to them

One of the brothers even got bamboozled by a Seung-joo, who is our other lead character. Seung-joo is currently hiding out in China until the bamboozlement blows over. But they elude that the best place to hide is a place without cell phone, ie North Korea.

My only complaint is that we did not have Seri and Jung-hyuk on screen together for a long time. They were really only together for enough time for her to escape. But there was a nice epilogue where Jung-hyeok was watching Se-ri as she hung in her paraglider from the tree while trying to talk to her right hand man, Chan-suk on her walkie talkie and getting nowhere. Hopefully they keep with these epilogues because I love any reason to have these two on the screen together.


English Translation

SR – I am a cheabol’s daughter.

JH – I am not interested.

SR – It seems like, if anyone knows I am here then I will not be the only one getting punished.

SR – It is an uthonorable discharge. I heard that you should not do that.

CK – There was big fraud and they are running away now. I think he will open a bank account.

SR – Why are yo here!

JH – No family relationships or nothing. Everything is suspicious.

SR – I will return your favor

JH – You don’t have to. I did not give you any favor.

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