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REVIEW: Chocolate Episodes 10 & 11 – and episode 12 Preview

REVIEW: Chocolate Episodes 10 & 11 - and episode 12 Preview

Okay, this drama is really trying my patience for this love story to finally get started. At the end of episode 11 we finally got more than a 5 second chat and drive home. They are actually in the kitchen cooking together! Hopefully they will continue on this street.

We have a very brief episode 10 review first and then an Episode 11 review next. At the very end is the Preview for episode 12 which looks like it will be all kinds of pretty on a coast. Though this show is going the makjang route in addition to being a melo, at least we can look forward to that.


Okay, here are the only things you really need to know about episode 10. First, there is a new patient named Michael who wanted the taste of his birth mother’s kimchi soup so the mother came to make it, but she did not make it right. On the second trial she added sugar which is a horrible thing to add because the patient is devastatingly allergic to sugar.

So Chan-young lights into her about that, which causes the other son to push her into a metal fridge. Cha-young’s head hits it pretty hard which gives her a slight brain injury that causes her to lose her sense of taste and smell (or maybe just taste?). Yes, they are going this route.

Cha-young confides in Joon about this and asks if there is a way for her to get her taste back. He says it is 50-50. So she goes about her next days trying to taste all the strongest foods, salts, and peppers that she can to see if her taste will come back.

The good news is that she still knows how to cook and made good tasting food. She just needs to rely on others to taste it for her. However, she mostly keeps her lack of taste secret from everyone.

I rolled my eyes a lot at this taste thing because it basically means that she needs brain surgery – again. It just, annoyed me and simultaneously made me giggle so much that they are going this route with Cha-young. Can’t she just continue making amazing meals for everyone and think of something else dramatic for her? Her life is pretty stressful as it is.


Cha-young continues to try and find her taste again while simultaneously cooking for everyone. Kang also goes around trying to find this dumpling that is not dumpling soup that Michael (the American patient) wants. All small timey things.

But something big does actually happen in this episode which is that Kang told his grandmother that he did not want to get rid of his Grandfathers hospice and his grandmother seemed happy about it? It is hard to tell because she yelled at him about it while simultaneously giving him more food.

Joon’s mother was listening in on this and took this back and forth as the grandmother loving Kang the most. So later on she confronts the grandmother and basically tells her that she is a ho that slept with another man and gave birth to Joon’s father so Joon is not a part of the Grandfathers bloodline which is why the grandmother loves Kang more.

She tells The grandmother to make Joon the heir, or she will tell everyone. The grandmother is so stunned that she has a heart attack. Joon’s mother does not care. However, Joon is secretly looking on and is equally stunned at the news.

They rush (or take their time?) getting the grandmother to the hospital. The mother pretends like she cares and looks overcome with emotion. Joon is still reeling from the news.

Back at the small hospital, Cha-young tells Kang that she is going to leave now and hopes he lives well. But he stops her and tells her to cook a dumpling but not dumpling soup. It is another request from the American patient, Michael.

So she goes inside right away to make it. Kang helps her and they actually spend time together. Quiet time, but you can feel a bit of emotion between the two and the song is lovely that plays.

But it is interrupted by Kang getting a call about – the fisherman from the coast. Not his grandmother. The fisherman who loved him and his mother has died (stake in heart for all watchers of this drama) so he wants to take off in a hurry to the sea for the funeral.

To make this scene even worse, we get a flashback of all the lovely moments of the fisherman. Ugh. Why do they want to make me care! Because I do! Anyway, Cha-young tells him that he cannot drive because he has been drinking so she gets into the car to drive him.

And that is the end to the episode which leaves me with So-Many-Questions! First of which is, why did they spend all episode talking about this dumpling-yet-not-dumpling soup that Cha-young is finally making and they just abandon it unfinished!

What about Michael! What about the dumpling soup that did nothing to no one and wants to be eaten! And how can Cha-young just hop in that car to drive him without her license? Or does she just keep it on her person all the time while cooking?

There was also this strange filler scene where a man went running down the steps as if his head just got cut off and the Korean Mother and American mother had a heated and yet cluelessly loving back and forth….

The good news is that our perilous couple will finally actually spend a lot of time together in the next episode. Episode 12 y’all. Finally! I mean, they are in a car and water locked on an island so they should spend time together, right? RIGHT??? From the preview, it looks like it will happen.


English Translation

CY – I have to go back right away

CY – Send him off well and come back

Kang – Can we go back together?

Kang – I did not want to take you to any other restaurant

CY – Thank you, the food tastes so good. I am so happy. I keep crying.

Kang – When you were young, did you come to this seaside restaurant?


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  1. Arkesia N Jackson
    January 5, 2020 / 7:11 am

    Chocolate is one of my favorite shows. Eposide 12, has caused tears to rolls down my face.
    Great Show.

    Only issue is the white letters can be difficult to read when the background is bright with light colors.

  2. Anonymous
    January 5, 2020 / 1:16 pm

    Yayyyyyyy I’m so happy. Finally!!!

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