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REVIEW: Chocolate episode 9 – and episode 10 preview

Happy Holiday’s everyone! Today’s episode of Chocolate was pretty slow moving. But one great thing is that Joon is at the hospice so all our main characters are finally under one roof.

In today’s episode, Kang meets with his Grandmother, who tells him that he can take over the entire Ko Sung Group if he can close the hospice and build a members only silver town.

Kang thinks about this while at the hospice hospital. He fells guilty about it.

Joon was also sent to the hospice hospital for community service due to punching that bad guy in the last episode. He is super upset about being there and is a pain to everyone involved. It is a pretty big character change for him becuase he seemed so contained in earlier episodes.

Joon and Kang end up angrily playing basketball together and then fighting over all their shared stress. The chief breaks it up and basically tells them to act like adults.

Later on, Joon drives Cha-yong home in the rain. he was so happy to do it, but maybe that was his plan to make Kang jealous. It worked because Kang angrily honked at him almost the entire way. But he gets a frantic call from a former patients husband and stops to talk to him.

the next day, he eats at Quiznoes with the brother and Cha-yong and ends up driving Cha-yong back to work. While doing that, he thought about all the memories he has had with Cha-young. She also left him an origami swam and told him that she worried about him.

In a side story, Tae-hyun approached Joon to impress him. But Joon is a jerk so Tae-hyun angrily talks to Joon about manners and his sister and cleaning.

In another side story, the patient that was adopted to America, meets with his Korean mother and brother. The mother cooks him the kimchi soup he wanted. But they seem like they have ulterior motives and might be after money.


Chocolate Episode 10 Preview

English Translation

CY – People here are not dying. They are living. Everyday is so precious.

Brother – I know that you like someone.

Kang – Who do I like?

Brother – *writes* Noona

Kang – No

Brother – Then why does your face flush and your embarrassed

Kang – I am not flushed or embarrassed

Joon – Do you like Kang?

CY – I don’t like Kang

CY – He is he doctor who saved my life, no more and no less than that.

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  1. Mary
    December 29, 2019 / 8:44 pm

    Thank you for your hard work 🙏🏻
    I am waiting for the recap of episode 10 😊

    • V
      December 29, 2019 / 10:21 pm

      We missed it again today! We don’t have any shows to recap tomorrow (Monday or Tuesday) so we plan on waking up and hopefully getting it in early! Thank you for waiting on it! 😘

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