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REVIEW: Chocolate Episode 8 – and episode 9 Preview

Okay, y’all, if you love any of our hospital characters then this will be a hard episode to watch because three of them go bye bye as if the writer is cleaning house to bring in some more for us to cry our eyes out over.

Or maybe she is getting rid of all the characters in order for Cha-young to go back to Greece? Kind of like nothing is keeping her there anymore (except the man she loves!) so she can leave. Your guesses are as good as mine.

So, in this episode We follow our three patients that I mentioned earlier. One of the halmonies is almost about to die so her younger halmoni friend decided to go to the mountains to pick wild raspberries for her in order to make wild raspberry cake.

Cha-young goes with her to help, but then the halmoni gets bitten by a snake so Cha-young tells her that she will run to get help and to stay there. Cha-young runs off and calls for help on her phone but she slips and falls off a tiny cliff and is knocked out.

The halmoni ends up getting found by a hiker and is rushed back to the hospital for treatment. But Cha-young is still knocked out in the dark woods so Kang goes out to find her with his flashlight.

He finds her, revives her, and takes her back to the hospital to treat her – ankle? So my immediate guess is that her head is fine? She just took a nap? Anyway, he rages at her for always going out with patients and getting hurt and leaves in a huff.

Thankfully, the older halmoni gets a chance to eat the wild raspberries before she dies. Then we watch Cha-young make the older halmoni her wild raspberry cake and give it to the younger halmoni for the funeral. So yeah, she died off screen.

Next up is the pottery noona whose husband is cheating on her with the pottery noona’s surgeon which is why the surgery did not go well. So Kang finds all this out and gets the pottery noona a new surgery scheduled and has the husband and doctor arrested.

But this affects Joon because he beats up the husband and gets thrown in jail. And that affects the family because it is all over the news. So it does not look good for Joon’s position at the hospital or his families ownership of the hospital due to his grand uncles coming in.

The last death is of the little boy we have gotten to know. It is finally his time to go so he tells everyone that he is going back to his home planet after saving Earth. It is a very long scene where every one gets to say their goodbyes to him and had a couple call back moments to two other earlier moments in the episode where the little boy told this story to Cha-young and then Kang overheard Cha-young talking to the brother about it.

It is actually pretty touching. That night, Cha-young makes the little boy a very lovely rocket ship cake for his send off. Kang goes outside and looks at the stars and hope the little boy went back to his planet.

Though, for me, that moment is kind of ruined when this huge CGI rocket ship comes out of nowhere and flies away. I was all like, um…what just happened? Did they just ruin that moment? Because it kind of feels like it.

I was just left confused. But I do wonder what else is going to happen. Are they going to bring in a new cast of characters to kill them off later? Because that would definitely be bringing the melo. Or is Cha-young perhaps going to go back to Greece because nothing is really keeping her there anymore? I am actually interested.

But they have got to put more scenes of Kang and Cha-young together. They have like one talking scene together per episode. We need more than that.


(I need the link! Anyone have it?)

English Translation

Halmoni – I am going to remove that useless hospice and build the biggest and best membership silver town (retirement community).

Halmoni – You do it, I can’t trust others.

Joon – That is our fate. We have to fight until the other person loses everything.

Joon – He hit me also, here and here.

Joon – You don’t know what kind of person Kang is. He is so evil.

CY – I know. At least I know that you should not judge him and talk and about him.

Kang – If I made you misunderstand, I am sorry.

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  1. SS
    December 22, 2019 / 12:47 am

    Oh my gosh, I cried buckets for Ji-Youngie… didn’t expect it to happen this early. One more mission he did was giving Kang and Cha Young a chance to interact some more. I think Kang is starting to have feelings —like the Zika virus heh— and I think he’s not going to act on it because of Min Seong, just a hunch.

    Not sure what’s going to bring them back to Greece. I think maybe Cha Young leaves when the hospice is turned into some exclusive community? Would really like for them to interact some more and maybe be more transparent with how they feel for one another. It’s so obvious Kang is already affected and cares.

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