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REVIEW: Chocolate Episode 7 – and episode 8 Preview

We are running a little slower due to the holidays; that is why our Chocolate review is up a day late. But we wanted to make sure we got it up before any other time had passed! Happy Holidays everyone!

On episode 7 of Chocolate, we see why Cha-young and Lee Kang did not bond during their drinking night. It is because they did not get to enjoy their drinking night due to Cha-young’s brother, Tae-hyun, coming in and messing it all up with his declarations of first love with Cha-young for Lee Kang.

Lee Kang did not know what was going on, but Cha-young did and had to pull her brother away right quick to not embarrass the daylights out of her. But when she came back, Kang had already gone to his office to pass out for the night.

Kang and Cha-young had another moment were they sort of bonded when Cha-young and the other cook Seon-ae made a dish that his mother used to make regularly on the coast. It made Kang so nostalgic that he was staring off into nothingness like he lost all sense of time and space.

But this episode was actually more about the pottery noona that Joon loves. The pottery noona asked Cha-young to help her get pretty just in case she goes on a long trip and then they go to the lake to meet Joon.

Joon and she have a wonderful meeting were they relive things and then he leaves. No one is with the pottery noona at this time so she thinks this is the perfect moment to kill herself. So she walks along the lake and finds the most secluded part to walk into the river to die. How she did this as a blind woman is beyond me.

She almost accomplishes this but Cha-young felt that something might not be right and went looking for her only to find her walking into the water. So she jumps in after her.

At the same time, the pottery noona’s nurse found that she had been hoarding her sleeping pills and thinks that she did that to try and commit suicide. SO the hunt is on for the pottery noona, no one knows where she is. Kang finally goes to the lake and sees Cha-young trying desperately save the pottery noona.

He hops in too and pulls her out, gives her CPR, and saves her life. Then everyone takes a moment to mention to the pottery noona how selfish horrible she is for ending her own life which makes me think that no one at this hospital has had any proper training in this regard.

Later on, Cha-young worried about Kang due to him getting super wet as well, so she walks around looking for him. Kang sees her looking for him while he stands on a bridge and tells a little kid that he has something that bothers him.

Afterwards, he shows up to Cha-young at his car so she can see that he is fine. While driving home, he tells Min-sung’s spirit that he might have lost again.

And that is pretty much this episode. They had tiny amounts of character growth but not enough for my liking and especially not enough for it being episode 7. A lot of the episode was spent on the interactions of side characters which was done nicely, but that is not the reason I am watching this drama



Kid – Cha-young noona

CY – I hope the space ship you are waiting for gets lost and comes here super duper late. A hundred years later. Very late.

LK – Aren’t you going back to Greece?

CY – I will go back

LK – If you re really leaving, why don’t you leave earlier. This is not a good job for you anyways.

YS – I think Cha-young chef had an accident

CY – I don’t know when I felt soleda to him. I don’t know when it started. I don’t exactly remember it.

LK – I was worried about you so much! I searched the entire mountain!

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  1. Mich
    December 26, 2019 / 2:24 am

    Thanks for your awesome recaps! I really like the drama – but it’s progressing sooo slowlyyyyyyyyyyy.

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