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REVIEW: Chocolate Episode 6 and episode 7 preview

REVIEW: Chocolate Episode 6 and episode 7 preview #ChocolateDrama

I am happy to report that episode 6 of Chocolate was not as tear-jerkery as I thought it was going to be. It was actually a pretty nice episode filled with tons of food that I want to gobble up right now.

The episode started with our favorite little patient sitting outside at the bus stop as he tried to catch a ride to see his mother on his birthday which also happens to be her birthday as well.

Kang sees him there and, after some serious pouting, decides to drive him the 3 hours to get there. The only thing is he loses him once there and has to search high and low to find him.

Cha-young also makes her way up there because the little boy’s hyung says that his brother left to see their mother. So Cha-young takes the brother up to find the mother because only the brother knows where she lives now.

Once they get their, both Cha-young, the brother, and Kang find the little boy eating at a food cart because the mother told him to eat a yummy meal there and basically not come back. She might be trying to do it for his own good because her new man is abusive.

So Cha-young makes the two brothers a super amazing looking mean from convenience store food that made Kang look at her like he wanted to get married on the spot. It was seriously amazing looking.

While eating, Cha-young tells the kids that they are actually lucky because they both have great brothers, and a great birthday party. She mentions that she actually does not have great birthdays after a certain thing happened. But she does not elaborate on that.

The next day, Kang looks into what Cha-young said by asking the psychologist at his old hospital about Cha-young. The psychologist says that she has trauma from a building collapse when she was 12.

So Kang drives back to the hospital with the knowledge that Cha-young was in the same building collapse as his mother. He thinks she must have been so scared at only 12.

This causes her to be in his mind more, so when Cha-young did not make it back from a trip to the market (she had a panic attack in a taxi), he goes out looking for her. But Joon finds her first. Joon was driving to the hospice because he had a really bad day at work where the director he operated on died and the son punched him because of it. But then his father punched the son so it was all bad all around.

To comfort himself, Joon bought a Korean snack that is fish shaped sweet bread with sweet beans on the inside. Though he does not like that snack, he actually bought it for his pottery teacher who is at the hospice. So he asks Cha-young to give it to her for him.

Later that night, Kang finally gets back after looking everywhere for Cha-young. He sees her on the yard and is happy with that so he sits on the stone bridge and has a small memorial service for his mother with just soju and fish chips.

Cha-young ends up joining him, but he tells her that she can’t sit where his mom’s drink is and gives her water instead of soju. But he looks happy to have her there with him.

He tells her not to get sick anymore, especially on her birthday and toasts her cup of water to his cup of soju and that is the end of the episode.

The crown jewel of this episode was definitely all the small moments and the food. Good Lord The Food. I am so hungry, I want to eat all the food shown today.

In the preview, it looks like the love story is about to ramp up! Though the tears are still there as well. The t-e-a-r-s, all the t-e-e-e-e-a-r-s.


English Translation

VO – I am better than you doctor! You dont do anything!

VO – Why did you become a doctor if you dont’ do anything!

LK – To you, do I not look happy?

Boy – Yes.

TH – In this chance, lets break the rule that your first love is never realized.

CY – I could not find you.

LK – Why are you looking for me?

CY – I was worried about you

LK – I don’t know what it is, so I want to avoid it. But I keep worrying, I keep thinking about it…

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