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REVIEW: Chocolate episode 5 and episode 6 Preview

REVIEW: Chocolate episode 5 and episode 6 Preview

In this episode Lee Kang has officially started working at the hospice hospital that is struggling to survive. But before he can actually get to work he has to rescue Cha-young whom is cowering in his closet after being forgotten by the little kids during their hide an seek game.

And also, I mean dang Cha-young, that is a pretty serious hiding spot.

But anyway, Cha-young is not found, so instead of leaving she accidentally falls to sleep and is triggered to have a nightmare of the department store collapse by construction that is going on at the hospital.

Kang finds her shivering and sweating and in a full on sleep panic attack that she passes out from. Which begs the question, if you are already sleeping, can you pass out?

Kang gets her an IV and proceeds to ignore her at every chance he gets. Until he finds out that the boyfriend he thought she ran off to Greece with is actually her trouble making brother. But that doesn’t happen until the end of the episode, so we basically have a full episode of scorn.

Kang also has all sorts of family issues as his Grandmother has turned super dark on him and basically says he is worthless without his surgery hand.

Cha-young is actually very helpful at the hospital as she cooks whenever Seon-ae is unable to. Seon-ae is continually more and more unabale to cook so Cha-young starts to fully take over kitchen duties.

A running storyling int his episode had to do with a halabogi who wanted to eat jajangmyun at a restaurant. But kang does not want him to leave the grounds and forbids Cha-young from taking him after the halabogi was injured the last time she took him there.

Of course the halabogi never gets to go again and goes through a heroes deathly send off as he makes the chief pinky promise to take him there which is a promice that is never fullfilled. But not only that, Cha-young makes the halabogi jajangmyun from scratch, but he dies right as she is delivers it to his room, ouch.

So she goes to the jajangmyun restaurant to retrieve halabogi’s favorite hat that he accidentally left there and winds up having a drink and jajangmyun with Kang as they both (or just her) imagine halabogi eating and drinking happily with them as well. Though I think it is just her.

In the preview, more pain is to come. Get your tissues ready!


English Translation

Chief – The kid got lost?

Kid – I won’t be cured in the future!

CY – Can you ask him if he knows that today is his last birthday?

CY – Noona goes to the hospital on my birthday. Like you, I don’t have a birthday party. After that day, never.

Kang – What happened to Cha-young?

VO – Cha-young was in the collapsed department store.

Joon – Does Kang like you?

Kang – Happy birthday, stay healthy, especially on your birthday

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    December 13, 2019 / 1:46 pm

    V! Again, saved me from misery of WAITING!!! Why is Kang acts like a*hole ALL the time? When does he find out about CY? I know we have 11 more episode but it’s killing me that Kang is being so cold to CY when she is just full of compassion but again being stupid for not telling Kang who she really is? I want to see Kang feeling bad for being cold to CY when he finds out who she is and why she did what she did… when would that happen V???? Does NOT look like it’s going to happen tomorrow either???

    By the way, did you know that Kang’s BF is Jerome from Vegabond? So different right? I love him… I can see him being a lead soon!!!

    Thanks again V!

    • V
      December 13, 2019 / 9:56 pm

      He is so different from Vagabond! And I think he was the Original father NeAnthal in Arthdal Chronicles as well!

    • Leez
      December 14, 2019 / 7:48 am

      Seriously? He is Jerome?

  2. Chocolate anoy
    December 14, 2019 / 9:56 am

    My chocolate 6 review~~~ I’m missing the show!

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