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REVIEW: Cheat On Me If You Can (Episode 2)

REVIEW: Cheat On Me If You Can (Episode 2)

We start five years in the past and are privy to Woo-sung’s proposal to Yeo-joo. He proposed in the traditional way of getting a nice hotel and having the waiter put the ring inside a cute little cake.

But Yeo-joo does not eat all the cake. She takes two bites and thats it. Then, she asks if there is a ring inside? I taste metal. He’s flabbergasted. He’s even more flabbergasted when she tells him that they should call it quits. But she says he should propose to the woman that gave him those trendy nice shoes.

He tried to say he got it a long time ago. But Yeo-joo talked to the shoes maker that hand made the shoe. He made it one month ago you big fat liar. he tries to make some excuses, but she does not want to hear them and digs into the small cake for the ring.

As soon as she does, a violin trio comes out to play. She flicks the ring at him and says to give it to that woman instead. The violin screeches. She leaves.

Three months later he goes to his best friends wedding. He is bummed and drinking. But then he sees that Yeo-joo has shown up to the wedding. He pleads his case for one more chance and hands her a letter. It is a contract saying he will give up his life if he has an affair. Then he kneels and presents his ring again.

She asks, you will die if you cheat? He says yes, he will die.

In the present, back when Woo-sung got the surprised of his life from the wedding contract coming out of the printer, Yeo-joo smiles from the door and then runs up and stabs Woo-sung.

But it is a fake knife. She keeps stabbing him over and over again. He tells her it tickles. She thinks this is no good, I need experience killing someone, do you have anyone you want to kill? He thinks about his mistress and she shows him their wedding contact again and reminds him that his life is hers. She is even thinking about writing a murder mystery about it.

While eating, she tells him that she wrote her blowfish murder mystery to kill him. He starts coughing. She keeps eating normally. He finishing up coughing and asks why he is still alive? She tells him that she didn’t love him enough to get her revenge back then. But now, she loves him a lot – enough to kill you.


In the morning, Woo-sung finds out that Baek Soo-jung missed her live broadcast. He wonders where she is.

On the street, two new characters are introduced, undercover officers Jang Sung-shul and Ahn Sejin. They are on a stake out to show us just how competent they are. They fumble a bit, but they do catch their perp.

Back at the broadcast station, PD Oh Hyun-jung is throwing a fit about Baek Soo-jung not showing up. She takes it out on Soo-jung’s manager, Kim Duk-gi.

We also find out that Woo-sung’s best friend Jin-ho does not have the best relationship with his wife because he is always out drinking for his job. He also has a $500 hotel bill that she is currently fretting about. She doesn’t think he is having an affair, but perhaps he is? (We all know it is his friend who is the affair King).


Soo-jung’s manager, Kim Duk-gi runs off to the police station and tells our two police officers that Soo-jung has disappeared. Sung-chul thinks she hasn’t disappeared, she is just hiding. But the manager says this is serious, she never ever misses a broadcast and she told him what to do if something ever happened to her.

The manager takes Officer Jang to Soo-jung’s secret apartment away from the city. But he does not know why she has it so far away.

Meanwhile, our secret millionaire convenience store worker applies for a job as Yeo-joo’s assistant. He is hired on the spot with the hopes that he can be a spy for them. Though they tell him that no one survives a month with Yeo-joo and wishes him luck.

Soo-ho goes to Yeo-joo’s fabulous modern home. The maid tells him not to be surprised with anything he might see inside. I don’t know what you might see but it is good that you look brave. She sends him to her room. He knocks and is let in.

She thinks he is her maid ajumma and is in a pretty sexy yoga position on her chair. He gulps. She hops up casually and asks if he is her new assistant and spy? He tells her yes.


Woo-sung’s political advisor tells him to give a speech at a local university. On his way there, he almost hits a girl who is crossing the street, but his car stops quickly. He is immediately smitten with her. Luckily, he has to get where he has to get. So he drives off.

But, but, he sees her again at the university when he is trying to find the building. She innocently leads him to it and he falls more and more infatuated with her on the walk. Her name is Go Mi-rae.


Back at home, Yeo-joo interviews Soo-ho about working with her. It is an awkward interview because she also tells him that she does not like looking people in the eyes because it is so tiring.

She also pegs him as a millionaire because his shampoo, shirt, and watch are all limited edition and expensive. It appears that you are rich. But you have scars on your hand so your life might not be that easy. Who are you?

She lists all the places she has seen him, which are all places she frequents and asks, are you a stalker? He says no. She excuses him. He says he can be a big help for her. She tells him bye. He picks up her knife. She asks what he is doing? He walks closer to her with it. She yells for Ajumma!

But when the maid comes in, she sees him stabbing him with the fake knife. He gives her tips on the proper way to stab someone in order to kill them. She is so pleased with herself. Ajumma tsks and says this is not a good profession for her. But she does think this kid might last a bit longer.

He tells her that everyone is wrong about how to murder people in books. Writers don’t kill people. She was in special forces though and worked overseas. However he cannot tell her if he killed someone.


Back at the university, Woo-sung gives his super boring speech and ignores the pretty young thang when she asks a question. He heads out right away. But she runs up afterwards to ask her question.

He imagines a group of reporters asking him what his relationship is with that college student. So he quickly runs away.

She looks at him and wonders why he is running away from her. She actually has his pen that he left so she tries to think about the best way she can give it back to him.


After Yeo-joo tells SOo-ho to stop looking at her in her yoga clothing, (she puts some pillows in front of her to block his view) she also tells him that he gets the job. He goes back to his secret house. He talks to someone on the phone and tells them that he got the job. He will keep an eye on her. Then he opens his rooftop window and peers at her from a telescope.

She is dressed from head to toe like a ballerina in her backyard and drinking tea. He thinks she must be writing about a ballerina this time.

Ah, so it seems like he is paid to spy on her by someone. Possibly the government or perhaps a millionaire is bankrolling him?


After going out for drinks with his best friend, Woo-sung leaves and runs into his affair woman. She actually talked to reporters at the local newspapers to find out who was investigating him. No one is. So she tells him he was super dumb when they were in college and he will never be a senator because I will work for your opponent. She storms off.

Meanwhile, his friend, Son Jin-ho takes a taxi home. He thinks about the time he was dating his wife while he was working at the study apartment with Woo-sung. She supported him for five years.

At home, his wife also sits and thinks about her husband. Their son asks, why do you like appa? She says she loves him. The son tells her that love does not pay the bills (lolol, this kid is like four years old). Then he asks why she doesn’t marry Lawyer Han.

She thinks back to five years ago when he broke up with her before she had a chance to break up with him. She started crying. He told her not to cry, have a good life, meet a rich handsome man. She threw her water at him and yelled that she had a four month old baby in her stomach right now! Of course it is your kid! Waaaaah!

So he gave up studying for the law exam to marry her and start a family.

In the present, she meet him downstairs when he came back. She wants to ask him if he is having an affair. But he is prepared. He gives her money for the credit card bill. He and Woo-sung had worked it all out at work. Problem solved.


Meanwhile, the police are steady investigating Soo-jung. They go to a convenience store to find out information about her. The convenience store clerk overheard her talking heatedly to someone. She told them that they should meet in person.

Back at her home, Ajumma and Yeo-joo talk about soup that Ajumma cooks. The ajumma jokes and says that Yeo-joo’s mother loves her doup. But that makes the mood awkward so ajumma leaves and heads to the basement to put some things up.

She starts to clean around the freezer and notices a red liquid on the ground. She wonders if it is kimchi and is about to open the fridge, but Yeo-joo tells her to go back upstairs to do something for her. Then Yeo-joo opens the fridge and stares at whatever is inside.

Cue the police montage of Sung-chul and Se-jin walking around to shop after shop in search of Soo-jung.

They go to one cafe where the worker tells them that she overheard her talking about wanting to make someone get a divorce. They look at the CCTV and see that she met someone, though they cannot see who it is. However, they see that the person she met swung a pen around. (Yeo-joo also loves to swing her pen around).

They go to Soo-jung’s secret apartment and tape up all the windows in order to inspect it for blood. They find a huge splash of blood on her wall. Like super huge. It looks like an elephant exploded.

At the same time, Yeo-jin gets a new kimchi fridge ordered for her house.


Oh good lord, is that woman in her kimchi fridge? Because that is funny. I feel like something else is going on here though, she couldn’t have killed her so quickly right? Or perhaps she kills all his mistresses? If she goes around killing all his mistresses then that is a show I can definitely get behind.

OMG, what if all of her murder mystery books were written in order to properly figure out how to dispose of all his mistresses? That would be hilarious.

Also, we found out that the millionaire convenience store worker is actually working for someone. So perhaps he is not actually a millionaire? Hopefully we will find that out next week.

Overall, this episode was breezy fun with plenty of quirky characters, so I’m still enjoying it.

REVIEW: Cheat On Me If You Can (Episode 2)
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