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REVIEW: Cheat On Me If You Can (Episode 1)

REVIEW: Cheat On Me If You Can (Episode 1) Korean drama recap

Y’all, the main character is already laying on the ground dead in the opening scene. But he isn’t actually dead because he hobbles himself up off the cold wet concrete and makes his way into a warehouse where two men look like they are up to no good.

But these men are thrown back in disbelief when they see him hobble in all bloody and wet and shivering and muttering for them to do something for him. They ask if he needs anything and he says yes, “I want you to kill my wife.” They look at him like he is straight up crazy and I laugh hysterically. Bwah ha ha.

And that was the opening scene of Cheat On Me If You Can. From that we cut back, possible weeks, to the husband putting a pillow behind his wife’s head as she sleeps. Though it looks at first as if he is going to smother her with it. She was up all night writing. He jokes that he is off to cheat on her and takes off on a run to work where he sees a woman and thinks about cheating on her. But he ends up giving a homeless man mouth to mouth.

Yes, lawd, this is about to be that kind of campy show and if done right, then I am here for it.

He is a divorce lawyer and ends up being late to a live television interview where we find out that he is an amazing divorce lawyer who helped a lot of people get a divorce, though he is happily married.

He met his wife at a goshiwon (study apartment) where he worked, when he was studying for his bar exam. He read a book where tons of people die. He is amazed at how many people die in this book. So he checks out who the author is, it is his current wife. He thinks she is amazingly gorgeous like an actress.

Surprisingly, she shows up at that moment for a room. She is here to get a room where people died before, possibly to get information for a book. So he has to call his owner to see if anyone has died in this building. The boss says no, just a lot of rats have died there.

He leads her the room where a ton of rats have died and asks if she is a writer. It is a room no one wants because of the loud AC Unit. She thinks a person actually died in here so she asks him all sorts of questions on if the room smelled and how long it was that they died and if the criminal was caught. He makes it all up.

She sees the spiderweb, he says he can remove it but she likes it. She wants it to stay there and imagines that the spider might have seen the murder. Then imagines the murder in front of her. A man apologizes to his girlfriend and she stabs him. Blood splatters everywhere.

That night, she writes her book in that room. He listens to her typing along and thinks that typing sounds like a piano. He wonders who she could possibly be killing in her book right now.

The spider crawls on its web, she looks at it and stops typing. Then she smiles, newly energized and types some more.

In the morning, she walks back to the front, arms crossed. He looks at her the entire way, though she ignores him and heads to wherever she is going. He thinks she never says hi to anyone, which makes him like her even more.

His friend is in the room as well and tells him that this must be why he never goes home now you Casanova. But Woo-sung thinks this time is different.

Five months later, she is at a bookstore signing her newest murder mystery that has come out. He shows up and asks for her number.

Back to the interview, the interviewer asked him if he falls in love at first sight often? He says yes but then he says no! Don’t misunderstand yobo, you are the only one for me. He looks at the camera and gives it finger hearts.

His wife is watching and wonders when she came back? She is looking at the female reporter. We see a flashback of her at the airport with the female reporter. The reporter is angry at Yeo-joo and says that she is the reason she is going to America.

Yeo-joo used to be a reporter, so something happened between them.

The live in maid tells Yeo-joo that the woman from the book company is coming. And outside we actually see that the book lady is already there with her team of people. The team all circle up with their plan to catch the author and break with the goals of getting her.

Back at the interview, the interview has concluded so everyone starts to step away. But, the interviewer has alternative motives. She unbuttons a couple button in her blouse and opens her jacket then accidentally on purpose drops her paperwork on the ground for him to pick it up.

He helps her and also tries to stay away from her because she practically pushes her chest into his face. Her production manager scoffs behind the scenes. What is this lady doing?

Woo-sung manages to excuse himself politely and hurries off. The production manager asks the reports what she is up to. The reporter just says she likes him, he’s cute. But everyone knows he only has eyes for his wife.

Back at the authors house, the book agent is still trying to get Yeo-joo. But Yeo-Joo has snuck out to a convenience store. She does not stay snuck out though because the convenience store worker, a kid named Cha soo-ho, lets the agency know that she is there.

So the agency literally finds her and carries her back to the van to be taken to the agency. The author is all like, ah, well, I’m caught, alright. She slides into the van (or actually, is literally carried so she floats into the van) and gets comfortable to be driven away.

Meanwhile, Han Woo-sung is at work at his lawyer job. He is excellent and is actually able to find a photo of his clients husband cheating by zooming into a reflection on a photo. Though he also has the original photo of the client’s husband butt-a**-naked and hugged up with another woman.

The husbands lawyer agrees that their terms can change and offers more money. She asks him if he would also like to go out for a drink or dinner sometime? He politely denies her, showing how faithful of a husband he is, and leaves.


Meanwhile, kang Yeo-joo reluctantly goes to a book event at a bookstore. This is the thing she was dragged to. The walks on stage without a smile to be had, sits, and folds her arm amidst plenty of applause.

One of the questions in the audience is that Yeo-joo is famous for killing husbands that have affairs, is this from personal experience? everyone laughs. Yeo-joo does not laugh or say anything.

The host has to say that her husband is famous for being an amazing caring husband. Another question asks if she would divorce her husband if he had an affair. She tells her that she never thought about getting a divorce, she did think about being a widow.

At the same time, we see that the husband has gone to a hotel and is actually going to meet the lawyer that he denied dinner. She is dressed in a purple silk nightgown and greets him at the door with a seductive smile. He smiles as well and goes inside.

The writer tells the person who asked the question that she would kill her husband if he cheated. She knows how to do it without there being any trace because she is a professional in making those plans. Though, hopefully it will not happen because I do not look good in funeral clothes.

Everyone laughs. The MC asks if she can send her husband an I Love You message. She does not want to. But she reluctantly tells the camera: Yobo, you know what I said is not joking. I love you, if you don’t want to be found as a dead body.

The convenience store kid is in the audience. He is fed a question and asks when he will be able to read her next book. The author tells him in the next year because my agent is threatening me.

The agent laughs and pretends like it is a joke.

Suddenly, a lot of protesters show up who are church protestors. Her first book spoke badly about the church so they came to throw eggs at her. The convenience store kid catches an egg and then blocks several other eggs from hitting her. They it his back instead.

And like a true hero, he picks her up and runs away with her while the protesters chase after them.


The husband is still with this affair lady. She asks if they can see each other on Monday or Wednesday? But we see that he actually has another woman that he sees on Monday and Wednesday – the reporter lady! So he is a mega cheater.

The woman ends up breaking up with him because he told her that a reporter is following him around. It is a lie. He is very happy about this and actually snaps his fingers in joy when he leaves the room.

He goes to his car and starts to remove all the hair and trace of this lady from his clothing with a big ol smile on his face that he got away with it.


The agency team goes to celebrate the book event though the author is not in any mood to celebrate. She is even not happy with the convenience store guy who rescued her because he is the one that turned her in in the first place.

(On a side note, we see that the convenience store kid is actually a multi millionaire who dresses poor for some reason. It appears that no one knows that he is rich.)

After the dinner, Yeo-joo goes home and cooks. Woo-sung comes home and immediately thinks this is strange. Why is his wife cooking and why is she using jondaemal? He is instantly nervous.

She pleasantly walks up to him and escorts him into the house – where we see that he has a lipstick mark on his shirt! It does not appear that she sees it though.

He goes to his closet to change and notices the lipstick mark on his shirt and starts to freak out. When Yeo-joo comes in for his dirty clothes, he successfully hides the lipstik one and gives her a freshly laundered one instead. However, she notices that it is still crisp.

She starts to smell him all over his arm and shoulder. (We see a flashback to the apartment where Woo-sung pulled out his affair preparation kit to put his shampoo smell all over himself to remove the woman’s smell).

Yeo-joo appears to be fooled because she leaves without another word. He breathes deeply, heart racing, and then changes to come out.

Someone is at the door though. He goes to get it but the person lets herself in, it is the reporter! Gah! She looks amazing too in a skin tight white gown. She greets him like she knows him which makes Yeo-jin wonder how they know each other.

The reporter says they meet each other on Monday and Wednesday then smiles at Woo-sung. We also see a flashback of Woo-sung giving the reporter the same perfume that his wife uses as a gift.

Yeo-joo starts to cook which means that she shows off her amazing knife skills with a fish. The wish tells her husband to show the reporter around the house while she waits. So he pulls the reporter outside and asks what she is doing here?

Soo-jung tells him that she is not there for him, she is there for his wife. Plus, she does not want to break up with him (ah it appears that they broke up already). No matter how much the reporter tries, he does not return her affection because he knows that his wife is crazy.

She hugs him, he takes off his shirt and removes her hair from it. She tries holding his leg under the dinner table, he stabs it with a fork. But alas, the wine is empty so he has to get it and leave his mistress alone with his wife.

Like hell he is going to do that. He pretends like he has no clue where the wine is and convinces his wife to get it to that he can tell this reporter lady to get on up out his house! She tells him, sure, fine, so long as you come to my place when I tell you to. He reluctantly agrees to see her tomorrow.

That night, he has a nightmare about this situation he is in. he wakes up and goes to his living room area where he sees his wife yelling at someone on the phone in the courtyard. The person she is yelling at is Baek Soo-jung, the reporter-television host the husband is cheating with.

The next morning, Woo-sung does some stealth running evading to get to the Baek Soo-jung’s house unnoticed. But she is not home. He checks his phone (her name is Monday/Wednesday in his phone, for shame).

But she never shows up. He tells his best friend all that has gone on. But they stop talking when they go into Han Woo-sung’s office and see a well dressed man standing there. This man, Nam Ki-ryong, is a famous political consultant. He is here because Woo-sung wants to go into politics.

Nam tells him to just keep doing what he is doing and Nam will take care of everything. He also tells him that he should know everything about him. He heads out after a short meeting.

The best friend jokes with him about not forgetting about him when he is a senator. Remember, I know a lot about you, hmm!

Surprisingly, this is what spurs Nam Woo-sung to get his act together. He gets rid of his affair kit and drives home amazingly happy that he is about to become a senator. In fact, senator Han has an amazing ring to it. This is the best. But, what if I get lonely? No, I won’t et lonely, I have 2 terabytes of porn videos! Ha ha! (Yes, he really said that

But when he gets home, he sees a mysteries post printing from his home printer. It says that he is dead if he has an affair. So he starts to freak out and wonders if his wife already knows? How much does she know? She shouldn’t know! Did she already find it out? It can’t be!

His wife peeks in on him from the door while he is freaking out. He does not notice her. He tells himself that everything is perfect.

She has a knife behind her back and chuckles. He doesn’t know anything, haha, this is my change.

Then she runs up and shoves the knife in his back!

Wowwee, I would be lying if I said I am not intrigued. This show is quirky and had a nice ability to keep me interested in how this husband was going to get away with being a cheater while the world saw him as the world’s best husband.

This fool has a cheating kit to help him and painstakingly cleans his clothing with a dog hair roller to keep any woman’s hair let alone scent of any kind off of him. he has thought this through which will make some women watching want to stab him in the eye.

So far it’s fun. We’ll see how tomorrows episode goes but I do like what I see right now. KBS has not had the best run with dramas (they have had a few recent flops) so here’s hoping Cheat On Me If You Can can turn that around.

REVIEW: Cheat On Me If You Can (Episode 1) Korean drama recap
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