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REVIEW: Awaken Episode 7

REVIEW: Awaken Episode 7

This episode opens with more details on what lead Jung-woo to recruiting Hye-won. While looking for Kim Min-jae (one of the other surviving White Night kids), Jung-woo sees her kicking butt during a police raid. This peaks his curiosity. He looks into her background and discovers her father is Kong Il-do. Judging by Jung-woo’s expression, I think he recognizes Kong Il-do as one of the doctors from White Night and recruits Hye-won based on that.

The show is getting very twisty, and most of the characters are linked, but you can’t trust half of them. This is a good thing in my book, because it’s keeping me guessing and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yes to Jung-woo’s harrowing escape from the hospital

I love seeing Jung-woo fight. It’s clean and methodical, and the drama does a good job with the choreography. The only thing better than watching Jung-woo kick butt is watching him and Hye-won do it together. She’s quite skilled herself, and it just fuels my theory of her sipping some of that White Night juice. In fact, my only gripe about the scene is it’s not longer.

Yes to the IT guy being a double agent!!!

No one can be trusted and nowhere is safe. Awaken set this precedent early on by showing us Lee Taek-jo taking bribes from Son Min-ho, but the IT guy being crooked shows us even seemingly inconsequential characters aren’t what we think. And here I was feeling bad for him every time Hye-won got rough. The White Night foundation truly does have people everywhere.

Yes to the continuation of the forewarned murders storyline

Ah, another successful misdirect. It makes sense that Nam Woo-cheon is actually the 5th forewarned victim, because he killed himself the way the other victims did. If Son Min-ho was the intended victim, he would’ve started the fire himself. But during those events, I got so caught up with what Jung-woo was going to do to Son Min-ho, I forgot that. Well played, drama. Well played. But this raises a few questions. If Son Min-ho wasn’t the intended target, then what was he to the killer? Collateral damage? It’s hard to believe the killer would go after a scumbag like Nam Woo-cheon, but not Son Min-ho. Is he being saved for last or something?

In addition, I’m curious about what the 6th victim Lee Byung-sun did to deserve his fate. And how all the murders tie into White Night, because they have to. At this point, I still have no idea who the killer could be. All I know is if it turns out to be Jamie, I’m going to cry.

REVIEW: Awaken Episode 7

Initially, my “no” was going to be Jamie still thinking Jung-woo is the killer, because that doesn’t make any sense. If Hye-won and I can reason he’s not, it makes no sense for someone genetically engineered to be smarter to think that. There are way too many clues that point to the murderer being someone else.

I know Jamie tells Hye-won she thinks Jung-woo is guilty, but I get the feeling she only said that to throw her off. By the end of the episode, it looks like Jamie doubts Jung-woo is the serial killer, so I don’t really have a concrete “no”.

With that said, I enjoyed this episode even though it’s slower than some of the others. It answers a few questions, but poses even more. I want to know how/why convenience store dude makes people lucid dream, and if he’s killing people without realizing it. I want to know if Jung-woo held off on getting his brain lesions fixed, because it would take away his mutant powers. And last but not least, what’s so special about those glasses he took from Lee Taek-jo’s office?

I’m dying for some answers, so on to episode eight!

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