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REVIEW: Awaken Episode 6

REVIEW: Awaken Episode 6 Explained Kdrama Recap

Watching episode six of Awaken is liking going on those rollercoasters that take crazy pictures of you when you’re plummeting down a drop. You know the drop and the picture are coming, so you try to look calm, but still end up screaming your head off. I don’t know about y’all, but that was definitely my viewing experience. I expected a lot of the answers the drama gave, but am still stunned. Delighted, mind you, but stunned.

Yes to Jung-woo’s brutality

He’s the anti-hero I want. Merciless, unapologetic. I got goosebumps watching him stab Son Min-ho in the neck, because his expression of glee is so real. Nam Goong-min is doing an insane job. Literally. The other reason I got chills is because there’s no coming back from this for Jung-woo as a character. Even if he’s redeemed, he will die in the end, because characters this brutal don’t get a happy ending in K-dramas.

I still don’t think he’s the murderer, but stabbing Son Min-ho in the neck gets us answers. The research that was being done at White Night Village is continuing under the leadership of a man named Oh Jung-hwan. He’s the Chief Secretary at the Blue House, which is horrifying. Another man named Ji Won-geun is now president of the foundation.

REVIEW: Awaken Episode 6 Explained Kdrama Recap

Yes to Jung-woo’s full backstory

After Jung-woo is arrested by the very team who looked up to him, Hye-won interrogates him. He admits he realized him and the kids were being experimented on at White Night Village, and that’s his motive for killing Kim Young-joon, Baek Seung-jae, Park Kyu-tae, and Joo Suk-tae. And attempting to kill Son Min-ho. He even mentions using the lucid dream treatment Jamie was investigating.

This makes me doubt Jung-woo is the murderer even more, because his power seems to be super strength. One could argue it may also be telekinesis since we’ve seen him make the lights flicker, but it’s revealed Jamie is the one who made the adults kill themselves all those years ago, so she may be the one who has power over dreams.

Yes to all the information we were given

And all the things I guessed correctly:

  • Jung-woo’s the “monster” who saved Jamie back at White Night Village, and he’s the one who had her kidnapped so she could have emergency brain surgery, thus saving her again.
  • Hye-won’s dad works for White Night and is in contact with Oh Jung-hwan. (I’m going to feel so bad for her when she finds out. She’s a daddy’s girl through and through).
  • Hye-won’s dad calls the surviving kids “mutants” (at least that’s what my subtitles said) so this confirms Jung-woo, Jamie and co. are all X-Men hahaha. (V – Love it! In fact, if the X-Men are even remotely involved then I need to catch up on this show!)
REVIEW: Awaken Episode 6  Explained Kdrama Recap
Would that make Jung-woo Jean Grey since he seems to have telekinesis? (V – What if he is like Dark Phoenix! OMG! 😱)

Then there’s the stuff I didn’t guess:

  • Six out of the seven children are dead because of the same brain issues that could’ve taken Jamie out if she didn’t have the surgery. That leaves one boy who Hye-won suspects is Jung-woo, but the ages are off. The boy disappeared at 14, so that means he’d be 42 in present day, but Jung-woo is only 36. (It’s probably still him somehow).

No to everyone knowing they’re up against an organization like White Night, but still refusing to work together

Frankly, it’s frustrating. It makes sense that Jamie doesn’t trust Jung-woo, but Jung-woo has shown that he trusts Jamie by getting her the surgery. She may be able to manipulate dreams, but if she was going around murdering people, I doubt he’d let her continue cluelessly. That’s why he just needs to quit wasting time and tell her everything he knows so they can work together to bring down White Night.

Jamie also needs to let Hye-won in on a couple of things since it’s obvious she’s one of the good guys. I mean, Jung-woo already told her a ton about White Night, so why not? Work together to get better results.

The end of the episode shows Jung-woo collapsing from his own brain lesions, which means my theory about him not surviving this drama is probably correct. I have another theory that Hye-won may also be from White Night Village, and her dad smuggled her out to keep as his own.

The preview for the next episode shows Jung-woo busting out of the hospital and engaging in some cool fight scenes, so I can’t wait for next Monday!

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