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REVIEW: Awaken Episode 4

REVIEW: Awaken Episode 4 Kdrama recap
“Do you need spending money?”

I didn’t think it’d be possible, but I liked this episode more than the first three. Which is saying a lot, because episodes one through three were excellent!

Now that we know both Jung-woo and Jamie are from White Night Village, episode four goes into how the murderer could be killing their victims, and if anything the team’s learned so far can help them save the next one. We get some big laughs and the most pulse-pounding ending I’ve seen since Flower of Evil.

Yes to that Ocean’s Eleven scheme

The team concocts a scheme to access Attorney Nam’s laptop, so they can hack into Son Min-ho’s home security system when Attorney Nam goes to visit. This can’t be legal, but Jung-woo and the gang are trying to save Son Min-ho’s life, so I won’t criticize their methods too heavily.

Ji-wan is hilarious and cute as the distraction. He really commits himself to his role as a rich man in need of help with investments. Too bad Attorney Nam doesn’t buy his charade, because he’s good at “sniffing out money”. But is apparently willing to be a sugar daddy to young, beautiful men! I was worried when Attorney Nam didn’t fall for Ji-wan’s act, so when he lets Ji-wan grab him and responds with, “Yes, you are my type. Do you need spending money?” I shriek with laughter. And I’m pretty sure my neighbors didn’t appreciate it. Awaken’s humor is so cheeky and unexpected. I can’t get enough.

Yes to lucid dream treatment

Jamie goes to a psychology research facility for advice on the case. We soon learn the murderer didn’t hypnotize the victims into killing themselves. That would be too difficult according to the psychologist Jamie’s consulting. But the murderer may have used a new therapy trend called lucid dream treatment. It’s the practice of using dreams to allay a patient’s anxiety and/or depression. I googled it, and it’s actually a thing. An example would be if a student is stressed about an upcoming exam. A psychologist could make the student have reoccurring dreams about taking the exam, so on the day of the exam they’re less stressed. Because they’ve practiced and built up an immunity to it in their dreams. My mind is blown, y’all. I feel like I’m going to have a PhD by the time this drama’s. Hats off to the screenwriter for all their research.

If someone is really using an extreme form of lucid dream treatment to blur the line between the victims’ dreams and reality, then that would explain why the victims were so confident with what they were doing when they died.

REVIEW: Awaken Episode 4 Kdrama recap

Yes to that…explosive ending

So many things happened! Son Min-ho’s house explodes just like the forewarned murder hinted, Jung-woo rushes in, and Jamie gets kidnapped by the short-haired woman who attacked her in episode 3.

I know Jung-woo will survive, because it’s also revealed he has some superhuman abilities at the beginning of the episode. But I can’t help, but worry, because whoever him and the gang are up against is powerful. And I have no clue who they are even though I suspect they may be one of the surviving seven children from White Night Village. I also don’t know if I believe Son Min-ho is actually dead.

I don’t have a “no” again, because I enjoyed this episode so much! There wasn’t one thing I didn’t like. Well…except for the fact that Jung-woo didn’t deny it when Hye-won asked him if he liked her. That took me by surprise, because I thought there was something building with him and Jamie. I ship them, but I also like Hye-won, so if they end up together I won’t mind.

Since I don’t have a “no”, I’ll list some new theories:

  • Jung-woo is “the monster” that saved Jamie when she was a child.
  • Each of the surviving seven (that’s what I’m going to call the kids form now on) have a unique power. I’m still working out what Jung-woo and Jamie’s could be, but I think convenience store dude’s is seeing the future. He knew to bring an umbrella out even though the weather forecast said nothing about rain. And maybe that’s how he knows about the forewarned murders.

I was right about Jung-woo and Jamie being from the village, so maybe I’ll be right about these too. We shall see on Monday.

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  1. January 19, 2021 / 10:27 am

    ¿Entonces quiere decir que Jung Woo está enamorado de Hye Won? ¿por qué no hay romance?

    Jamie no se preocupa por los demás niños solamente por ella. Lo que le ocurrió en ese laboratorio y no hace investigaciones más profundas.

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