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REVIEW: Awaken Episode 2

REVIEW: Awaken Episode 2 Kdrama Recap

There’s less action and more investigating in this episode, but the pacing is still brisk and I’m thoroughly entertained. I even learned a new word! Now let’s get to it.

Yes to the complexity of the serial killer’s clues

Using things called the “Celestial Stems” and “Earthly Branches” for the date, as well as binary numbers for the time is both scary and impressive. I was just as lost as Ji-wan, so it’s amazing Jung-woo cracked it. He’s definitely a closet genius.

REVIEW: Awaken Episode 2 Kdrama Recap

Yes to Jamie Layton

I love it when a female character is clever without being a stick in the mud. I’m excited to see how she plays into Jung-woo’s past since she’s already told him they’ve met before. I still think they’re two of the three children that were in that room in the opening scene of episode one.

Yes to “floccinaucinihilipilification”

At twenty-nine letters, I think it’s longest word I know. The longest real word anyway. (I’m lookin’ at you “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”). Floccinaucinihilipilification is the action of estimating something as worthless. And Jung-woo brings it up, so he doesn’t have to explain why the Kim Yeong-joon case is strange. Too bad Jamie knows what it means and goes on to challenge him. “To say something doesn’t make sense means you’ve discovered some sort of rule, but something is violating it. So what rule did you discover, Captain?” (V – OMG, this word!)

Ah, I really like her. I also like all the things this drama is teaching me. Last episode, it was the art of misdirection and now a word I can use to seem smart.

Since I don’t have a “no” for this episode, I’ll make a few predictions.

  • The dude that got away from Jung-woo, Jamie, and the gang at the convenience store is the one decoding the serial killer’s messages. He probably knew the girl who worked at the convenience store that got murdered.
  • Hye-won’s dad and the lab he works for definitely had something to do with what went down at the village over two decades ago. When someone works at a lab in a drama, you can bet someone or something is being experimented on.
  • And I’ll say it again, Jung-woo and Jamie were two of the three children in the room at the beginning of the drama.

The cliffhanger that tried to make us suspect Jung-woo as the serial killer doesn’t worry me, because it’s clearly the screen writer attempting to misdirect the audience. See what I did there? I’m interesting in seeing what Jung-woo was doing in that building though.

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