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REVIEW: Awaken Episode 13

REVIEW: Awaken Episode 13

Episode 13 starts off with a cool fight sequence between Jung-woo and Jae-woong. The lights flicker as they toss each other around the room in a destructive display of power. Jae-woong is strong, but his hyung is stronger, so he escapes while Jung-woo stops Jamie from jumping out the window.

The rest of the episode is packed with huge reveals, and a constant stream of information. In fact, the only time my brain got a break is when Hye-won and Jamie go out for tteokbokki. Then I got hungry.

What we learned this episode

  • Jung-woo altered the files on Jae-woong’s laptop. He changed Nam Woo-chun’s info to Son Min-ho’s, so he’d look like the next forewarned murder victim when the special team found the laptop. Jung-woo did this to get close to Son Min-ho and grill him for answers.
  • Jung-woo accidentally caused the White Night massacre.
  • Jung-woo and Jamie are twins!!!
  • White Night’s secret lab is hidden inside/under a columbarium called “National Central Memorial Park”.

Yes to finding out why the adults at White Night killed themselves and each other

It was Jung-woo. It was Jung-woo all along. And I know he admitted it, but for some reason I didn’t believe him. I thought he was covering for little Jae-woong. Or maybe even Jamie. But it’s important to note that Jung-woo didn’t do it on purpose. He knew no one would stand up to the foundation on their behalf, so he figured if he made the adults think they were dreaming, one of them would find the courage to help him and the other kids escape. Instead the adults use the “dream” to kill themselves and those they resent. Whoa. That’s taking hating your co-workers to another level. Even in a dream, killing an annoying coworker is extreme. Then again, I’ve never been stuck on an island with my co-workers running experiments on kids. Some of the adults had to have killed themselves because of guilt. Too bad their guilt didn’t cause them to act while they were “awake”.

This prompts a couple of questions though. If Jae-woong uses pills to induce lucid dreaming, how did Jung-woo do it? Did he slip something in the big batch of soup we saw him cooking in episode 12?

REVIEW: Awaken Episode 13

Yes to Jung-woo and Jamie being twins???!!!

This is a weird yes. And honestly, I don’t know how I feel about it, but it’s certainly a surprise! I can’t believe they’re twins! That partially explains the special bond they have, but I kind of feel swindled. The only reason I didn’t see this coming is because Jung-woo flirts with Jamie in the first couple of episodes. Now I know the drama did it to throw us off, but…he even did the I’m gonna back you up against a wall move! Are you telling me he did all that knowing they were related? Because Jamie’s the only one who lost her memory.

Jung-woo’s reason for not telling her is: a lot of time has passed, and he doesn’t want her to stay in Korea and put herself in more danger. I get it, but I still don’t know how to feel. All I can do is laugh at myself for shipping siblings. But I won’t let the drama completely gaslight me. The fandom didn’t imagine the romantic chemistry between Namgoong Min and Lee Chung-ah. It’s definitely there. Maybe they can play lovers in their next drama? Although…it would take a few episodes for me to stop thinking of them as siblings.

As for the next episode of Awaken, I hope we find out how Jung-woo and Jamie got separated that night. And why they never made it back to Jae-woong.

Yes to Jung-woo finding White Night’s secret lab…and not realizing it

Actually, the credit for finding the lab should go to Jung Soon-goo. He truly is an asset. First he suggests looking around the area where the truck crashed into Jung-woo in episode 10. Then he narrows it down further by telling Jung-woo they should look for large facilities with emergency generators. The last part of Soon-goo’s brilliant plan is essentially prompting a power outage, and using a drone to see which buildings’ emergency generators kick in.

It was nice seeing Jung-woo and Hye-won working as a team again, so I didn’t even mind when they had to divide and conquer a few minutes later. The drama is purposefully taunting us by having Jung-woo walk right into the building housing the secret lab (National Central Memorial Park) without realizing it. To be fair, it looks like a regular columbarium, so I can’t blame him for not knowing. It’s a smart place for White Night to put their lab, because they can easily hide the children’s deaths.

In addition to the big reveals, Jae-woong taps Yong-sik’s phone and hears him plotting with Son Min-ho. Ji-wook also airs the fact that all the forewarned murder victims (except Kim Young-joon) are affiliated with White Night. He even shows the security footage of Jae-woong and Yong-sik going into Lee Tae-soo’s office. Last (and most troubling of all) is the exchange Jung-woo is supposed to make with Oh Jung-hwan. He’s supposed to release Oh Kyung-min back into his father’s custody after being led to the secret lab. But instead of that happening, Son Min-ho pulls up to the scene in a giant SUV with Hye-won being held captive. What a cliffhanger! I’m surprised Jung-woo actually thought Oh Jung-hwan would honor the exchange and lead him to the secret lab. Shouldn’t he expect something like this? Maybe he does, and is just playing dumb. This wouldn’t be the first time. He’s usually one step ahead.

This episode was amazing, so I personally don’t have any noes. I’m just anxious to get to episode 14! I really hope Dr. Gong didn’t sell out Hye-won, but the guy tortures kids, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he betrayed his own daughter in the name of science.

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  1. WPB
    January 12, 2021 / 6:11 pm

    1. Reporter Lee should be mad – he knocked out by Jae-woong and missed the whole fight scene between Jae-woong and Jong-woo. 🙂
    2. From Jamie’s memory, I assume the MODU CEO (Yong-sik) left with Jae-woong without waiting for Jamie and Jong-woo. I can guess he also “convinced” young Jae-woong they left without him. That’s how Jae-woong got the wrong idea in his mind all these years. I also wonder how Jung-woo and Jamie got off the island – did they leave together? or did they find their own way separately. Now that Jae-woong found out Yong-sik has betrayed him, he will be in deep trouble.
    3. Also yes that Jamie and Jung-woo are twins. But I agree with you about the questionable behavior of his when the two adults met. The leaning against the wall could be to confuse the audience on purpose. I am not sure if he found out Jamie is his twin sister from the beginning or some time later.
    4. I am not convinced how Jung-woo can forewarn those death with precise time/location even with the files he found in that laptop.
    5. I know I can’t handle tteokbokki. LOL. But that’s an interesting scene, particularly, right before Jamie revealed to Hye-won that Jung-woo and her are twins, Hye-won has an interesting expression. I wonder if some of the true meaning behind the conversation got lost in translation and if Hye-won was expressing her thought regarding the presumed relationship between the two.
    6. “Please don’t come back. Please don’t come back,” said Jung-woo. His mind is not clear about her and the old man sees it. 🙂

    • Adri
      January 14, 2021 / 12:52 am

      -I wouldn’t be surprised if Yong-sik convinced Jae-woong that Jung-woo and Jamie left him, but he was so timid back then. When we saw that scene with them hiding and then meeting the villagers, it seemed like Jae-woong was calling the shots.

      -I can’t imagine Jung-woo not knowing Jamie was his twin at the beginning. The drama doesn’t indicate he lost his memory too.

      -Have you tried tteokbokk? It’s yummy! But if you don’t like spicy food then you probably won’t like it. But I agree about the girls getting tteokbokki being an interesting scene. Jamie telling Hye-won that Jung-woo was her twins is the closest thing Hye-won will get to her blessing LOL.

      -Yes! The “Please don’t come back” shows the audience that he probably has feelings for Hye-won. The screenwriter did a very good job with Jung-woo’s characterization. He could’ve come off as very robotic, but the writer manages to show us his feelings in subtle ways. Although, we’ll get to see some raw feelings in episode 14.

      • WPB
        January 14, 2021 / 11:24 am


        Jae-woong was the one calling the shots once they left the island. But I agree – Yong-sik probably convinced the young Jae-woong that Jung-woo and Jaime have left him, in order to leave the island as soon as he can. He has always been about his own survival since that day.

        Someone made very good point explaining Jung-woo’s behavior towards Jamie. We are all in agreement that he knew that’s his twin sister from the beginning and his strange behavior towards her was trying to confirm she wasn’t responsible for the murders.

        I need to google where to have tteokbokk in my area. 🙂

        By the way, there is a clip (7-8 minutes long) on Viki showing the filming of that tteokbokk scene. It’s very funny since they made many different versions of it. Too bad some of them are too silly to go into the final cut. Seol-hyun and Lee Chung-Ah played along. 🙂

  2. Anonymous
    January 12, 2021 / 8:54 pm

    Yes, I’m just wondering too why Jung woo left Jae woong that night instead of taking him away. but based on their backstory Jamie left and runaway so maybe Jung woo followed her and so he tolexd Jae woong that he would come back and not leave that night. May be it will be explained in the following ep. I have a theory that Jung woo returned to Jae woong but he did not see it or runaway too. But there’s no others backstory why their separate each other and Why Jung woo became a cop or maybe all of this has a purpose (or I just missed an episode)

    Same feels. how should I feel I invested so much in them. there is no clue that they are twins. and also their scenes are not really considered siblings 😂. So we noticed Hye won felt jealous. but I have no regrets that I ship to them. It is also one of the reasons why I want to watch it because they have natural and amazing chemistry. waiting for their another drama together.

    Even thought there is no scene for a romantic feelings of Jung woo’s part like some of other dramas (such as kiss, hug, comfort etc.) since we do not know what he is thinking and also Awaken is not for a romantic based drama. But obviously he is still worried about Hye hwon. he is always unsure and asks himself about Hye woon’s part. maybe he didn’t know or notice that he like her too.

  3. Jane
    January 12, 2021 / 9:39 pm

    At first Why Jung woo didnt tell Jamie that they were twins or he did not yet discovered that they are related as twins? as he said “Too much time has passed to acknowledge that they are family related”.

    • Anonymous
      January 13, 2021 / 3:13 am

      I have read some reviews in Awaken, I will definitely agree about Jung woo’s feelings, he has something with his brain, similar to what the scientists said before, where the experimented children have trouble processing their emotions properly. so chances are that he has grown attached with her, possibly liking her, but his brain is unable to understand such emotion. this was hinted on the episode when DJW was hospitalized after the fire in SMH’s house. He hired Hye woon because of her father connection but “‘things changed” as he said. so i hope the writers don’t ruin the last two episodes.

    • Adri
      January 14, 2021 / 12:54 am

      I think he knew from the beginning, because the show didn’t indicate that he’d lost his memories like Jamie. I don’t think he told her they were twins, because he was trying to figure out for sure if she was the murderer. Then once he ruled her out, he didn’t want to tell her, because he knew she’d stick around and put herself in danger.

      There’s also the fact that the screenwriter knew making them flirt in the beginning would throw the audience off. If Jamie seemed like a possible love interest, her being his twin would shock us more later. And the screenwriter got their wish LOL.

  4. Leem
    May 21, 2021 / 1:44 pm

    Who is the father of jamie and do jung woo?

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