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Recap: Vincenzo (Episode 9)

Recap: Vincenzo (Episode 9)

We started with a victory but then ended in tragedy. And what a tragedy it was! Me not likey. Though I am back on board the revenge train.


Vincenzo and Cha-young leave the Babel & Bank merger amidst a sea of reporters. They visit the hospital where they find out that Vincenzo’s mother is in the final stage of cancer. She has had it for a long time including when she abandoned Vincenzo. She abandoned him because she has 3rd stage lung cancer and thought she would die.

Meanwhile, the tenants still try to find the gold all over the building. The monks are even trying to locate it using an energy method to feeeel the gold. In his room, pigeons still bother Vincenzo all the time. One of the pigeons has something blue tied to its leg, though perhaps that does not mean anything at the moment.

Jang Joon-woo (secret Babel president) meets with Myung-hee and Seong-huk to convince the prosecutors that re taking care of the doctors safety to be on their side. But the prosecutors are not listening to them. The doctor calls Joon-woo, tells him he knows he is the real boss, and says he has to give him $30 million dollars if he wants him to cooperate.

The theme of today’s episode is goguma (sweet potato) which is something people say when what you want to happen does not go your way. Whenever Vincenzo and Cha-young run into an obstacle, they always eat goguma.

Cha-young, Vincenzo, and Joo-sung meet with the family members of the victims who helped them burn down the warehouse. The family members tell them that they are all going to go on vacation soon.

Elsewhere, Jang Han-seo President meets with the Head prosecutors to come up with an agreement. But the prosecutors threaten Jang Han-seo and says that they will reveal all his bribery and destroy Babel. Jang Joo-woo is listening in on this conversation.

This turns out to be bad for the prosecutors because Joo-woo has them kidnapped and kills one of them with his hockey stick. Cracks it right upside the second prosecutors head in front of Han-seo, Myung-hee, and Seong-huk. They all can’t believe that just happened. Han-seo just wanted to scare them. But Joon-woo literally beats one of them to a pulp, blood splatters everywhere, and the other prosecutor comes crawling to not do the same to him.

Back at the building, the pawn shop couple see two burglars breaking into Vincenzo’s room so they sneak in as well and start to fight them. It turns out that they are both excellent fighters. Lee CHul-wook has cauliflowers ears which means that he knows how to ground fight. The wife looks like she used to be a powerlifter because she picks one of the burglars up like she’s lifting weights and throws him.

The burglars spray them with pepper spray and run out.

After the dinner with the family members, Cha-young goes home and is attacked by a bad Babel person. Though Vincenzo kew that they were following her and beats the men up. The men run away. Though Vincenzo can’t chase them because Cha-young is too scared to stay by herself.

Vincenzo tells her to call a friend, though Cha-young has no friends so he drops her off at a hotel. But she is too terrified to stay at a hotel so she runs to Vincenzo’s house to stay with him. His place is going through a mini pigeon infestation in his room, so both of them have to sleep in the living room.

They eat ramen and then go to sleep. She asks if he ever killed anyone as a mafia lawyer. He says no, but then we see a flashback montage of him killing many many people as a lawyer. It looks like it bothers him.

In the morning, the news reveals that the prosecutor died by drunkenly falling off a cliff. Vincenzo and Cha-young do not think that was a drunken accident.

Also in the morning, Han-seo and Joon-woo have breakfast together. It appears that Joon-woo is upset at Han-seo for sending burglars to Cha-young’s house to intimidate her. He calls Cha-young to see how she is and sees that she slept at Vincenzo’s house last night. That appears to make him jealous.

A side story is that the landlord of the building got the Chinese man’s eye information to unlock the safe, so now they just need to find the opening of the safe to use it. In another side story, the thugs move into the building because they are ruined. They open another office there.

Back to the Babel guys, Babel decides to get the prosecutors to investigate two big banks in Korea in order to force the banks to invest with them. They also want to import all the illegal American narcotics to Korea and make them legal in Korea so that they can make a lot of money.

Vincenzo and team meet with the doctors prosecutor to see how they can work out a deal. They want to do an illegal investigation into the doctor. The prosecutor tells him no. Goguma shows up. But later, the prosecutor says the doctor is working with Babel again, so they can illegally investigate the doctor.

When Vincenzo and team go to the doctors house to investigate him, they see that all the police are dead who are guarding the doctor and the doctor is dead. Cha-young gets a text at that moment from the family members apologizing for what they have done.

Cha-young and Vincenzo run to the countryside where the family members are found dead in their van. Police and ambulance are all over the scene. It appears that the family members committed suicide via carbon dioxide poisoning in their van. And that is how the episode ends.


I feel like we are getting back on track. There were a good amount of twists and turns in this episode that made it a fun watch. A lot of the comedy is definitely not landing with me, though it does bring a chuckle at how ridiculous it is. for instance, why was the NIS officer hiding under the car and why did he give him a pop up card as his business card? That was so out there that I had to chuckle. Did it make sense? No. Does it have to? Not really.

What I really want is for Babel to try and take over this building and for Vincenzo to fight to stop the take over while also dealing with the tenants in the building. I feel like this show shines the most when they focus on that and keep this storyline tight and concentrated on this gold! I want to turn into Tom Cruise and yell SHOW ME THE GOOOOOLD.

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  1. Sia
    March 20, 2021 / 3:03 pm

    I don’t think the drama is getting back onto gold track. Instead it is totally diverting as RDU -90 is again on the scene.I skipped some parts but it git better towards the episode ending.
    I felt like drama is getting is so predictable.
    So many repetitive scenes from old romcom, well its okay to have a relief from dark scenes.
    The Villain performance – I just loved it.

    • V
      March 20, 2021 / 4:00 pm

      This episode was predictable. When the family members had their going away we immediately thought, oh no, they aren’t going to kill them are they? I hope not. This isn’t that kind of show is it? But then it happened. 😤

      But I did like this episode better than the last couple.

      • Japopoy
        March 20, 2021 / 9:54 pm

        Of course that’s predictable… if it weren’t for the hugging scene I don’t think that its their time to die.

        I fickung hate Babo. I hope he forking go to hell.

      • Sia
        March 20, 2021 / 11:07 pm

        Yeah. This episode was better than last couple of episodes.
        Not only that hugging scene, even our FL going to ML’s house, the usual kdrama cliche scene to send her to ML ‘s house by adding an attack scene to create a romantic tension, that ramyeon scene humour – very easy to predict what comes next.

        The tenants scenes were not hvg any special impact on the drama. Personally, FL acting performance wasn’t that impressive in this episode.

      • Sia
        March 21, 2021 / 3:31 am

        What really bothering me is that painkiller. Won’t people realise its addictive after few doses and no one in that country won’t even care to check it?
        Its not like non- narcotic painkillers like paracetamol which causes side effects after long term frequent use . Effects will be immeadiate.

        Just imagining that situation:
        People taking addictive painkillers for even headaches without any prescriptions , then majority getting addicted to drugs, almost all productive activity slows down as majority are in a junkie state , how that corrupt government is gonna get any income? 🙄🙄🙄🙄. The whole Korea needs just Babel huh….

  2. Esshope@gmail
    March 21, 2021 / 1:43 am

    I absolutely love Song joong ki and that alone is enough for me. I guess I’m not as critical as other viewers because I really like this drama.

    • Sia
      March 21, 2021 / 3:20 am

      Some people love it for SJK. Some people need good story, good pace, good acting, logical character actions etc. Latter group should take it as a light drama and then probably they can enjoy it.
      I hope todays episode will be a bomb as shown in the preview.

  3. Irene
    March 21, 2021 / 10:37 am

    Can’t figure out: how did the thugs get out of the freezer they were in for Episode 8?? All of a sudden they pop up in Episode 9!

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