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Recap: Vincenzo (Episode 6)

Recap: Vincenzo (Episode 6)

I just have to say that the Vincenzo’s team found the cutest little bunny to play Vincenzo as an itty bitty kid and could not stop squeeing at how cute he is. He is just so cuuuuuute!


We open with the tenants are outside protesting Babel. Our lawyers go inside where we find out that the judge is the sunbae of Choi Myung-hee, which means this trial is unwinnable for our good guys.

They also know this so they try and sabotage the trial. The one thing they don’t do is the water leak which is just a bad design in the building. Incidentally, it is a building that Babel built. That works in the teams favor though because the judge slips on the water which just gets the trial started all wrong.

The three big plans that our team has to postpone the trial are:

  1. Hong Cha-young faints during the trial due to panic disorder that she makes up. But it doesn’t work so she wakes up to carry on with the trial
  2. The second plan is to cut the electricity, but the judge said they can carry on
  3. The last plan was to make everyone leave the court.

They did this by secretly releasing two huge bee eating hornets in the courtroom. Everyone runs for the door. Though the judge says they can continue. However, earlier on, Jang Yeon-jin pretended like she was blind and wasted honey water on the judge so the hornets are attracted to him (because they are bee eating hornets).

The judge gets stung (Lee Chul-wook gets stung as well on his derrière) and he judges face swells up a good amount so he has to break for one week.

The team has bought some time so they start working out what they can do for the case. In the meanwhile, Vincenzo visits his mother to tell her that no one is going to visit her anymore since the other lawyer died. He asks if she has anyone, she says no one, not even kids which makes him upset.

He leaves and thinks back to when he was adopted by the Italian family and goodness, they got the cutest little muffin to play his younger self. 

Meanwhile, Lawyer Choi tries to activate her flower pot in order to spy on Vincenzo, but Vincenzo knew it was a spy flower pot and gave it to the dancer so all they hear are zombie sounds.

The NIS agent finds out that Babel and the Law Firm want a background check on Vincenzo so the NIS agent makes up a super amazing background for Vincenzo to give to them. he does this because he thinks Vincenzo is a great man especially because he saw Vincenzo “praying” in the Buddhist temple room in the building. Though Vincenzo wasn’t praying, he had just slightly gotten electrocuted and was upset that the security system on the safe worked.

Vincenzo is able to convince the tenants to go to a new building, so all he has to do is demolish the current building.

Elsewhere, we see that Jang Joon-woo is going to give a presentation on the Woosung Law firm to Babel. But what he actually did was reveal himself as the real owner of babel using a Star Wars Introduction. He is the lawful first son of Babel Owner. Jang Han-seo is the son of the secretary.

So now Choi Myung-hee and Han Seong-huk know that Jang Joon-woo is the owner. They change their behavior around him to account for this. Though Choi Myung-hee hates this and starts to full on attack the good guys.

They destroy the witnesses life as corrupt and plant a lot of money in their houses. They also say that the monks friend is a heroin addict and injected the friend with heroin for it to show up in his stats.

So he team is in a bad spot.

When court opens again, the big surprise is that Vincenzo is the surprise witness. Somehow he went to jail, so he gets un-handcuffed and led into the courtroom.


They got back to a lot of the fun and funnies in this episode which I appreciated a lot! I am starting to warm to Joon-woo as the big bad guy mostly because he is still keeping a bit of his playful goofy nature even though he is throwing in a seriousness as well. I also really think this show excels when they have the tenants in the episode a lot, which they did well here. the opening 15 minutes was pretty funny.

I pulled an all-nighter which is why this post is pretty late. Hopefully next week I’ll go to sleep at a reasonable! See y’all next week for another episode!

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  1. Sia
    March 7, 2021 / 2:18 pm

    Vincenzo – I think you will get some good scenes of about 25 minutes and rest 55 minutes of slow paced, dull moments.
    Court scenes and that villain revealing were really goodand but it is turning into a predictable drama. Even I was able to predict what they were gonna do to create humour in episode 6.
    Well, villain leaves serious impressiins than protagonists.

    • V
      March 7, 2021 / 5:32 pm

      I liked today’s episode better than yesterdays, but it is starting to lack something for me. I wonder if it is because the first 4 episodes were able to keep me on my toes so I expect that level? Or perhaps it is because Mr. Queen was so great until the ending few episodes, so I expect that? I don’t know.

      • Sia
        March 8, 2021 / 8:48 am

        Well, I don’t have any kind of special feeling from starting onwards. Better to watch as a weekend drama and don’t expect anything more.
        I personally felt the comic scenes were turning lame more and more .
        I think villains gives more serious impressions than protagonists.We still don’t know what is going on inside vincenzo’s mind except the fact that he should manage the demolishing of that building which is in Babel’s ownership.And FL is like a assistant than a partner.
        That viewers connection with characters onscreen is seriously missing in Vincenzo.

  2. Jaz Camero
    March 7, 2021 / 7:29 pm

    I always read your recap with anticipation. May i also comment thru your page… Today is my first time to comment on a drama which i waited w high expectation because of SJK. This drama is trying so hard to humor us because of the seriousness of the topic. I feel i was watching a play! There is some lull moments though, maybe because the creative team wants us to fully digest the msg… the persona of vincenzo… his emptiness, his detachment and yet his caring persona to others which distract his reason why he is in Korea. I am into this drama still bcoz of SKJ and observing closely how his character will unfold. I hope i will not be disappointed. Abangan!

  3. Anonymous
    March 7, 2021 / 10:13 pm

    I was waiting gor your recap as soon as i finished watching each episode. Glad that we are sharing the same sentiment towards the drama. It so funny yet made us squirm with anger

  4. Anchovy spaghetti lover
    March 8, 2021 / 7:04 am

    First 3 were fantastic character comedy. But not sure about 4th. How are they going to last 20 episodes? They’ve fired too much ammunitions already. Pun intended. They should’ve progressed to slow burn dark comedy at about 8-10th th episode transforming into method action thrilller at about 16-18th episode culminating in helicopter descending of Vincenzo’s Calabrese mafia family down 63 building in terminating of Babel language app group.

  5. Sia A
    March 8, 2021 / 2:44 pm

    I think there is a major plot hole in episode 5 and 6 of Vincenzo.
    They took up babel chemicals case 5 days ago before the first trial and the case was handed over to FL by that greedy settlement lawyer on the second day when almost 2- 3 days were left. They postponed first trial for preparation it seems.
    Coming to the second trial, they were gonna present just the plaintiffs statements and hospital admitted guys statement, no new evidence nothing.I think writer was gonna show some good evidence collection but nothing happened.They could have trained their witnesses in the first trial itself as there were already 2-3 days.
    ( Days identified from captions and theur costumes).
    Why they get the trial extended in the first place?
    To show Mr. Song is stylish, his lamborgini scenes, those lame joke scenes from first trial (hornet scene exception becoz I loved it ).
    The most funniest thing, they didn’t even tried or even searched for a new evidence and finally vincenzo himself have to become a witness.

  6. C in Ohio
    March 9, 2021 / 8:08 am

    Sigh. Vincenzo seems to be the only remaining good guy with brains – and even he should know better than to not protect witnesses or hide them. Plus, when almost killed by Myung-hee, why not just kill her when he had the chance? He never agreed to not. And even if he did, c’mon! Is he a saint?

    As a consigliere, he would have been exposed to beautiful, intelligent women before, so to think he would fall for airhead Cha-young for almost no good reason. Her prancing around like a show dog and looking like a beautiful ornament shouldn’t be a reason he has a soft spot for her, so much so that he doesn’t heed her saying that everyone is like the mafia!

    Frustratingly, then, this seeming leave of senses, not just in regard to Cha-young, but in general, seems to have left him seemingly soft and unprepared. Woefully unprepared.

    Myung-hee and Wusang know who’s behind the frustrating losses. So why they didn’t order Vincenzo and Cha-young’s execution or at least their hospitalization, given the corruption of the Korean “justice” system (at least per the show) is crazy – and why Vincenzo and Cha-young don’t prepare or, better yet, peremptorily attack? (By the way, given Myung-hee’s evil cunning, why was it even a bit of a surprise that the plant was a spying device? At least Vincenzo saw through it and put it elsewhere.) Given Vincenzo’s not in his element in what is a foreign country. But if it’s a dog eat dog world there, as portrayed, he should somewhat be.

    Oh. And Cha-young. It doesn’t take a half-wit to realize that once she left Wusang, her “winning ways” evaporate. I don’t know how she went through law school much less passed the bar since her father was not powerful and, in fact, fighting power. And her father was murdered! If that wasn’t motivation for getting revenge, especially since in her previous job she had to be aware that the firm was using dirty tricks and, at the time, seemed more concerned with power and money, using any means necessary should have really motivated her to get revenge.

    I have watched enough Korean dramas to know there must be a soppy romance between the two characters. At least if Cha-young were more than just a pretty bauble, it would make a little sense. If she had brains and were a bit more really mercenary rather than allow others to be mercenary on her behalf, sure. Myung-hee, if the actresses were switched, would actually have been a better match. She’s obviously brainy and strong. And there would have perhaps been a bit of Romeo and Juliet vibe, too.

    I agree with others that the comedy has been lacking. You know, an attempt to be funny that just absolutely has one shaking one’s head. Still, this episode gave me two belly laughs, which is rare for me.

    One last thing: I’m guessing that even in Korea, it’s against attorney ethics to represent a party against one which one had previously represented for, especially on the same matter. At least in the States, she would have been disbarred.

  7. Dyuthi
    March 11, 2021 / 2:07 am

    Can anybody explain me the logic of these scenes??

    In episode 4 ending, other than disinfecting , there were many employees inside the factory. The manager there told them to “Vacate the room “. So whether writer is going to make an illogical assumption that they went outside the whole factory just for a disinfection leaving their nightshift. And fire happens immeadetely after disinfecting agents comes out.

    Prosecutor, Babel Group and Wusang knows vincenzo did that to the factory, yet why they are not looking for an evidence against Vincenzo?

    First of all using narcotics in painkillers is not a new deal or a crime, it is a common practice used for chronic patients, it is even legal in South Korea but require doctors prescription to prevent its overdose and overuse which can lead to addiction.Here I am not clear about the fact that how serious the new drug mentioned by them in the series.

    Now all researchers and manufacturing unit gone, Vincenzo don’t have much evidence about painkiller compoents other than the painkiller itself, which will provide an upperhand for Babel in court.But on the other hand, Vincenzo can be easily accused and put behind bars for destroying the whole property.Babel has lost its core company.
    No forensic check on petrol or kerosene presence in fire accident.
    No cctv footages at gate or outskirts of factory…

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