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Recap: Vincenzo (Episode 5)

Recap: Vincenzo (Episode 5)

After the big reveal last week, I am kind of sad to say that my love for this drama has gone down a bit. It is more of a strong like right now instead of a ♫LOVEEEE♫. The reveal was big, though it also had me thinking, wait a minute…what about my cute little muffin? Hence my delima.


We open with Vincenzo and lawyer Hong saying goodbye to the family members, then we cut to the real chairman Jang talking to his little brother and calling him his puppet. He strangles him for a moment and tells him that he has to do as he says. When the little brother finally is able to leave, it appears that he has something up his sleeve as well.

Meanwhile, Vincenzo and Cha-young decide to attack Babel in a legal way. Cha-yong says that they can go through Babels Chemistry department because they are super duper corrupt. The most corrupt out of all Babel.

We find out that one of the chemicals Babel makes is making their employees very sick. Then they send the employees to a doctor that they provide and they also pay off the lawyer for the families case against the company. One of the people affected i a friend to the monk tenant in the Building and is also friendly with every tenant in the building.

In this episode, Vincenzo finds out that the chairman is a fake chairmand by talking to him at the gym. At the same time, Jang Joon-woo finds out that Hong Cha-young is behind the fire at their warehouse.

In order to find out if Vincenzo is the one that threatened her, Myung-hee goes to Vincenzo’s office. But Vincenzo pretends to have throat pain and does not speak to her. However, it is clear that Myung-hee is on to him.

This entire episode is basically about Vincenzo and Cha-yong trying to convince the families of the Babel Chemistry victims to switch to their law firm. it takes some doing to get this to happen. In the end, they record a lawyer friend of Cha-yong’s explaining how corrupt Babel Chemistry is while they went out drinking. So now the family members are all in with Vincenzo and Cha-yong’s law firm.

The entire tenant team helps Vincenzo for court. So we get a nice montage of the Italian chef preparing Korean food for him and the dry cleaner actually doing an excellent job of preparing a suit for Vincenzo.

As far as court is concerned, Vincenzo knows that they won’t win the regular way; they have to create a distraction to stand a chance of winning. So Vincenzo drives a lamborghini to court to gather all the attention of the journalists, and the tenants also have an exhibit style protest across the street to draw the attention even more.

The Babel lawyers are annoyed by it. Vincenzo and Cha-yong give them a look and walk confidently into the courthouse.


Aw man, I don’t like Taecyeon as a bad guy at all. Perhaps it would have been great if he started out as a bad guy? Because now I really love him as the cute junior lawyer who helps out lawyer Hong when she needs it. I was really hoping he would be that person on the inside who gave her tips as to what the lawyer team was doing and then he would also switch to the good guy side.

But he is the ultimate evil? Okay, I can try and get behind that (emphasis on the word try). The problem is that, to me, he doesn’t look scary and intimidating as Chairman Jang at all. Taecyeon does not come across as strong or intimidating to me, but he does come across as adorable with a side of sexy.

Kwak Dong-yeon on the other had, is holding it down as the fake chairman of Babel. Sure, he isn’t the real boss, but he looks like a bad*s boss. He also looks like a cute innocent little brother as well.

It almost makes me think that the roles should have been reversed? Maybe Taecyeon should have played the boss/not-boss and Kwak Dong Yeon should have played the innocent hubae who ended up being the boss? Those are my thoughts right now.

I am continuing to love the styling and storyline of Vincenzo, though I really want them to dial it way back on the Italy/Mafia references. It makes me cringe whenever it comes up. I feel like they should keep it as, Vincenzo being from Italy informs how he acts and that’s it, that’s literally all we need to know. All the references to Italy and the mafia going forward stand the chance of moving into poor taste land which is why they should be few and far between. Though those are just my thoughts.

In a side note, we are swamped with non-kdrama related work which is why we haven’t been able to update the site or YouTube with our new dramas we are watching. We are still following along with all the news though. What a crazy week in Kdramaland…

See you tomorrow for another episode!

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  1. 토비
    March 6, 2021 / 11:39 pm

    I figured Taecyeon will be a villain because there was no way they would use him, a popular actor of good standing as just a supporting role of a cute hoobae character. It might sound stupid but with the way kdramas are casted, it’s viable. Maybe it’s because I had that feeling so I could see through his cute hoobae fake character. I feel like we still didn’t get to see his evil side in this episode much but the little we got as an intro, I think he’s going to nail it. It will be so wild by the time everyone knows he’s the real chairman. I feel we should be patient a little.

    And yes, I’m starting to get tired of the Mafia references, I feel like it’s one of the themes the writer infused into her storytelling technique to create some form of imagery or metaphorical pattern in the storytelling. I just feel it bores the story out when it’s repeated too frequently.

    Apart from that, I’m loving the styling of everyone in this drama and the storyline is still holding up. That entrance at the court was so epic and bad**s!

    There’s one thing I’m so curious about though, how the hell did Vincenzo get back his lighter after he threw it to light up the fire at the Babel warehouse??

    • V
      March 7, 2021 / 2:16 am

      I forgot about the lighter! 😂😂😂😂

      Maybe he has a drawer full of them!

  2. Sia
    March 7, 2021 / 5:10 am

    After a fantastic episode last week, I felt like episode 5 was more like a wet cracker.
    I found certain things like illogical and a lot of character inconsistencies.
    Totally clueless about missing that ruthless lawyer vibes from Mr. Song ‘s chocolatey face to why he is taking up all the burden to fight against Babel. His objective is to take the gold, not to seek moral justice.He is exposing his weakeness in a way by making the antagonist suspect about a strong reason why he being so clingy to that old building.
    I think the writer should have made the FL an ordinary lawyer rather than a competent lawyer. Only tricks in her hand for now is just money and crying which she uses at the wrong place with a wrong timing and she is acting all dumb in front of Song.
    Tat romantic moment, I enjoyed it.
    Comedy took a total backseat in 5 th episode.

  3. Marie Manog
    March 7, 2021 / 5:56 pm

    I just love it, with the entire cast they were all great actors. I am really entertained by this kdrama, not only that I am an avid fan of Song Joongki but it excites me to looking forward every week-ends.

    • V
      March 7, 2021 / 6:01 pm

      Song Joong-ki knocks it out of the park every episode!

  4. Sapna
    March 7, 2021 / 7:45 pm

    I love you song joong ko. Your all drama is awesome. You look very handsome. Love from India

  5. Mason
    March 8, 2021 / 2:12 am

    Anyone know the brand of SJK’s sunglasses ?

  6. Jenn N.
    March 8, 2021 / 9:07 am

    Iam always excited to watch & wait every episodes…i love it. Song Joong -ki is so handsome & good on his acting….cant wait anymore for the next epjsodes.

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