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Recap: Vincenzo (Episode 4)

Recap: Vincenzo (Episode 4)

And my love for this drama continues, on and on, up into the stratosphere. This show is so good.



We start off with the car crash. Cha-young was walking to the store and saw everyone looking at the accident. She realizes this is her father and Vincenzo and sees them on the floor and bloody.

Vincenzo survives and is in the hospital, but Lawyer Hong Yoo-chan dies. The news says that Lawyer Hong was under investigation for false testimonies and other illegal things. They basically make him into a bad person. They say he is a famous human rights lawyer but all his sins are revealed which is a big shock for the people that trusted him. Cha-young sees all of this while in her funeral clothing at the hospital memorial area.

The people who know this is all a lie gather at the lawyers office and leave notes and post-its, and flowers showing how much they care about the lawyer.

Vincenzo stays in a coma. While he is in a coma, the RDA drug is approved by the Korean FDA. The boss starts to like Choi Myung-hee more than the Lawyer/President Han Seong-huk, and it looks like Lawyer Han is a bit jealous.

The dead body of the researcher is also found washed up on the beach.

It has been nine days. The tenants in the building do not know what will happen to them. They kind of trust Vincenzo but they also kind of do not trust Vincenzo. They also wonder what will happen since he has not woken up yet.

The NIS guy actually defends Vincenzo and says all the nice things he has done all around the building. He tells them that they are too hard on Vincenzo, he is a good person!


Meanwhile, Cha-young wraps up all her father’s belongings and goes to see Vincenzo in his hospital bed. She cries and says lots of sentimental things and tells him he needs to wake up.

But actually, he is awake. He woke up last night so he has heard everything. He and Cha-young go to the lawyers memorial place. He thinks about how the lawyer talked about his daughter and how does not listen to him, but tell her that she would be a good lawyer for me.

While walking away, he tells Cha-young that it is too late to honor her father, why didn’t she do it when he was still alive?

On the way back home, Cha-young hears about the dead body found on the beach and how that person is the Babel pharmaceutical person. She calls her informer to find out exactly what is going on. 

Back at the law office, Manager Nam Joo-sung tells the tenants that he will close the office. Vincenzo shows up and does not want to talk to the tenants right now. Though they want to ask him about moving them to another building? They won’t let him walk away and rest and keep talking about themselves and being selfish.

Vincenzo finally yells at them and asks where their manners are? You tells them they didn’t even pay him and yet they suspect him of doing bad work. We need to trust each other! They say they can’t trust people because they are always victims. They keep arguing about it.

The thugs show up as well and says they need to talk about the money as well. All Vincenzo wants to do is go to the office and rest. But he has to tell these thugs a thing or two and then heads to his office.

While all this is going on, Cha-young quits work at Babel. The boss does not want to let her go, but Myung-hee is happy for her to leave because she does not listen. The intern also does not want her to leave, but she packs up all her thing and leaves. She moves back into her father’s home.


All this episode, the news talk about how bad the lawyer is and how he really wasn’t a good person. He was a corrupt person. Vincenzo gets upset and goes to the crime scene to try and figure out what happens. He resembles the crime scene, Sherlock Holmes style and remembers who the driver was. He calls his go to landlord who is also still in the hospital and asks for a request.

The request he asks was to put bloody syringes in a pillow of the Chairman’s bed.

Babel lawyers tries to figure out who did this. They can’t think of who it can be so they decide to blame it on Cha-yong. The police arrest Cha-yong for it and hold her in the station even though they have plenty of evidence that she did not do it. Vincenzo decides to help her since he is actually the one that did it and gives the cops CCTV footage so they have to release her.

Cha-yong wants to reopen her father’s office. She meets with Vincenzo and tries to convince him to help her restore her father’s dignity. He tells her to just give up. But she is firm and says she will not give up! She tries to find someone to help her of all the people she has helped, but they don’t want to help her. So she meets with Vincenzo again and says he will help restore her fathers dignity and she will get the building back for him because she has done real-estate law before.


They go to the jail where the man who drove the truck is. The man, at first, says his break was broken. But they convince him to tell them the truth or he will die before tomorrow. So he tells them the truth of what happened. Vincenzo gets up to leave, but Cha-young tells him that this guy killed my father, we can’t just leave him like this. So Vincenzo yells, THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION. IT WAS SO HELPFUL. Really loudly, several times so that the guard hears it. The guards is obviously corrupt so Vincenzo just sealed the man’s death sentence.

The man gets killed that night. Cha-yong thought it would make her feel better, but it actually makes her feel gross. So she makes a deal with Vincenzo that they can’t kill anyone anymore. He does not actually agree with this deal but he doesn’t disagree with it.

Manager Nam Joo-sung heard all of this because he was passed out under the coffee table so he says he will also help! He will use his skills that he had in a former job.


They kidnap the man that the prisoner mentioned (after a pretty cool fight scene between him and Vincenzo and a hanger) then tie him up. they use this guy to kidnap the guy above him. Manager Nam is the one that tasers him in this case. It is pretty funny.

They tie them both up. But the head person does not want to tell them anything. So Vincenzo shoots the younger guy right in the chest. Blood goes everywhere. This makes the older man tell him what they want to know.

However, we find out that manager Nam was actually a special effects person in his former job so he rigged a system to look like they actually killed the younger guy when they did not.

The information they got was who was behind this entire thing. It is eluded that it is Choi Myung-hee who is behind it all.

So they trap Cho Myung-hee in a washateria with the bloody clothes of the men and show photos of them as dead. They turn off the lights and lock the door so she can’t get in. They also have a big white truck blink it lights at her, letting her know that it will drive into the washateria.

Vincenzo calls her to get information and says that the truck will run into the washateria if she does not tell him what he wants to know. What he wants is for her to recover the dignity of the lawyer and the people that died. But he knows she can’t do that because that means everyone will have to know that she is the bad one. She tells him to kill her. He sends the truck to do that, but it is just a scare tactic.

Vincenzo goes off to think about his next course of action.

That night, at the drug storage warehouse, several people are let in to spray disinfectant all around.  Then they get in their trucks and leave. 

One of them drops a lighter on the ground, this person is Vincenzo. The chemical they sprayed is actually gasoline so the entire place lights up. But more than that, it blows up because they have lots of flammable chemicals in that building. On top of that, they disconnected the water line so that the sprinklers will not work.

The people who helped spray all the information are the families that the lawyer helped. They were the families that paid their respect at the lawyers office and who know that this lawyer was a good person.

The chairman of the Babel group goes to this inferno and can’t believe that this has happened. But that is when we find out that the actual person behind it all is. He steps from his car and we see that the hyung that the chairman has been talking to the entire time is Cha-young’s hubae, Jang Joon-woo. 

Ooh, the plot thickens.

(O called this twist, I can’t believe it!)

The families watch the building burn as they drive away and we see a flashback from Vincenzo of lawyer Hong saying that he can’t believe those people would make this kind of drug. He is okay going to jail and burning all those drugs up!

So now, his wish was granted by Vincenzo.

The episode actually ends with Vincenzo saying “Good night stars, go down, I will win once the dawn comes. I will win,” and we hear lots of clapping. Seriously, people start clapping. Ah, I love it!


Wow, O said that he thought the real head person was Taecyeon because he was too big of a star to have a small role like that. I did not believe him, but I did glance at the character chart and if you look at the character chart – he and the chairman have the same last name! So it was a good possibility, but I still was hesitant to believe it and low and behold, O was right!

This comment section is turning into gush land for Vincenzo because I really have no bad things to say about it. All good things. I love how yesterday ended in a big moment of despair for the team and today’s episode ended in a huge moment of triumph. This episode basically ended in our team winning. If this was a 16 episode drama, then this would be the end of the drama. But this is jut episode 4! So we have lots more in store for us which I am excited to watch. 

This writer and The Penthouse writer are two of the best writers in Korea in my opinion when it comes to increasing the stakes in every episode while still managing to give plenty of payoffs to the audience. I love it.

Hopefully we will be able to get our YouTube recaps started this week for this drama, and the other ones we are covering, because I really want to dissect this show even more.

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  1. Jane M
    February 28, 2021 / 12:23 pm

    Holy s*** Sherlock, what an ending! I thought Taecyeon was too big of a star for this small comedic role but I sure did not see this coming. I LOVE this show. I am terrified for how it will end but I am 100% all in for the ride.

    • Jeena Jacob
      February 28, 2021 / 3:13 pm

      Me tooo i was not ready for that i thiught that it was a small role but the main villain!!!!!!! Talk about twist

  2. Anonymous
    February 28, 2021 / 1:41 pm

    ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. J
    February 28, 2021 / 2:33 pm

    I really like taecyeon character funny side so I hope he doesn’t become truly evil.

  4. Sandra
    February 28, 2021 / 7:11 pm

    What I’m wondering it’s what is TaecYeon’s character motivation in impersonating someone else? Is it to see how the inner workings around his company are being handled? Or is it that’s he’s interested in Cha young so much that in his crazy mind he had to do this complicated charade to get closer to her? I wonder… This is truly an excellent show, enjoying to the fullest.

  5. February 28, 2021 / 8:50 pm

    I just checked Netflix it’s gonna be 20 episodes

  6. I
    March 1, 2021 / 12:26 am

    HOLY!!!!!! I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING!!!!! There must be history between Cha-Young and Jun-Woo for him to do all this innocent pretending. I hope our Vincenzo and team get their justice 🙂

  7. aein
    March 1, 2021 / 4:37 am

    I always thought Taecyeon’s character is something bigger like probably an undercover agent but never a villain! I was so shook I searched the net for comments on this revelation and guess what lol I found multiple articles dated back on July 2020 that Taecyeon had confirmed to play the villain in Vincenzo lol aren’t we all clowns

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