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Recap: Vincenzo (Episode 3)

Recap: Vincenzo (Episode 3)

Y’all, this episode raised the stakes, like woah, and I can not wait until tomorrow!



We open at the traditional Italian party. They successfully stopped the demolition, but the thugs are not deterred, they will try again tomorrow.

Hong Cha-young is impressed with Vincenzo, but she still does not like him. Though Hong Yoo-chan is very impressed with Vincenzo and looks like he is accepting with him more over this.

Vincenzo knows that he has to come up with another plan to protect the building, so he starts to look at the pharmaceutical case. At the same time, Cha-young is in trouble with her bosses due to the whistleblower getting away.

Meanwhile, in the gold building, the NIS man has infiltrated the building as an intern for the Italian restaurant so that he can snoop around Vincenzo. 

The next day, Vincenzo goes to meet with Hong Yoo-chan in his office and tells them about the pharmaceutical company and how they are going to legally distribute drugs through hospitals (American style) and make the entire population into drug addicts because they put some kind of illegal, highly addictive opioid in their drug.

Hong tells him that he has never heard about that, but we know that he is lying. However, he really looks great acting like he doesn’t know. He is all on board with stopping it.

During this episode Vincenzo does small acts of kindness with several of the tenants. For instance, he stops the snack bar owner’s son from smoking and hanging out with thugs, he gets heated pads for the monk so that they will not dig up the floor, and he actually starts to tell the Italian chef what is wrong with his food. All the while the NIS guy spies on him.


In order to stop Babel from destroying the building. Vincenzo has the landlord find lots of information on the Babel lawyer over the case. Jo Young-woon finds out all the Babel lawyers bad deeds as well as his mistress. Vincenzo tells the Babel lawyer to give them 2 months to demolish the building with his own team. The lawyer agrees.

At the same time, Hong Cha-young is trying to solve the whistle blower case but she is having a hard time because no pharmacists will take her bribery money since they are already wealthy. Her hubae, Jang Joon-woo, is with her the entire time helping her out.


Hong Yoo-chan remembers his meting with the whistleblower. At that meeting, the whistleblower told Hong Yoo-chan all about the pharmaceutical drug and how Babel conducted a big clinical trial but did not care what happened to the participants. Lots of them died immediately after injecting the drug in them.

Vincenzo comes up to him while Hong Yoo-chan is thinking about this and tells him he should give up the case because it is dangerous to go up against a big pharmaceutical company like that. Hong Yoo-chan still wants to try.

Hong Yoo-chan also invites Vincenzo to visit one of his clients in the hospital. This client is Vincenzo’s mother. Vincenzo doesn’t stay to speak to her, but they do say a quiet hello to each other.

Later on, while Hong Yoo-chan and Vincenzo are drinking at Hong’s house, we find out that Hong Yoo-chan knew all along that Vincenzo is his clients kid. He recognized him from five years ago when Vincenzo was at his mothers trial and also when he went to the jail. He tells him he should see his mother so he will not regret it.

But ten a big thing happens. Babel blows up the vacation home where the pharmaceutical team is hiding. Fourteen people died. Hong Yoo-chan gets word of it and runs to the house to argue with Babel about what happened. Vincenzo sees some people recording him in the distance and pulls Hong away.

Vincenzo thinks this is too dangerous for Hong to continue. But Hong thinks he must continue, there should be crazy people like him in the world who do not give up.


Elsewhere, Prosecutor Choi Myung-hee meets with the head of Babel along with Lawyer Han Seong-huk. Lawyer Choi realizes that their boss Jang Han-seo is not really the head boss due to how he acts at the meeting. Her “magic ball” found the whistleblower so she knows that the whistleblower and lawyer Hong already met.

Back at the building, Vincenzo wonders what he is doing by helping out these tenants in their personal life. He gathers them together and tells them that he is going to purchase a new building and move all of them there for free. They wonder why he is so nice.

Meanwhile, Myung-hee calls the magic ball person to start “the work” for both of them.


That night, Vincenzo tells Hong that he wants him to be a coward in this case.

While they are meeting, the magic  ball person found the whistleblower at his house and tries to kill him. The whistle blower runs away and tries to call Hong.

But Hong is getting drunk with Vincenzo and having a good time. he misses the call because he goes outside for a drink. Vincenzo stays inside and sees the call from an RDU person, so now he knows that Hong is hiding something from him.

When Hong comes back inside, Hong tells Vincenzo that his favorite Italian quote is for “evil to kill evil” or for the “monster to kill the monster” and he asks Vincenzo if he can be the monster they need.

Vincenzo tells him that he missed a phone call and asks him if he is hiding something from him with RDA?

But before Hong can answer, a white truck drives right through the restaurant window and slams into them both. They are both sent flying. Vincenzo looks to his left at Hong laying in blood. Vincenzo is also laying in blood. He tries not to pass out.


Oh how I love Vincenzo, let me count the ways. I love the cinematography, the camera angles used to pull us into the scenes, the acting across the board, the clothing!, the comedy, the writing, the take on good vs evil, I really just love it all.

The ending of today’s episode sent me into WOWOWOW territory because I did not see that truck coming, though we did see that bearded man in the background of another scene! (that scene with the monk and his floor warmer). So the buildup for that truck moment was really a build up and yet it came out of nowhere (in the best kind of way possible).

So now our team is in the pit of despair. Vincenzo has to make a choice. This episode Vincenzo started helping the tenants in their personal lives, but then he pulled back and wondered what exactly he was doing here? He really needed to just get his gold and leave.

However, he has this connection with lawyer Hong now and believes in what he is doing and actually wants him to stop doing it because he knows he is going to be the one to not only lose in this situation, but to be destroyed. Lawyer Hong knows he is in a losing situation too, and he wants Vincenzo to be his hidden weapon, his monster to help take down the monster. Then that truck came out of nowhere and hit them both into the second act of this drama.

Hopefully lawyer Hong is still okay. He was losing a ton of blood from the looks of it, though the landlord was find getting T-boned by that semi truck, so he could just be out of commission for a couple days (hopefully!). Tomorrow, I am looking most forward to Vincenzo being fully on board with this plan to destroy Babel. Let’s take these baddies out! See y’all tomorrow. 😎

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  1. J
    February 27, 2021 / 11:59 am

    The ending took me by surprise me I almost had a heart attack.
    One of the best cliffhangers I’ve seen

    • V
      February 27, 2021 / 12:52 pm

      Right! It was so surprising!

  2. Anonymous
    February 27, 2021 / 1:06 pm

    When tat truck hit I was so startled….my whole body shook. My heart was beating so fast it took some time for me to calm….I almost cried…..I did not at all see that coming.

    • Anonymous
      February 27, 2021 / 1:25 pm


  3. I
    February 27, 2021 / 5:06 pm

    Lawyer Myung-hee is quite scary! She’s definitely got something dark going on.

  4. Sia
    February 27, 2021 / 10:07 pm

    Even though I expected something bad will happen, but never anticipated it will be like this.The ending was awesome!!!”
    Episode 3 was better than 1 and 2. Till half time it was so enaging, but then it started to drag again.

    Why vincenzo character is so inconsistent? There should be some proper logic why he turned from being ruthless and acting all kind and cool. Even I didn’t feel that spark when he met Babel employees.How can a person change his ays overnight. He worked with a mafia all these years and now he want to overthrew a mafia in Korea becoz they are doing something wrong. Am I missing something here?

    Female lead dance was so amazing but tats the only moment I liked. That office scene with her father was really pathetic. I didn’t understand wat emotions viewers should feel.Throughout the three episodes, I found it difficult to connect with FL emotions. She is the top dog, yet she can’t even understand who will give her information for money. Her intern should help her in even this!! Whether that writer is sleeping while writing this drama? FL should have some smart moves dude!!!!
    I think that lady prosecuter is really nailing her role.. I liked her character so much and her dance.

    • 토비
      March 3, 2021 / 11:21 am

      I agree with you on Vincenzo being inconsistent but I think that’s his character. He’s developed a soft spot for Lawyer Hong, especially because he’s defending his mother. Of course, from there, you will start to see him changing just like we did and deviating from his original plan. Everyone has a moment of weakness. He is not trying to beat Babel, infact he knows it’s a lost cause and that’s why he’s been telling Lawyer Hong to leave the case, because he knows well enough what those people are capable of doing.

      And for FL, I agree with you, I feel like for the badass lawyer that she is portrayed as, she’s not playing her cards right. I love her acting a lot and I feel the issue here is with how the writer is trying to paint her character with a brush of inconsistency. I’m not expecting here to be as bad as Lawyer Myung Hee but at least, hold enough power to do things. Probably in subsequent episodes, her character will step up so fingers crossed.

  5. 토비
    March 3, 2021 / 11:14 am

    Gosh, that truck hitting them at the end??? I expected something to happen but never expected in thst way. Here’s my theory, I feel Lawyer Hong will die and that will fuel Vincenzo to take on ’em Babel guys. Sh** is really getting real and serious now, finally more drama!!!

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