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Recap: Vincenzo (Episode 19)

Recap : Vincenzo (Episode 19)

Alright, we are a day late though I am happy to report that there isn’t really a ton going on in Vincenzo even though each episode is pushing an hour and a half. So let’s get into it this recap!

In the opening Vincenzo come in strong to the fight in the hallway by throwing that one gangster out the window, thus killing him easily. He is not here to mess around with these fools. The right hand man tells the other gangsters to bring the hacker to him and he walks away so they can do just that.

Vincenzo fights them all off, and at one point gets thrown into a room whereupon I wonder, why aren’t those other thugs just grabbing the hacker right now? But, beating up Vincenzo takes priority, so they wait for him to get up, fight off a couple other guys and return to the hallway.

But things are looking bad for Vincenzo, he is about to be out fought. However, the tenant team comes in unified to fight for Vincenzo. They all get to work and we discover that each of them had their own fighting background. Some we knew about already and some we didn’t know. Here is a quick rundown.

Jang Yeon-jin (pawnshop) – Weightlifting champion
Lee Chul-wook (pawnshop) – Wrestling champion
Tak Hong-sik (tailor) – Former thug, knife fighter
Kwak Hee-soo (snack bar) – Boxing champion
Kim Yong-ho (KHS’s son) – Student boxing club
Toto (Italian chef) – Ssireum Korean style wrestling champion
Larry Kang (dancer) – Former streetfighter
Ahn Ki-suk (NIS) – President of Vincenzo’s Fan club

And of course the comical thugs already know how to fight and the monks help out as well. So once the tenants get there, they take all the bad guy thugs out and then go celebrate their victory at the italian chefs restaurant.

In a flashback we find out that the monks discovered the gold under their floor due to electrical shocks they would get praying in that one particular spot. So they asked Vincenzo what it was and Vincenzo had to come clean and tell them that the basement was filled with gold.

They make a deal to remove the gold slowly and get the piano teacher to hack into the system to do just that. So Vincenzo, Manager Nam, Cha-young, the monks, and the piano teacher slowly move all the gold out piece by piece over the next several days.

In another conversation, Vincenzo tells Cha-young that he promised the Italian mafia $80 million euros to leave him alone so the mafia was like, alright, bet. So Vincenzo is basically a free man now, he just has to give them the money which I assume he has already done since they already got all the gold out of the basement.

But they still have Babel things to deal with. The new bad guy, the guy running for president, is still running for president, so Vincenzo and team want to reveal all his corruption in trial. The bad guy backs Babel so Babel uses all their connections to not make that happen. But Vincenzo uses the Guillotine file to ensure that the trial happens.

During the trial all the secret video tapes are released and its bad all around for the bad guys. The presidential candidate looks really bad in the press, thus ruining his presidential campaign, and the tenants get to keep their building. Good news all around.

Vincenzo is still not done enacting his revenge though. He noticed that the good guy turned bad guy (or maybe he was always bad) prosecutor is still helping Babel. So Vincenzo gives him a warning to stop doing that. The bad guy doesn’t listen so later on Vincenzo throws him from the top of a building, yeah, he’s dead-dead.

Vincenzo also breaks into Jang Han-seok’s house and shoots up his Babel building with his gun then shows it to Han-seok in jail. Han-seok is super mad and tells Vincenzo that he is going to do to him what he did to his grade school friends and reminds Vincenzo that he has killed four people.

You know Vincenzo is thinking, I killed four people before breakfast on a slow day, but he doesn’t say anything and just tells Han-seok that he likes reforming bad kids.

Little do the VIncenzo team know, Lawyer Choi Myung-hee has a plan. That plan is to blame everything that Han-seok did on herself. She uses all the information she gathered about Babel when she was a prosecutor and spins a tale about being the real mastermind. This gets her thrown in jail and Han-seok released.

han-seok wastes no time in kidnapping his brother Han-seo and Cha-young. He uses Cha-young to lure Vincenzo to his apartment where he tells Han-seo to beat Vincenzo to death with a hockey stick (I see them keeping that theme going).

But instead of beating Vincenzo to death, Han-seo starts to beat Han-seok with the hockey stick and manages to secure enough time for Vincenzo to untie Cha-young to get away. And here is were I was like, um, why don’t you double team Han-seo? two against one? Then get away?

However, that did not happen. Han-seo was left to fight off Han-seok even though han-seok did have a gun and Han-seo only had a hockey stick (though Han-seo was doing a good job!).

Han-seo breaks free and manages to point his gun at Vincenzo. He fires, but Cha-young stepped in the way of the bullet, thus saving Vincenzo with her body. She crumples to the ground and Vincenzo holds her dearly. Then looks daggers at Han-seok.


I think the issue I have, when someone has a gun, is that they should just shoot it already? What’s with the long drawn out monologues? If your aim is to kill them then just kill them? If your aim is to torture them then shoot them in the hand and knees and ankles and all that stuff? Though I do understand that this is more in lines with a family show (ignoring all the people thrown from buildings) so perhaps they didn’t want to go that route.

I would say that this episode had more of the same going on. I thought the fight scene at the beginning was fun, especially when the tenants came in. It did give me a ton of questions like, why were they so vulnerable in the beginning when they all have some type of fighting specialty.

It was kind of explained a way by them not being united and now they are united so they can all fight together. I like that explanation though, at this point, I really just went with it. It felt a lot like the writers philosophy showing so I let it slide.

My biggest complaint about Vincenzo is how boring it can be. They are really trying to do something in these last episodes, but do they have to make them almost an hour and a half each when they don’t really have a lot going on???

Anywho, I will be watching episode 20, hopefully today, and giving my thoughts on it as well. I hope episode 20 is good. Has anyone seen it yet? Was it any good? More of the same? No spoilers, but let us know your thoughts! (or just save them until we actually recap the last episode).

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