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Recap : Vincenzo (Episode 18)

Vincenzo was in a tough spot in the last episode. It seemed like this could be the end, perhaps he would wake up in jail or chained to a hospital bed. But nope, Vincenzo was once again one step ahead of the game. Not only did he plan out this entire scenario along with Han-seo, he did it with his special effects expert slash manager Nam Joo-sung.

The tear that trickled down his face – that was all for show y’all.

Han-seo went to the hospital with the entire made up explanation that he gave his family and lawyers. He did get shot in the shoulder, but Vincenzo did that as a favor for them while they were walking out of the hockey rink (not after he killed the Interpol people which was a completely made up story).

If you didn’t watch the episode then it might be hard to follow along right now. Just know that Han-seo and Vincenzo are still cool. In fact, they are working together now more than every to take down Babel and have Han-seo take over the company.

One of the big events this episode was to torture Han-seok. They accomplished this by trying to kill him repeatedly. Of course, they did not want to kill him, they just wanted the Babel people to think that they were trying their hardest to kill him in order for Babel to put Han-seok in jail to keep him safe.

So, instead of flying Han-seok to another country, like America where he is a citizen and have him run Vincenzo internationally, they all agree to put him in jail for a week so he will be safe. This is exactly Vincenzo’s plan. Now that Han-seok is in jail, they are going to roll out indictment after indictment to keep him in jail. The first one they roll out is for one additional month added to this one week.

Newly elected head of prosecutors, Han Seong-huk, starts to work at getting Vincenzo out, but it will be an uphill battle with all these allegations about to be leveled on him. Plus, there is that Guillotine file still out there which could keep him behind bars forever.

After all this is accomplished, Vincenzo gets word from his Italian family that they need him. There is a war of sorts going on in Italy between the major families. Vincenzo decides to go back to help and says a meaningful goodbye to everyone in the building.

Meanwhile, the soon to be elected president’s right hand man kidnaps Landlord Jo Young-woon to find out who the hacker was that created the security system around the gold room in the tenants building. They discover that it is piano teacher Seo Mi-ri and use her to open the gold room.

But when they go inside, they see that the room is empty. Where did all the gold go? The piano teacher, with the help of the monks, is able to run away. She runs upstairs to the lawyer’s office for help. All the thugs follow. Cha-young tries to protect her and talk to the right hand man person in the hallway. But they don’t want to talk, they just want to take the hacker with them.

A man tries to forcefully pull Cha-yong away. But a hand comes in and pulls it away from Cha-yong. This hand belongs to – Vincenzo. He is back!

Vincenzo throws the man out the window. This is a three story drop y’all! Then looks at the other men in the hallway and tells them to come on. He is ready to fight them all.


That is where this episode ended and I honestly loved that ending. This episode had a lot of fluff and was pretty predictable, but I do love ending on a potential hallway fight with Vincenzo.

So, where did this gold go y’all! My theory is that the monks were walking it out in their backpacks everytime they left to go ask for offerings from the people. They somehow were able to get inside that gold room! Did they do it with VIncenzo’s help? Did they do it with the piano teachers help? Did they do it on accident? I don’t know but I want to know.

I do want to spotlight something that happened almost as a throwaway moment. It was the moment Vincenzo shared with the loan shark thug turned hot air balloon company owner, Park Suk-do. Park Suk-do gave Vincenzo a ticket to fly wherever he wants on this air balloon that can go farther than any other air balloon. I have a feeling that Vincenzo is going to use that ticket. I don’t think it was PPL, though, hey, it could be.

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