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Recap : Vincenzo (Episode 17)

Recap : Vincenzo (Episode 17)

After waiting one week to see what happened when Vincenzo stormed the Babel seaside castle we get…a warning. Haha. Okay, I did not see that coming and yet it makes sense that it would be a warning and not people’s knees getting shot up.

So, after Vincenzo shot the person who killed his mother in the chest, splattering blood all over Myung-hee and some of the terrified men in the background. He points the gun at everyone in succession and then has a lovely seat on the couch where he tells them he won’t kill them now. He will humiliate them greatly or kill them slowly with plenty of suffering.

He shoots Han-seok in the ear to show that he means business, y’all! Then he leaves.

I’m sitting here like, um, so…you shouldn’t at least shoot him in both ears? Your just going to leave? Alright, well, at least they are terrified.

And terrified they are because Han-seok wants Vincenzo dead as soon as possible. Myung-hee tells him to calm down, they need to get his ear fixed first, but she will handle Vincenzo.

Vincenzo stoically has his mother’s funeral with the tenants and quietly grieves with Hong Cha-young at the gravesite. After that, the tenants all close their shops and tell Vincenzo that they are full on to destroy Babel.

The plan is enacted. The first pawn will be moved during the Babel illegal condo selling party with all the corrupt people in high positions in Korea. It is an event at a hotel with cake and pretty tables and bidding on which condo suit the corrupt people want.

What the Babel group does not know is that Vincenzo’s team has infiltrated security and are directing people away from this conference room.

Inside the conference room, the corrupt people are introduced and start bidding on the condo space. But they are not bidding with money, they are bidding with favors. However, the original sinner, the driver that killed Cha-young’s father who is now working for Vincenzo, comes in, locks the door, and pushes the cake to the front.

This man tells them all that there is a bomb in the cake and he also has a bomb tied around his body. If they do not do what the people say, then the bom will go off and kill everyone in the room. pandemonium strikes and everyone runs around trying desperately to escape. Only the doors are locked and the tenant security will not let them out.

Han-seok does not think the bomb is real, but the bomb around him is detonated and he dies painfully, blasted back to the stage. Everyone is like, well, shoot, I guess this is real then! They all start running for their lives. Except, they are locked in.

The only way to escape is to eat their contract, get on their knees, state their name and position, and renounce Babel. Several people do this. The countdown on the bomb ends and the cake explodes sending…congratulations all around. It was a fake bomb, though the bomb on the man was very real and he is really dead-dead. Vincenzo did that on purpose as payback for killing Hong Yoo-chan.

He plans on killing the other hired hand as well, but that guy runs away back to Myung-hee. But Myung-hee does not welcome him back and actually hires men to beat him practically to death. Then she tells them to bury him alive? Yeah, she does not mess around. So the men that were involved in the death of Yoo-chan and countless other people are both dead now.

The next several days, the tenant team go out and show the videos of the corrupt confessions to the corrupt politicians and business owners that made them. They tell them to not work with Babel or they will release them.

One important development this episode is that the NIS guys boss did not turn to the dark side and start working with babel. He is a spy to video tape information at these high profile meetings. So Vincenzo and team are starting to have a lot of good information to take down Babel.

We also see that Han-seo and Vincenzo have developed a working relationship where they help each other and play hockey together. You know, as all relationships do. han-seo knew about the bomb incident and was just pretending to be afraid that day.

However, if you think that means Han-seo is becoming a great guy, think again. This episode is all about greed and we see that with Han-seo. Han-seok tells Han-seo that he will give him Babel Bio as a gift. He also tells him that Interpol is coming into Korea after Vincenzo. This is enough for Han-seo to turn on Vincenzo.

Han-seo calls Vincenzo to their hockey meetup and pulls a gun on him. Though Vincenzo knew something was up and pulled his gun on Vincenzo. He was all like, you think you got me? I realize that you must have what you want now.

Han-seo tries to say that his gun is actually empty so lets just put both our guns down. However, Interpol comes in right then and distracts Vincenzo enough for Han-seo to shoot him. Vincenzo falls to the ground, blood seeping from his shoulder and blackout. But not before a single tear can cascade down his boyish cheek.


We are going to watch episode 18 today to see just how Vincenzo is going to fix this mess. I haven’t given it much thought but I have a feeling that everything will turn out fine, and Vincenzo will be angrier than ever and come back after the bad guys. I thought that Han-seo might be the one person to come out unscaved in all this, but perhaps all the top people will go down in flames?

Or perhaps that entire setup was all a setup with Han-seo working with Vincenzo to trick Interpol? That could be what is happening. Maybe Joo-sung came back with his special effects tricks to make it seem like Vincenzo is shot when he wasn’t? What do y’all think?

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