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Recap: Vincenzo (Episode 16)

Recap: Vincenzo (Episode 16)

This episode focused a lot on Vincenzo and his mother’s bond as well as Babels attempts to destroy Vincenzo and team (naturally). They were getting desperate and went a bit too far though – nope, let’s say they definitely went too far.

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Last we saw Vincenzo, he was staring at the dead body of the newspaper owner after he fell off the rooftop to another rooftop. Or perhaps that was a terrace? Anyway, he was dead-dead.

Three cops show up right away and say that the newspaper head sent them a text saying that Vincenzo was trying to kill him. So you are under arrest.

Vincenzo decides that he is not about to be arrested, so he fights off the cops and runs out of the building. Luckily, Tak Hong-sik, the tailor was in his can at the time sitting right outside the building. Vincenzo hopped into the car and told him to take off.

Later on, once they were far enough away, Vincenzo let the tailor, and everyone else, know that he was being set up. Cha-young knows this and is on the rooftop trying to figure out what happened with the journalist. Of course lots of cops and paramedics are around right now.

Luckily, the head Loan shark thug, Park Suk-do noticed the bad guy running out of the building and stopped him (in probably the funniest scene of the episode). He seriously would not let this guy pass and managed to get him in a rear naked choke whereupon he tied him up. Later on he told Cha-young that he had a feeling about him, his thug-sense kicked in which is why he wouldn’t let him out of the building.

Which – fair. That guy looked super sketch.

They take the guy to Vincenzo where Vincenzo tortures him in the back of a tiny car to find out where the rest of his peeps are. All the tenants that know how to fight, plus Cha-young, go to the warehouse with the other perpetrators and tie them up. They drop them off at the police station and explain what happened.

The criminals snatched the newspaper guy from his building tonight and put him in a cleaning basket. The newspaper guy was already dead when he fell off the building. Then they staged a moment for Vincenzo to run to the rooftop terrace just as they dropped the newspaper man’s body from the upper rooftop. The evidence is in the van.

So Vincenzo gets off and Babel is super upset. They are even more upset because one of their lawyers got arrested for the crime. So Babel decides to try and blow up the tenants building and uses a gas inspector to do it. The gas inspector is an unassuming woman that checks the gas line in Kwak Hee-soo’s store. But she actually plants a bomb. This bomb is in two parts. The first part cuts the gas line. The second part sets a watch on fire.

The woman starts to gas bomb and waits for the gas to fill up the building. Everything appears to be going according to plan; however, the fire department shows up and runs into the building. The woman does not know what is going on. The tenants also do not know what is going on because they are celebrating the pawnshop and his wife’s pregnancy in the Italian cooks restaurant.

But they see the fire department running all up the hallway so they leave to check it out, which is when they get a whiff of the gas. The fire department finds the source of the gas leak but does not know what to do with the watch. Vincenzo sees the countdown on the watch 15-14-13-12…immediately knows that it is and runs to the hallway window to chuck it as far as he can outside.

The watch lights itself on fire when it hits the ground. The building is saved and Babel is furious again. Though Jang Han-seo is not furious because he is the one that called the fire department for help. His brother gave him a nasty cut on his forehead for that which Han-seo shows off at the Vincenzo offices. Vincenzo decides to let him stay and organize their files for them.

Throughout this entire episode, Vincenzo has been bonding with his mother. He took her out for a day of walking and she also had a nice set of photos taken for her funeral. Vincenzo took a Mother-son photo with her and Cha-young also took a photo with the two of them. Though Vincenzo has not told her that she is his mother, we see later on that she does know that he is her son.

We know this because she told Jang Han-seok (the bad guy) this when he went to see her. Yes, the bad guy has found out that she is Vincenzo’s mother and went there to meet her. Choi Myung-hee arranges for her assassination by having a man who was recently released from jail kill her guards and then strangle her. (I know, this scene is so sad and also I do not know why killing Vincenzo’s mother will make Vincenzo act right, common sense says quit the opposite).

To make matters worse, Vincenzo was on his way to see his mother with the fish pastry that has become a theme in this drama. However, he gets there too late. His mother is already dead.

Using the NIS agent, he finds out who killed her and goes to that man’s house. He immediately tortures the man into telling him who sent him to kill his mother. The man gets super bloodied and every finger and toe broken with Vincenzo’s lighter. It is a bloody mess. But it works because he hobbles himself to Babels luxury home in the woods.

Of course there are tons of guards there. Vincenzo takes them all out and continues following the bloodied man inside. Whenever they encounter an guards, Vincenzo takes them all out. He does this by breaking them arms and necks by the way. They finally get to the room where Han-seok, Myung-hee, Seong-hak, and Han-seo are talking.

Han-seok had just told them that he had Vincenzo’s mother killed and that Myung-hee arranged it. Han-seo and Seong-huk think that was the dumbest thing ever.

This fact is proven when the bloody man comes barrelling into the room, surprising them all, and is then shot in the chest and the head by Vincenzo, shooting blood all over Myung-hee. She is terrified and so is everyone else.


Okay, so I don’t get what the point of killing Vincenzo’s mother is. Holding her hostage – yes. But killing her? Of course Vincenzo is going to go crazy.

Han-seok is a crazy beast, and Myung-hee is cruel but they both aren’t stupid and that was a pretty stupid move. Though, granted, Han-seok could just be really upset at the entire situation and wanted to hit Vincenzo where he hurt. He might not have thought that Vincenzo would come into his house to kill him that same night which sucks for him, but he’s a horrible person so you know, live by the sword and all that.

Since I have seen a lot of Kdramas, you always know when someone gets a glowing scene where they shine, that they are about to be killed. Especially in a drama like this one. So they did milk that death this entire episode. I still think it sucketh though!

But that leaves another questions. Is Vincenzo just going to kill everyone right now? Will he tell them that he can kill them right now but he would rather destroy them all and head out? We have four more episodes that clock in at roughly 80-90 minutes each so that would be a lot of show to have with the main people dead.

My guess is that he will tell them that he is going to destroy them and let them go free for the time being? Anyone else have any guesses? One thing this episode did make me do is want next week to hurry up already so I can find out!

We didn’t see a preview at the end of the episode so if you see one, let us know.

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  1. Brittney
    April 11, 2021 / 10:00 am

    There are no episodes next week. The drama is taking a week off. The 17th will be a special review episode and nothing scheduled for the 18th so far. (All according to Soompi)

    • V
      April 11, 2021 / 10:13 am

      Thank you!

    • Sharon
      April 11, 2021 / 10:54 am

      What??? No episodes next week? *crying in advance”. This episode was such a tear-jerker for me. Sad.

  2. Anonymous
    April 11, 2021 / 11:31 am

    The episodes are getting repetitive. The template for each episode remains the same. Hope the ending is worth all this…

  3. SY
    April 11, 2021 / 11:34 am

    Hmm… I have a feeling he won’t kill them. Cos he mentioned before.. a fast death is considered generosity… he’ll probably go there to tell them he can KILL THEM ANYTIME he wishes to but he WON’T cos he chooses to give them a slow death. Some people will think it’s pointless of cos.. like how he just went to threaten Prosecutor Jung after he double-crossed him. But I believe he wants them to know they are all pawns on a chessboard which he owns and that he could just destroy the chessboard anytime.

    To be honest, I realllllly wanted him to kill Myung Hee! Lol she’s a pain in the ass and I totally relished the scene where the blood splattered on her face. She’s never done the actual dirty ground work herself, always just delegating it to get the work done. He definitely did teach her a lesson. I feel she’s a slight psychopath though.

    Btw…. I loved Han-seok’s expression when Vincenzo walked in bahaahahahahhaha!

    But no new episodes next week? This suckssssssss….

  4. Geo
    April 11, 2021 / 11:34 am

    Here I am looking for the same hype I have when watching the current episode.

    Good Mr Cassano all the way!
    Mf kill them no bs
    Just shoot them ‘Villain Laugh’

    • Ninjarette
      April 11, 2021 / 1:21 pm

      I wanted him to pop Myung Hee….and leave the rest wondering when their day will come. That’s psychological torture, and I’m here for it.

      I’m still wondering what they were thinking. Vincenzo has proven himself to be unstoppable and no match for them, yet they always underestimate him. It doesn’t make sense. Even that “dull crayon” of a brother, Han-Seo (he’s so cute tho) knew killing Vincenzo’s mom was a bad move. But the “smart” psychopath can’t figure out.

      • V
        April 11, 2021 / 7:06 pm

        Yes, I want Myung Hee out of the picture. She is so bad! I agree with everything you said. Even Han-seo was like, um…that was a horrible idea.

        • Little Angel
          April 13, 2021 / 10:23 am

          I also want Myung Hee to be out of the picture as payment for killing his mom. Then Han-seok at the finale. Oh my gosh! I’m dangerously loving this show more and more!

  5. Ja
    April 11, 2021 / 2:19 pm

    But Han Seo’s Vibe. I kennot😊😊😊
    Since the last 2 weeks episode is so twisted.
    But, today ep is like the few ep in the beginning.. intense

  6. By
    April 11, 2021 / 6:22 pm

    I feel like it’s about time the Vincenzo who is an Italian Mafia comes out. They have dragged the episodes with useless comedy antiques and tbh cha-yeong is so corny haha

    Not a very good actress to be paired with Vincenzo. No wonder they are not focusing on the love story as their chemistry is not very effective.

    • V
      April 12, 2021 / 11:20 am

      Yes, his true thug side is out now!

  7. Lesley
    April 12, 2021 / 10:23 am

    Please kill Myung Hee. Everything about her is awful, even the way she dresses.

    I don’t think that the brother (Han-soe) is so dumb. After all, he’s been trying to get on Vincenzo’s good side for a while now – loved his 80’s outfit – and I think that because of that, he will likely survive in the end – plus he is sooo cute!

    But that main bad guy has no redeeming qualities whatsoever (okay – maybe he’s tall). Why was he allowed to grow up? I guess that, unfortunately, he won’t die in the next episode, but will die eventually after Vincenzo has taken everything from him. Right? Do you think that he really liked Vincenzo’s side kick? I hope so. I hope he’s jealous that she is so close to Vincenzo now.

    The other idiot lawyer will probably make it out alive this time too, but fingers crossed that Myung Hee will get shot.

    • V
      April 12, 2021 / 11:19 am

      You’re Myung Hee comment has me CACKLING! 😂

      I have a feeling that Han-seo is a lot brighter than Han-seok and others give him credit for. He is just in a steady state of fear and can’t focus on his own instinct in situations. I LOVE the actor playing him! He is so good in everything he is in!

      • Michael
        April 12, 2021 / 2:08 pm

        You probably recognize him from It’s Okay To Not Be Okay where he plays the crazy son of a politician. He almost stole the scene in that one.

        • V
          April 12, 2021 / 3:59 pm

          Yes, he was great in that! He was also really great in Love in the Moonlight.

  8. Martina
    April 13, 2021 / 11:44 am

    Last 4 episodes. One episode devoted to destroying each of the 4: first Han Seo, then Seung Hyuk, then Myung Hee, lastly Han Seok.

  9. Anonymous
    June 6, 2021 / 1:47 pm

    Han seo (cute one)deserved to lived😭😭 his character development.. and he finally started to act mature..not to mention he became totally good person..

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