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Recap: Vincenzo (Episode 15)

Recap: Vincenzo (Episode 15)

Okay we have six episodes left including this one and, with that in mind, I’m not so sure this show can keep up the tension. I will be a happy camper if it does, I’m just keeping my expectations in a manageable place. Hopefully, I am way off and the last six episodes has the fun and intensity of the first four!

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In the text preview for this episode it was mentioned that Vincenzo has found himself in a deadly situation but help would come from an unlikely source. Well team, I am happy to say that this help was very unlikely and I LOVE IT. When Vincenzo was on his knees, waiting for a bullet to enter the back of his skull, desperately trying to think of a way out – his pigeon friend showed up.


And not only did the pigeon show up, it stood perched like the godfather and gave a pigeon signal for dozens if not hundreds of pigeons to attack the men that were threatening Vincenzo. It was amazing and I loved it so much in its randomness.

Vincenzo used this distraction to take the gun away from the gunman and defends himself. He took all three of the men out then thanked his pigeon friend for the help. Though, granted, he was pretty shocked that it was his pigeon as well.

Y’all, it was so random, and yet I welcomed it into my life like a vanilla glazed donut.

Vincenzo goes back downstairs to convince Cha-young to stay in the office for drinks and his cleanup-thug-team-of-two cleans up the mess and finds out that Myung-hee’s phone number was in one of the men’s phones. He tells Vincenzo. Vincenzo decides to send an image of the dead hitman to Mung-hee using the hitman’s phone.

Of course this makes the babel team extra irate. What makes them even more upset is that the prosecutor shows up to arrest Jang Joon-woo (who is now Jang Han-seok) for lots of crimes.

The next day Vincenzo’s team and the building tenants all gather around the television to watch Babel come down. However, they get a shock when they see that the prosecutor they have been working with publicly apologize for investigating Babel and take a leave of absence.

It turns out that the prosecutor used all Jang Han-seok’s corruption as leverage to move up quickly in the prosecutor’s office. He wants to be the head prosecutor now and wants Han-seok to make it happen. Otherwise he can use all the information he has to indict Han-seok. Han-seok is perfectly happy with this arrangement.

Cha-young and Vincenzo, however, are highly upset and bothered by this turn of events. Vincenzo decides to pay the prosecutor a visit at his house. The prosecutor has bodyguards around his home now but they are easily taken out by Vincenzo’s thugs. The prosecutor sees this and quickly runs inside to see if his family is okay.

His family is perfectly happy – eating a meal with Vincenzo. Vincenzo talks with the prosecutor outside and basically tells him he will kill him, but the prosecutor will never know when it will come. So enjoy all the things you want to enjoy now. He pats him on the back and leaves.

Now Vincenzo and team need to find another way to take out Babel. They can no longer go about it the up and up way by using the law. But Vincenzo has the perfect plan, they can use the guillotine file. Vincenzo actually has never lost possession of the guillotine file. Once he got it out of the gold piece, he slipped that bad boy right into his pocket without the landlord noticing. He pulls it out for Cha-young and Manager Nam to look at.

Nam spends all night looking through it and cannot believe all the things on it. The team decides to use the information on the newspaper owner in order to spit the newspaper owner’s friendship with Babel. They basically want the newspaper to report the truth from now on. In order to do that, they use what they have on the newspaper owner which is that he pushed his own brother off a cliff in order to take over the newspaper company.

The newspaper owner is also into shamanism (which the former corrupt president of Korea was into) and does not make a move with his life unless the shaman tells him to. So Vincenzo and the tenants decide to set up a fake shaman place in the building. They blackmail the shaman that the newspaper man sees and tells him to send the newspaper guy to them.

When the newspaper guy comes to see them, Vincenzo pretends like the ghost of the brother enters his body and asks why he left him at the bottom of the cliff? This makes the newspaper guy believe Vincenzo’s shamanistic abilities, so he starts to follow everything he tells him to do (which is basically to tell the truth about Babel).

The newspaper guy starts to do this which enrages Babel. They find out that the newspaper guy is compromised by Vincenzo, so of course, they have the killed. Though they don’t just have him killed. They create a scheme where Vincenzo is in his building’s courtyards when the newspaper guy’s body falls to the ground, killing him.

Not only that, they have cops right there to arrest Vincenzo.

(But you know the cops are paid off because they call Vincenzo by name.)


This show started out fast! I love that the pigeons were the unlikely guest that saved Vincenzo, that is the kind of writing that I will go to bat for. I also love how they made it look like the pigeon was actually the head of his own “mafia” or group. That was so unexpected that it was wonderful.

The prosecutor being a surprise evil person was not super surprising to me because the character that plays the prosecutor always plays bad people roles. It would have been much more surprising if he stayed good throughout the entire show. I do love how Vincenzo went after him at his house.

This episode had lots of fun moments and kept me entertained. It also let us know that they do not need to get back inside the secret room to get the guillotine file, because Vincenzo already has it. In fact, he never let it go once he got it the first time. That makes me happy, though it would have been fun if they teased that earlier. Then I wouldn’t have screamed in frustration at this show going in circles.

I really love how they are going to use the guillotine file in an evil way, and are going to turn all the bad guys against each other with it. You really cannot trust the prosecutors so they are now taking their justice into their own hands. For real this time.

An important side story that happened in this episode has to do with Vincenzo’s mother. The mother gave Cha-young a letter that seemed important. Cha-young told Vincenzo that she knows this woman is his mother, and Vincenzo decided to spend the day with his mom one day. We also find out that Babel found out who Vincenzo’s mother is which means she’s in danger, girl. I expect that to take center stage tomorrow. Or perhaps next week because VIncenzo needs to get out of this predicament he is in somehow.

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  1. Jane M
    April 10, 2021 / 5:38 pm

    The humor in this show is sophisticated, completely nonsensical, childish and every other genre of humor there is! As a huge Park Hyo Shin fan, the wordplay on his name and the use of his song Snowflower in the shaman scene made me laugh. Also, Vincenzo’s shaman name is Yeorin? and he’s spinning flowers around his face? The word play and inside jokes go on and on. I only wish I spoke Korean so I could appreciate all of it. I am still enjoying the overall story and have no idea how they are going to wrap everything up, but I have faith. I mean, if you can make a flock of pigeons Mafia heroes, you can do anything, right? And, hats off to Ok Taec Yeon! He absolutely OWNS the crazy character of Jang Jun Woo.

    • Yuberina
      May 3, 2021 / 8:54 pm

      one more….. Yeorim was Joong Ki’s nick name in Sungkyungkwan Scandal.

    • Yuberina
      May 3, 2021 / 8:56 pm

      i mean.. Gu Yong-ha’s nick name (Song Joong Ki’s character in the drama.

  2. Amz
    April 10, 2021 / 11:56 pm

    I love the way vincenzo pay visit to prosecuter house..thats way mafia method used in many mafia movie..the way he sxared of Vincenzo is really make me hype..

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  6. January 13, 2022 / 6:58 am

    I love the way vincenzo pay visit to prosecuter house..thats way mafia method used in many mafia movie..the way he sxared of Vincenzo is really make me hype.

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