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Recap: Vincenzo (Episode 12)

Okay things are happening! They have brought the gold room into the main storyline which is something I can get behind. Both threads have converged, y’all!

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This episode starts in a hurry with VIncenzo holding the gun to Joon-woo’s head. Joon-woo is daring him to pull the trigger, though we can see he is postering and looks defiant yet worried. Right when Vincenzo is about to pull the trigger, the prosecutor team bursts in with guns, fires a warning shot into the ceiling (hopefully this is the penthouse suite), and tells Vincenzo to drop his weapon.

Joon-woo pretends to be terrified and Vincenzo gets taken away by the prosecutors. Though he tells the prosecutors that this guy is the real Babel boss, Joon-woo turns on the innocence and denies it with lots of tears and blubbers. You know how he do.

Vincenzo gets off easy because he knew the prosecutor team was following him due to those crook guys that are working for him now, and knew they would most likely burst into the room. So the gun Vincenzo had was a fake gun which means they can’t charge him with attempting to kill the Babel head (though I am sitting here thinking, hmm, there are some other charges you could level like breaking and entering, threatening, stalking).

Cha-young and Vincenzo convince the prosecutor to work with them in order to take down Babel because they know this prosecutor has prepared six large lawsuits to level against Babel.

Meanwhile, Joon-woo is taken away to a secret country house hideout, with like twenty bodyguards who have all seen his face. His plan is to hide out there so VIncenzo and team don’t know where he is. However, the Vincenzo’s crooks are on the case and have followed the chairman to this country house. later on we see Vincenzo sending the chairman a message by putting poison in one of his drinks which makes the chairman paralyzed for a few seconds. The chairman sinks into his bathtub and is submerged under water. Though he does not die.

He is highly upset that he has had two attempts on his life in 3 days though so he wants his lawyers to take care of Vincenzo. In order to make him happy, Choi Myung-hee has the Babel Chemical union head killed because he is the easiest target to attack Babel. She was going to bribe him at first but he told her no so she had him killed. You know how she is.

There is a third attempt on Joon-woo’s life, this time by his brother Han-seo. Han-seo and Joon-woo go hunting and Han-seo shoots Joon-woo in the back with a shotgun. Though he cannot finish the job because a person walking their dog shows up right then which makes Han-seo take Joon-woo to the hospital.

This entire series of events leads Myung-hee to telling Joon-woo that he needs to come out as the real owner of Babel otherwise he can be killed and no one will know it (they reference the popular Hong Kong movie Infernal Affairs which was remade into the US movie Departed). He comes out as the chairman at an important babel meeting that is all about corruption. They are almost spoofing Samsung because Babel is giving away condos in this building to prosecutors and judges and politicians and the like all for favors to help Babel. Samsung is known to do the same thing though not all in one building.

But let’s cut away to the gold story. The thug tenants overhear the other tenants talking about the gold, so now everyone in the building knows. Well, everyone except for Cha-young and manager Joo-sung. But they also find out when two tenants joke that they are the only ones that dont know about it. So Cha-young and Joo-young ask Vincenzo what this is all about which makes Vincenzo come clean about the gold that is hidden under the monks floor.

They decide that in order to get the tenants out of the building they should send them all on a nice vacation somewhere. Some of the tenants like that though some don’t and most importantly, the monks do not and decide to stay. So the manager sweetens the deal and tells them that the person with the best vacation photo will get $20,000.

Meanwhile, the NIS agent tells Vincenzo that in order to take down Babel they need to find this secret file that has all the corruption of Korea documented. This file was stolen by a Chinese gangster (using a hacker) and hidden somewhere. Though that Chinese gangster died last year. The NIS agent wants to ask Vincenzo, as a fellow gangster, if he has any idea where this file might be hidden?

Of course, Vincenzo knows that this gangster is the Chinese gangster who hid the gold in the basement of this building and that file is probably there somewhere as well. He thinks it could be hidden inside one of the gold bars possibly though he does not tell anyone that.

Through a random scene with the piano teacher, Mi-ri, we see that she either is the hacker or has a vision of the hacker. She tells Vincenzo that she heard a rumor that there is a ghost in the building and the monk is suppressing the ghosts soul. If the monk leaves then that ghost will come out and haunt whoever sells the building (or something like that).

Vincenzo has a meeting with his landlord right hand man who tells him that his family is in dire straights, they need 30 million dollars due to his bad gambling habits over the last several weeks. So this spurs Vincenzo to opening up the safe. They use the eye signature to open it up and go inside whereupon – they see all the gold. Tons of it, literally.

But the landlord turns on Vincenzo and holds a gun to the back of his head.


One of the big things that happened this episode that made me go huh? was when twenty or so bodyguards took Joon-woo to his secret hideout. I thought Joon-woo was supposed to be a secret head of Babel? As in no one should know he is important in the slightest. But all these guards have now seen his face so…not so secret anymore? It was funny in a not consistent kind of way.

I am kind of intrigued by the piano teacher. They showed her either as a hacker or possibly channeling the memory of a hacker so I kind of wonder if she is in the building because she already knew about the gold. Either she is the hacker who helped put the gold in the building or she really can talk to ghosts and the ghost told her. I will accept either one. 😂

It does make sense to have some of the tenants be planted by the Chinese mob boss. The tailor could be the bosses assassin who was put there to guard the gold and Mi-ri could be the hacker who was put there to guard the gold. The two of them might not know they are there for the same reason. Or maybe I am thinking too far into this. Though I want that to be the case!

We didn’t see a text or video preview today yet. Hopefully we will have a chance to get to it this week. Sometimes our weekdays run away from us and it is already Saturday once again.

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  1. Sia
    March 28, 2021 / 1:01 pm

    I liked those Vincenzo and Cha Young moments today!!
    I was patiently watching this show as I was expecting the show will take a intense turn once all secrets are out especially that of Babel. But got dissappointed when I saw Jun Woo looking all stressed and frightened.I expected head to head game after yesterday’s climax.
    I felt like that behaviour was totally inconsistent with his psychotic behaviour which he earlier displayed, that god like feeling.If Jun woo took the lead on the other side and start playing, then the show would have been more interesting.
    Even nothing much has happened today except those tenant story development and about gold, I don’t think they will settle them that faster, makers just want to just drag thus show. They coukd have easily finished in 16 episodes.
    Who is gonna save SJK? Did tenants went out for sure?

    • V
      March 28, 2021 / 5:32 pm

      I really like that the two storylines have converged. Now things are going to pick up speed! Currently wondering if the landlord is going to lock Vincenzo in the gold room.

  2. Sia
    March 28, 2021 / 10:44 pm

    I am also happy about that convergence so now Babel and Vincenzo got some serious personal reasons to fight with.But at the same time, if it is the only reason for which they are fighting for the next episodes, I don’t know how they will manage that fire feel all along 8 episodes without any other major reveals.And picking up speed, I don’t think it will happen soon.Locking him up, like in fiery priest,
    well,I don’t think anything serious is gonna happen to Vincenzo , what if a third party appears.
    I am a little doubtful about that land lord and babel goon incident in which landlord loses the ownership in the first episode now.
    And it already late for the show to start the real fight and carry forward the story.

  3. Sia
    March 28, 2021 / 11:24 pm

    I think most of the characters lack a depth and the plot lacks innovation even though it has got a good start.
    Vincenzo was not a man of morals in Italy, he even adviced to killed all those people involved in building the gold safe and mafia does dirty things to earn money usually. Now he is fighting for moral justice in Korea and we don’t know why he is exactly doing this, yup they were telling about some anger. No backstories, no regret stories nothing like that.He knows Cha youngs father for a few days, so how can that be a reason to change the mind of a person like Vincenzo.
    And about Jun Woo, his reasons about hiding himself were really good at episode 10 and seeing him again in episode 12 in that stressed state, I am getting really getting confused about what his goal is and should I take him as just another character who goes with flow.

    And I thought that prosecutor was there to do some wow things with law and her own tricks, but all she know is to create accidents. I appreciate episode 8 preplanning.
    I think character depth is an important which keeps viewers engaged and invested in series.

  4. -V-
    March 29, 2021 / 11:09 am

    Does anyone else thinks that the male hacker looks a bit like Jun Woo? What if he and the piano teacher are the hackers from china. And the current Jun Woo actually killed the real one to take up his identity?

  5. kat chin
    March 29, 2021 / 7:57 pm

    I am a little understanding of how the plot twists of the story goes, usually K-dramas have their own creative writing and I have seen quite a few of the bests out there. When it comes to why this character went south when you expected your trajectory to be going where it should be, well I have many times reconciled it with myself that it’s not Hollywood writng. So I always, usually, just enjoy the show. As for Vincenzo, I love the fiction of it all. I enjoyed how the story progresses. I thought that Vincenzo because of his Mafia Consigliere reputation, he can be invincible or no one can mess with him but I find it really fun that they showed a side of him that is vulnerable. Maybe spending time with his roots also invoke in him that deep longing of being loved as well, which probably made him forget at times who he was. But later on the episodes, there are scenes where he is alone in his own world, you kindda see that he is crafting something or moving things like a chess play. I am not surprised at all that Babo kind of shrank or retreated, because many times when a bully faces someone their own size, usually that’s what they do. A balloon full of hot air got popped. He has done alot of damages already working in the shadows, he has to pay. The Guillotine file is one great reveal…to me this is more exciting than the gold. 20 episodes isn’t suffice at all to wrap things up into one big finale. So I am wondering if they are positioning this for another season.

    • M
      March 30, 2021 / 11:10 pm

      Another season!!! For what purpose, dude?

      Already they don’t have proper buildups and less impacting reveals, and used a lot of filler scenes to get the duration ri8..now you want another season🤔🤔🤔
      Well compared to other revenge dramas out there, I think Vincenzo is not that good especially in its writing part, atleast for the total plot.We expected a battle, but people are chilling even in episode 12.

      Yup, it started on high note but now a bit disappointing on later episodes.

      • V
        March 31, 2021 / 6:38 am

        Their ratings are good so I wouldn’t put it past them. Especially if the ratings climb towards the end. Though it would be a money grab.

    • V
      March 31, 2021 / 6:37 am

      They are probably not positioning for another season since Korean dramas are usually one and done. Though if the ratings continue to do well then they could try and pull another season.

  6. tobr
    March 31, 2021 / 10:51 am

    Very curious about the tech skills of JunWoo, in one of the initial episodes, I think 3rd one, the Wusang head mentions JunWoo is good with IT stuff. So there is that. But I doubt if he is a full fledged hacker. Miri, the pianist is a hacker hiding in Geumga. She could very well be one of the Shanghai hackers. I also think Ms Yang, one of the Bye Bye Balloon trio is a fighter from the deadly Two Sword gang. And the Adjustable who runs the korean eatery can box. She was shown in ep 1 as boxing with gloves on. There is already one woman who is a weightlifter. The men have their hidden skills/talents. This is a team which will collectively fight Babel villains for the plaza with Vincenzo, Cha, Mr Nam and NIS’s Mr Ahn.

    Some people think V is related to Babel brothers, that he could be their father’s illegitimate first son. That would be an unnecessary twist if it happens.

    • Anonymous
      March 31, 2021 / 10:51 am

      The Ahjumma** (sorry about the autocorrect)

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